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Benefits of almond milk for skin



benefits of almond milk for skin

Discover the benefits of almond milk for the skin.

Did you know that almond milk provides us with omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants that help us protect the skin against sun damage and environmental toxins?

Almond milk is one of the vegetable drinks that has gained fame throughout the world for its high content of essential nutrients that, when absorbed, provide many benefits to the body.

Low in calories and free of cholesterol and lactose, it has become one of the best supplements to lose weight and improve health, especially when there is a risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, beyond this, it also acts as a natural cosmetic, providing interesting benefits to the skin, especially when it has some imperfections.

It contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants that, in addition to regulating the pH, provide a protective effect against the sun’s rays and toxins.

In addition, it can be combined with other healthy ingredients to prepare beauty treatments without having to invest too much.

In the following space, we want to share 5 good options so that you do not hesitate to try them within your routine.

1. Treatment to reduce dark circles based on almond milk

The omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E contained in almond milk have an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect that favors the reduction of puffiness and dark circles.

Its daily use eliminates dark spots around the eyes and helps to give it a rejuvenated appearance.


•4 tablespoons of almond milk (40 ml)

•1 teaspoon of rose water (5 ml)


•Combine almond milk with rose water for a natural toner.

•Dip a piece of cotton in the liquid and rub it on the dark circles under the eyes with gentle massages.

•Let it absorb well and remove excess with a clean cloth.

•Repeat its use every day, before starting the makeup routine.

2. Mask to exfoliate the skin

By combining the properties of almond milk with natural ingredients such as oatmeal and honey, we obtain an exfoliating cream that helps us remove dead cells and impurities from the face.


•6 tablespoons of almond milk (60 ml)

•1 tablespoon of oatmeal (10 g)

•1 tablespoon of honey (25 g)


•Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them until you get a thick paste.

•Cleanse the face well and then spread the product with gentle circular movements.

•Let the compounds act for 20 minutes and rinse.

•Repeat the treatment 2 times a week.

3. Natural makeup remover

One of the little-known uses of almond milk in terms of facial care is its ability to replace creams to remove makeup.

Its properties facilitate the removal of cosmetics and, unlike chemical products, provide extra nutrition to the skin.


•6 tablespoons of almond milk (60 ml)

•1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (5 g)


•Combine the tablespoons of almond oil with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, it can be olive or coconut, to facilitate makeup removal.

•Take a clean cloth, dip it in the product and gently rub it to remove the cosmetics.

•Repeat its use every night before going to sleep.

4. Pore Cleansing Lotion

The astringent and anti-inflammatory action of almond milk makes it a good solution for cleaning clogged and enlarged pores.

Combined with a little tea tree oil, we obtain a natural lotion to balance oil production and remove blackheads.


•6 tablespoons of almond milk (60 ml)

•3 drops of tea tree essential oil


•Add the tea tree oil to the almond milk and, after combining it, rub it on the skin with the help of a cotton ball.

•Wait for it to be absorbed well and remove the excesses with a damp cloth.

•Repeat its use every day, twice a day if you have oily skin.

5. Anti-wrinkle mask

The essential nutrients contained in this ingredient, especially its antioxidants, help prevent premature signs of aging by promoting the production of collagen and elastin.

Its absorption minimizes the negative effects of free radicals and, incidentally, nourishes the delicate skin where expression lines are formed.


•6 tablespoons of almond milk (60 ml)

•1 tablespoon of turmeric powder (10 g)

•4 tablespoons of honey (100 g)


•Put the almond milk and turmeric in a container and mix until you get a homogeneous product.

•Next, add the honey, continue mixing, and, after obtaining a paste, spread it on the skin.

•Be sure to cover any wrinkle-sensitive areas, including the neck and décolletage.

•Wait for it to act for 30 minutes and rinse.

•Repeat your application 3 times a week.

As you can see, there are very interesting ways to turn almond milk into an ally for the beauty of the skin.

Dare to try these treatments and check that you do not need to spend too much money to pamper yourself.


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5 health benefits of bananas for men




benefits of bananas for men

Discover the 5 amazing health benefits of bananas for men.

Bananas have various male health benefits. They can be used effectively to fight against constipation, help protect the kidneys and more.

Bananas are rich in nutrients, including vitamins (A, C, and B6), minerals (potassium, magnesium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, and iron), protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber.

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Due to their high nutritional content, bananas exhibit several benefits when consumed, especially for men.

1. Heart and nervous system

The high potassium content in bananas helps protect the heart and nervous system.

It also helps in muscle contraction.

Therefore, bananas are good for the heart, digestive system, and other muscles in the body.

That is why it is recommended to eat a banana before or after exercise.

Potassium also helps keep the heart rate at a normal rate.

Potassium and low sodium help keep blood pressure low.

2. Bananas for kidney and bones

The high potassium content of bananas also contributes to healthy kidney function and bone development.

This is because potassium retains the loss of calcium in the urine, which allows the body to absorb more minerals and thus strengthen the bones.

3. Bananas for blood and immune system

The high content of vitamin B6 supplies blood haemoglobin and maintains healthy blood sugar levels for the body by converting carbohydrates into glucose.

Vitamin B6 also helps the body make antibodies, which are used by the immune system to fight disease.

4. Bananas to improve mood

Bananas contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin in the body.

It maintains a positive mood and helps fight depression.

During stress, the body consumes potassium.

Because a banana contains around 400 milligrams of potassium, eating one a day can help you stay healthy during times of stress.

5. Bananas for weight management

The fibers present in bananas can help maintain regular bowel movements.

They can also help you feel fuller longer after eating.

We hope the article “5 health benefits of bananas for men” was of help to you.

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