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Benefits of Magnesium carbonate and side effects

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Discover the Shocking Benefits of Magnesium carbonate and side effects.

Magnesium carbonate is a nutritional dietary supplement that comes from a mineral from nature -Magnesium- that is present in many foods, these provide us with several benefits that make it possible for the body to function correctly.

One of the common problems of the body is fatigue and constipation.

Although it can be due to multiple reasons, in general, the consumption of this mineral can alleviate these problems.Benefits of Magnesium carbonate


Magnesium carbonate has three general presentations: Lactate, chloride, and carbonate.

Of the three, magnesium carbonate is the component that provides the greatest balance, it is not as acidic and for those who need magnesium carbonate supplements, it is a medium-term laxative.


Why should you consume magnesium carbonate? In this article, we will explain the properties and benefits of this compound.

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Chemical compound

Formula: MgCO3

Molar mass: 84.3139 g / mol

Melting point: 990 ° C

Density: 2.96 g / cm³


Solubility in water: 10.6 mg / 100 mL

What is Magnesium Carbonate used for?

Magnesium is a great ally to combat a large number of ailments.

Among the benefits that are pointed out due to proven studies, we can point out that it fights fatigue, helps tissues, bones, regulates intestinal flora, etc.

Now, the carbonated formulation of magnesium is one of how this compound is marketed and its main function is to be a stomach protector, an antacid that contributes or serves to fight digestive problems.

Regulates intestinal transit

It has a mild laxative action, which is very beneficial for regulating visits to the bathroom.

It does not cause stomach pain. It is important to note that there are even infant formulas with this mineral within the composition.


Avoid heartburn

Magnesium carbonate provides great relief against heartburn or heartburn.

This is because of the pH of the stomach contents increases.

Therefore, it minimizes the discomforts produced by some foods. Some people use it after heavy meals.

Provides a better rest or night’s sleep.

Magnesium carbonate along with other components can combat fatigue and weakness.

You can find microspheres that will allow you to achieve better relaxation.

Ally of athletes, as it reduces fatigue and improves performance.


It is essential for the muscles.

There are many preparations for athletes that contain this product.

We know that Magnesium provides many benefits. Although it is possible to have the natural amount of this mineral thanks to a balanced diet, it is possible that a very busy life does not allow us to eat nutritious meals.

In this case, we recommend paying attention to this aspect, at the same time, you can lean towards obtaining this nutrient with the help of supplements prescribed by the specialist.

The supplements provide you with the dose of vital Magnesium for your body to function properly.

Now, you should not exceed the consumption of Magnesium, follow the recommendations of your doctor regarding daily doses, regardless of the presentation in which you consume this nutritional supplement.

If you suffer from constipation, you can try magnesium carbonate to lightly regulate this annoying condition.


Magnesium Carbonate Properties

It has relaxing properties that contribute to a good rest

This chemical compound is regenerative for the skin, therefore, it is present in many cosmetic treatments.

According to some studies, it has calming properties, which allows that when applied in the form of lotion, gel, or creams it can relieve the joints.


It has laxative properties.

Benefits of Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium in its general format has many benefits for your body and some studies even claim that it is beneficial for the nervous system, stress, muscle building, etc.

It certainly contributes to your having more vitality. Its carbonated presentation provides you with the following benefits.


1. Benefits of Magnesium carbonate for stomach

We know that not having a bowel movement produces a very unpleasant feeling of fullness.

Well, magnesium carbonate by regulating intestinal transit allows you to digest food correctly, this will give you relief and a better quality of life.

At the same time, it will allow you to have an ideal weight.

2. Benefits of Magnesium carbonate for constipation

Constipation can cause various problems such as conditions with hemorrhoids, irritable bowel, appendicitis, etc.

Magnesium carbonate is a great ally to avoid pathologies linked to poor or poor defecation.

How to use Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium carbonate can be taken both in powder and capsules.


Next, we will give you some recommendations so that you can make the correct use of Magnesium Carbonate.


The powder format can be found in any pharmacy. After acquiring it, you must dilute a small teaspoon in water to combat constipation.

You can also take it in the same way to combat heartburn.

Now, if you don’t have acidity, you can mix it with lemon juice or some acidic drink.

Do not worry about its taste, as it is tasteless. It can be taken twice a day with meals.

In capsules.

This presentation allows you to be more precise when taking it.


You can follow your doctor’s recommendations, as the dose will depend on your condition.

But there are no problems in taking it with meals. It is recommended to consume it at least twice a day with food.

It is important to note that magnesium carbonate despite being very beneficial is not a drug.

Rather, it is a natural nutrient, which is why everyone can consume it.

In reality, the problem that can arise after consuming it is the error of consuming excessively.

In this sense, it is appropriate to consult a health professional; especially in the case of children.


Advantages and disadvantages of Magnesium Carbonate

The advantages of Magnesium Carbonate have been highlighted throughout this article.

Its benefits are proven thanks to scientific studies.

Even so, we are going to summarize some advantages or reasons why you should consume it and of course the disadvantages of its use.


Magnesium carbonate is very easy to buy in pharmacies

It is a great ally to improve the functioning of the intestines

The powdered magnesium carbonate presentation is tasteless, allowing both children and aging adults to take it without inconvenience.


Acts quickly in the body

It is a mild laxative, it does not cause stomach pain

Side effects of magnesium carbonate

Overuse can cause side effects.

It is appropriate to consult the appropriate dose of consumption especially when it comes to children.

It is always advisable to consult with the doctor or pharmacist to take any nutritional supplement.

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