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21 Benefits of blackstrap molasses and side effects

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Discover the 21 Benefits of blackstrap molasses and its side effects.

Blackstrap molasses is the dark, viscous juice that remains after the maximum extraction of sugar from raw sugar cane.

It has the consistency of a thick syrup, as the third boiling point of sugar syrup produces blackstrap molasses. This concentrated byproduct is left after the sucrose in the sugar has crystallized. It has a robust flavor described as sweet and sour.

Unlike refined sugar, blackstrap molasses contains essential vitamins and minerals, which boast a host of powerful health benefits.21 Benefits of blackstrap molasses


As the nutritional benefits of blackstrap molasses become better known, more and more molasses products are being sold in the supermarket.

Unlike refined sugar, molasses has the power to ease PMS symptoms, stabilize blood sugar levels, improve bone health, treat ADHD symptoms, and improve skin health.

Blackstrap molasses nutrition facts

Blackstrap molasses contains the vitamins and minerals it absorbs from the sugar cane plant.

Molasses has a moderate glycemic load of 55, making it a better choice than refined sugar, especially for people with diabetes. It contains high levels of vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, and selenium.


100 grams of black molasses has about:

•290 calories

•0 fat

•zero cholesterol

•37 milligrams of sodium

•75 grams of carbohydrates

•0 dietary fiber

•55 grams of sugar


•0 protein

•7 vitamin B6 (34 percent DV)

•8 milligrams of pantothenic acid (8 percent DV)

•9 milligrams of niacin (5 percent DV)

•1 milligram of thiamin (3 percent DV)

•5 milligrams of manganese (77 percent DV)

•242 milligrams of magnesium (61 percent DV)

•1,464 milligrams of potassium (42 percent DV)


•7 milligrams of iron (26 percent DV)

•17 micrograms of selenium (25 percent DV)

•5 milligrams of copper (24 percent DV)

•205 milligrams of calcium (20 percent DV)

•31 milligrams of phosphorus (3 percent DV)

•37 milligrams of sodium (2 percent DV)

9 Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

1.- Relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Blackstrap molasses is a great source of iron.

Women need more iron than men, according to the Centers for Disease Control, because they lose a certain amount of iron during their normal menstrual cycle each month.


Beginning around the time of adolescence, when a woman begins to have her menstrual cycle, her daily iron needs increase, but then the level drops once more when a woman reaches menopause.

Iron can also improve your mood, which is based on a balance of hormones, including serotonin, dopamine, and other vital hormones, which cannot be properly synthesized in the brain when oxygen levels are low.

That’s why iron deficiency sometimes results in a bad mood, poor sleep, low energy levels, and lack of motivation.

If you notice changes in your mood and feelings of mild depression or anxiety, especially during menstruation, an iron deficiency could contribute.

Additionally, essential minerals in molasses, such as magnesium, manganese, and calcium, prevent blood clotting, which relieves menstrual cramps and maintains healthy uterine muscles.

2.- Fight stress

B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium all play a role in fighting stress and anxiety, and blackstrap molasses contain all of these vital minerals. Vitamin B6, for example, increases serotonin levels in the brain.

This is an important hormone that controls mood and prevents pain, depression, and fatigue, and blackstrap molasses’ vitamin B6 content makes adding it to your diet a great way to combat stress.

A 2004 study published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics found that low levels of vitamin B6 cause depression, as the vitamin contributes to the tryptophan-serotonin pathway.


Of the 140 participants, 13 percent of them were assessed as depressed and vitamin B6 deficient.

Although this is not a staggering number, research suggests that vitamin deficiency correlates with levels of depression and should be addressed in patients who have symptoms of moodiness and depression.

3.- Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Blackstrap molasses helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which can be extremely beneficial for people with diabetes.

It has a low glycemic index and naturally slows down glucose and carbohydrate metabolism, resulting in less insulin production.

Blackstrap molasses also contains a high level of chromium, which increases glucose tolerance.

Chromium plays a role in insulin signaling pathways that allow our bodies to control the amount of sugar we eat, helping to balance blood glucose levels and giving us stable energy.

A 1997 study by the US Department of Agriculture suggests that chromium is an essential nutrient involved in normal carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

In the study, 180 people treated for type 2 diabetes were given a placebo or chromium supplements over four months, while continuing to take normal medications and without changing eating habits.


As a result of chromium treatment, insulin values and cholesterol levels decreased significantly compared to the placebo group.

This study had patients continue their normal diabetes medications, so it is important to note that chromium intake appears to be only partially responsible for the positive results.

4.- Helps prevent cancer

A 2009 study published in the Journal of The American Diabetic Association suggests that blackstrap molasses serves as a nutritious alternative to refined sugar because it offers the potential benefit of antioxidant activity.

Antioxidants are substances that help prevent certain types of cell damage, especially that caused by oxidation. Oxidative damage plays an important role in today’s disease and has been linked to health conditions, including cancer.

Foods high in antioxidants, such as blackstrap molasses, help reduce free radicals in the body, which are believed to be the main cause of cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, free radicals form naturally in the body and play an important role in many normal cellular processes; however, at high concentrations, free radicals can be dangerous to the body, damaging all major components of cells, including DNA, proteins, and cell membranes.

5.- Promotes skin health

Blackstrap molasses contains lactic acid, which is produced by bacteria that play an important role in carbohydrate metabolism. Lactic acid serves as a natural acne treatment and heals other skin conditions.

A 2002 study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology found that lactic acid worked as a preventive solution for acne.


The study involved 22 patients who experienced lesions, inflammation, and cysts. Lactate lotion was used topically on the entire face twice a day, and then used as a cosmetic for one year.

At the end of one year, a 90 to 100 percent reduction in inflammatory lesions was achieved in 41 percent of patients, and non-inflammatory lesions were reduced in 23 percent of patients.

The remaining patients showed a 50 to 90 percent reduction, while two patients showed less than a 50 percent reduction in non-inflammatory lesions.

This research suggests that lactic acid treatment results in a significant reduction in acne symptoms, including the development of lesions.

Blackstrap molasses also promotes the growth of healthy tissue, thus serving as a natural wound healer. Consuming blackstrap molasses speeds up the healing time of cuts, wounds, burns, and signs of acne, helping to maintain clear, healthy skin.


6.- Improves bone health

Because blackstrap molasses serves as a high source of calcium, it promotes strong, healthy bones.

Since we lose calcium every day through our skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine, and feces, and cannot do so within our bodies, we must eat calcium-rich foods regularly.

Calcium is the most present mineral in the body, stored in the body mainly in the bones and teeth.


About 99 percent of our calcium is found in our bones and teeth, mostly in the form of calcium deposits, and the other 1 percent is stored throughout our body tissue.

Calcium is involved in the growth and maintenance of bones. Without enough calcium present in the body, known as calcium deficiency, bones are susceptible to becoming weak and flexible, predisposing them to fractures and breaks.

The calcium, plus iron and copper levels in molasses undoubtedly improve bone health, help heal broken bones and reduce the risk of weak and brittle bones.

7.- It serves as a natural remedy for ADD and ADHD

Research has shown that the same symptoms evident in children with ADD/ADHD are also seen in people who are nutritionally deficient in zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

ADHD and ADD are neurological and behavioral-related conditions that cause difficulty concentrating, impulsiveness, and excessive energy.

People with ADHD not only have a challenge concentrating, but they also have a challenge sitting still.

Sugar is a major problem because it causes spikes in blood sugar and causes hyperactivity. Then, when blood sugar levels drop, a person loses focus.

Blackstrap molasses is a more nutritious alternative to refined sugar and does not have the same effects on blood sugar levels.


Additionally, consuming molasses provides iron and B vitamins, which can remedy ADHD naturally. These vitamins and minerals support the nervous system and brain function, improving focus.

8.- Treat arthritis

Arthritis is a joint disease that causes swelling and pain in the joints. It is classified as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage between joints wears down, causing inflammation and pain, and rheumatoid arthritis is caused by an autoimmune dysfunction where white blood cells destroy cartilage.

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of blackstrap molasses, it relieves swelling and joint pain and works as a natural treatment for arthritis.

9.- Contains potassium that lowers cholesterol

Just two teaspoons of this rich, natural syrup contain 10 percent of the daily recommended amount of potassium.

Potassium-rich foods help lower systolic blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and support a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as help, cleanse the liver.

Potassium also plays an important role in keeping the body hydrated and works with sodium to support cellular function with your body’s sodium and potassium pump.

Blackstrap molasses history and interesting facts

Blackstrap molasses has been imported from the Caribbean islands since the time of the earliest settlers. Because it was so much more affordable than refined sugar, molasses was popular until the late 19th century.


Molasses was so popular that the British crown passed the Molasses Act of 1733 to discourage colonists from trading with the West Indies, which was not under British rule.

Colonists had to pay sixpence for each gallon of molasses, which was commonly used in rum and liqueurs at the time.

The growing corruption of local officials and the bitterness and resentment of British law that was caused by this act only continued with the passage of the Stamp and Townshend Acts; By 1776, colonists were fighting for their independence from British rule during the American Revolution.

Since then, black treacle has made a comeback. This is due to the “health food movement” popularizing nutritious, vitamin-packed foods.

The largest producers of molasses are currently India, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and the United States.

How to use blackstrap molasses

It’s easy to find blackstrap molasses at your local market or health food store. When shopping for blackstrap molasses, look for products that are organic and not unbalanced.

Blackstrap molasses is commonly used as a natural sweetener and sugar alternative.

Molasses has a unique and rich flavor. Some people use it as a dip or as a topping on toast, oatmeal, and porridge. It’s also a great sweetener for marinades, barbecue sauce, and use while baking.


You can even add molasses to coffee: it intensifies the richness of the coffee while reducing the acid taste and improving the nutritional value of the coffee.

Blackstrap molasses also serves as a brown sugar alternative; You can use molasses to create brown sugar by adding two tablespoons of molasses for every ½ cup of coconut sugar called for in a recipe.

Put the coconut sugar and molasses in a food processor, and pulse until the consistency of commercial brown sugar is reached. The result is a more nutritious “brown sugar” that still tastes great.

Blackstrap molasses is about two-thirds sweeter than refined sugar but can be used in recipes that call for brown sugar, honey, and maple syrup. Try experimenting with this nutritious product today – you’re going to love it!

Recipes to use blackstrap molasses

Because blackstrap molasses can substitute for maple syrup, try using it in my Maple Glazed Rosemary Carrots Recipe. The sweet and sour taste of the molasses goes perfectly with the rosemary in this recipe.

Another way to use blackstrap molasses instead of maple syrup is with my gluten-free cinnamon buns recipe.

This recipe is delicious, healthy, and gluten-free! The texture of the molasses complements the stickiness of a cinnamon bun as well.

Blackstrap molasses is commonly used to make marinades, sauces, and glazes. You can use molasses instead of honey; provides the same texture and a slightly bitter taste.


My Grilled Honey Glazed Salmon recipe would be perfect for choke molasses because it creates the thick consistency that works perfectly for salmon glazes.

Gluten-free gingerbread cookies recipe

This gluten-free gingerbread cookie recipe is delicious. Satisfy sweet cravings without processed sugar.

Serves: 24

Time: 20 minutes


•1 cup cashew butter

•1/2 cup maple syrup

•1/4 cup blackstrap molasses


•1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger

•1 egg

•1 teaspoon vanilla extract

•1 teaspoon of cinnamon

•1 teaspoon ground ginger

•1/2 teaspoon sea salt

•1/3 cup coconut flour



1.- Preheat the oven to 350 F.

2.- Line a baking tray with parchment paper and reserve.

3.- In a large bowl, add the cashew butter, maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, fresh ginger, egg, vanilla extract, cinnamon, ground ginger, and sea salt.

4.- Stir until well combined.

5.- Add the coconut flour and stir well.

6.- Use a tablespoon to measure the mass of each cookie.

7.- Bake for 12 to 15 minutes.

Side effects of blackstrap molasses

Blackstrap molasses is perfectly safe to consume in food amounts and provides essential vitamins and minerals that keep your body functioning well.


Some people may develop allergic reactions to molasses due to a sensitivity to the sulfite present in sulfur molasses. For this reason, I suggest you buy non-discarded blackstrap molasses.

Also, keep in mind that the glycemic index for molasses is 55, which is moderate and means people shouldn’t consume large amounts of it. It should be used as a more nutritious sweetener.


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