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18 shocking benefits of tiger balm

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Discover the 18 shocking benefits of tiger balm you should know.

Do you know Tiger Balm?

It is a traditional remedy from Asia which treats and relieves many ailments.

If you don’t have one in your pharmacy yet, run quickly to buy some; it’s a real miracle product!


But beware, its daily use requires a minimum of knowledge, even precautions.

So to make your life easier, we tell you everything you need to know about Tiger Balm. ..

… plus its 18 incredible health benefits of tiger balm you should know about. Look :

What is Tiger Balm?

Tiger Balm is a topical medication (i.e. to be applied topically) that has been around for over a century!


Its main ingredients are camphor and menthol.

They relieve muscle and joint pain while providing a feeling of freshness.

And although Tiger Balm is not intended to cure painful chronic diseases …

… its main ingredients are extremely effective when it comes to treating everyday ailments!


Is Tiger Balm Legal?

Yes, Tiger Balm is completely legal in many countries in the world.

It is widely available in drugstores, drugstores, organic stores, or on the Internet here.

Its use requires following the instructions for use.

This is what we will now see together by detailing how to properly use this product and avoid potential side effects.


How to use Tiger Balm?

To use Tiger Balm, apply it to the part of your body where you feel the pain.

If you are using it to treat a cold or to unblock your nose, apply the balm to your chest or forehead.

To enhance its effects, it is recommended to massage the product onto your skin until it is fully absorbed.

Avoid bathing before or after using the product.


You can repeat the application and massage process up to 4 times a day.

Finally, if your skin reacts badly to the balm and you see redness or irritation appear, stop using it.

What are the benefits of Tiger Balm?

Tiger Balm is a versatile product that can be used for a wide range of problems and especially against all types of pain.

We list no less than 18 possible uses:

  1. Toenail fungus: The active ingredient, camphor, perfectly treats this type of fungal infection of the skin.

2. Back pain: the active ingredients camphor and menthol quickly and effectively relieve this type of pain.

3. Common cold: the menthol contained in Tiger Balm helps calm cold symptoms without taking drugs with dangerous side effects.

4. Stuffy Nose: The combination of menthol and eucalyptus relieves congestion and sinusitis in no time.

5. Flu condition: Menthol and eucalyptus help relieve pain associated with the flu.


6. Headache: Menthol relieves headaches. The eucalyptus present in the balm also has recognized pain-relieving effects.

7. Joint pain: menthol and camphor quickly and naturally relieve this type of pain, especially after playing sports.

8. Small burns: camphor and menthol calm and soothe the small burns of everyday life that can be done when cooking for example.

9. Mosquito Bites: Not only does menthol repel mosquitoes, but it also calms bites to prevent scratching.


10. Neuropathy: The capsicum (chili) contained in the balm relieves neuropathic symptoms, that is, problems related to the nerves.

11. Muscle pain and stiffness: menthol relieves muscle pain, which is why many athletes use it.

12. Pain related to osteoarthritis: capsicum (pepper) and menthol relieve this type of pain naturally.

13. Poor Blood Circulation: The key ingredient, camphor, improves blood circulation, which can be very helpful when you have Raynaud’s disease.


14. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Menthol along with anti-inflammatory ingredients like chili pepper reduces this type of pain.

15. Shoulder and neck pain: Menthol gel used topically helps relieve this type of pain. Very useful when you have slept in a bad position or when you have made a wrong move.

16. Upset stomach: Menthol and camphor help treat upset stomach when applied to the abdomen.

17. Stretch marks: Tiger Balm, thanks to its refreshing effects and its action on blood circulation, helps to heal stretch marks.


18. Toothache: Menthol, clove, and cajeput oils soothe toothache when applied along the jawbone.


Difference between white and red Tiger Balm

If you have done some research on Tiger Balm, you have surely noticed that there are “white” and “red” formulas.

The main difference is that White Tiger Balm contains menthol and methyl salicylate …

… While the red Tiger Balm contains menthol and camphor.


Some formulas, like Tiger Balm Muscle Rub, contain all three of these ingredients.

Your choice depends on the issues you need to deal with.

Why does Tiger Balm work?

As we have just seen, Tiger Balm is a 100% natural ancestral remedy that has the power to heal many different pains.

It is often safer than repeated use of over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers.


The mode of action of Tiger Balm is based on the combination of its ingredients:

  • Camphor has both a cooling and a warming effect on the skin.

It also increases blood circulation and treats toenail fungus.

  • Menthol or methyl salicylate are made from mint extracts.

These are common anesthetics that work by tightening muscles to help reduce muscle and joint pain.

This ingredient also helps relieve colds and congestion when inhaled.

  • Cinnamon oil has anti-inflammatory effects. It soothes arthritis and other inflammatory pains.
  • Eucalyptus helps treat coughs and colds.

  • Capsicum (chili) helps reduce inflammation and pain from various chronic diseases like arthritis and neuropathy.

All Tiger Balm products contain a common base of camphor or a form of menthol.

Other ingredients may vary.


Side effects of Tiger Balm

When used according to the instructions, tiger balm does not cause side effects.

However, in some cases, it can cause some unwanted reactions such as:

  • Redness
  • Itches

  • Tingling or burning sensations

  • Skin irritations

  • Breathing difficulties (if applied to the chest due to congestion).

To avoid any risk, do a test before applying Tiger Balm to a larger area of the body.

To do this, apply Tiger Balm to the inside of your elbow.


Wait a few days to see if you have an adverse reaction.

If not, Tiger Balm can be used to relieve pain in other parts of your body.

Other signs of an allergic reaction may include redness, swelling, and itching.

Anaphylaxis, a serious and life-threatening allergic reaction, can lead to difficulty breathing and swelling of the face.


If you have symptoms of anaphylaxis, seek emergency medical attention.

Warning regarding Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm is safe for adults when used as directed.

But your best bet is to talk to your doctor before using Tiger Balm, especially if you are taking any prescription medication.

A few rules to follow:

  • Do not take it by mouth. Tiger Balm is not an oral remedy, so never swallow Tiger Balm.
  • Do not apply the product to irritated, sunburned, or chapped skin.

  • Avoid getting Tiger Balm in the eyes, mouth, and any open wounds.

  • Tiger Balm is not intended to be introduced into the ears or any other orifice.

  • Do not cover the application area with heating pads, cold compresses, or dressings.

  • There is no identified contraindication to using Tiger Balm at the same time as other substances.

However, before combining vitamins, drugs, or herbs with the balm, consult your doctor.

Where to find cheap Tiger Balm?

You can buy Tiger Balm in all good pharmacies and health food stores.

To find this Asian balm, you can also buy it cheaply on the Internet here.


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