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Maca: how to promote fertility to finally get pregnant

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Does it promote pregnancy and, if so, how and why is it used?

Maca has always been used in traditional Peruvian medicine as a powerful ally of fertility, helping couples having difficulty having a baby.

Nicknamed “the fertility plant” in South America, Peruvian maca is used to stimulate libido, restore energy, fight symptoms of menopause, but also, among other things, for its properties on our function. reproductive.


How maca works, and how to use it to help finally see a pregnancy, is what we’ll see. On Spice Island, you can find organic maca powder, of the Lepidium peruvianum Chacon variety, grown in the Peruvian High Andes.

The action of maca on male fertility

To benefit from all the benefits we are going to talk about, you still need to know which maca to buy, so consult our maca buying guide to know everything and discover our advice for choosing the maca you need.

Effect on sperm quality

A 2017 study showed that consuming 1.5g of maca powder per day for 12 weeks increased luteinizing hormone, which results in improved sperm quality and sperm mobility.

Other studies have shown the ability of maca to stimulate reproductive activity in males, studies in humans, rats, and stallions showing that the root of Lepidium meyenii (maca) stimulates spermatogenesis and improves sexual performance.


Maca, therefore, acts on the quantity of sperm, on the quality of sperm, and therefore on the fertility of men in general.

Influence on steroidogenic capacity

A study was conducted in 2018 on the impact of maca on the production of serum testosterone by cells called “Leydig cells”. These cells make up the interstitial tissue of the testes and are the main sources of testicular androgens, and therefore of testosterone, the male hormone.

Result: consumption of 1 to 2 g of yellow maca powder improved the steroidogenic capacity of Leydig cells.

The action of maca on female fertility

Action on the hormonal system

Maca powder, rich in phytoestrogens, is a natural alternative to various hormone replacement therapies. It stimulates the body’s glands (the endocrine system) to produce the hormones the body needs, one of the reasons why it is consumed by women during menopause, or for maca to be consumed for certain skin problems. thyroid.


Indeed, it stimulates the hypothalamus and the pituitary, causing stimulation of the ovaries and the thyroid, as well as a regulation of female hormones: estrogen and progesterone.

In addition to its action on spermatozoa, Peruvian maca will therefore also influence the quality of the eggs, will increase their production, and will allow a better regularity of the rules, which can facilitate the search for an ovulation period.

Intrauterine action

A study has shown that consuming maca promotes thickening of the uterine lining, which is essential for the embryo to hang on properly and develop.


Action on fertility in general

Aphrodisiac effect

To conceive a child, there is no secret, you have to make love. Maca has aphrodisiac properties, allowing to have an active libido, thus increasing the chances of getting pregnant.


As we have dedicated an article dedicated to this topic, we will not expand here, check it out to learn more about the benefits of maca on libido.

Effect on general well-being

It’s no secret that for a pregnancy to start, you have to be well in your head and your body. A stressed woman may, for example, simply not ovulate, and therefore no chance of getting pregnant.

Maca is a so-called adaptogenic plant, that is to say, it acts on the entire organism and increases the body’s ability to adapt to different stresses, to regulate the various functions of the body. body, and therefore promote overall good health.

This regulatory action affects all the essential functions: blood pressure, nervous system, hormonal system, immune system, etc.


It is known and recognized to fight effectively against overall fatigue, physical and mental, restoring energy and vitality to the body, which is why maca is perfect for sport.

With its wonderful composition, maca allows complete remineralization of the body, one of the reasons for the effectiveness of maca against osteoporosis.

Maca helps fight stress and anxiety, helping to regain nervous balance and therefore relieve all the ailments that result from it: insomnia, restless sleep, nervous fatigue, mild depression, eating disorders, etc.

Placebo effect

We don’t talk much about it, but the placebo effect can be very powerful! Indeed, the reputation of maca as a fertility stimulant is so widespread and anchored in the subconscious, that its consumption can lead to a placebo effect, but a concrete effect.


How to consume maca to help conceive a child?

How to use it?

The easiest way is to dilute the maca powder in your drinks. You can add it in a glass of water, in all your smoothies, fruit juices, milk, teas, infusions, milkshakes, chocolates, etc.

Otherwise, you can use it in your kitchen. Maca powder has a slight flavor, between caramel and hazelnut, which makes it a very easy powder to use, especially in desserts. For ideas, check out all of our Peruvian maca recipes.

What dosage?

To benefit from the benefits of maca on fertility, it is advisable to do a cure of 2 to 3 months, with a week break at the end of the first month. The classic dosage is 1.5 g of maca powder per day.

Ideally, the cure should be started 2 to 3 months before trying to conceive a baby.


Once the cure is done, take a break for a period approximately equal to the cure before possibly resuming. For example, a 3-month cure will be followed by a 2-month break.


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