Health benefits of cassava gari

Discover the Health benefits of cassava gari.

Cassava flour or Gari is one of the most consumed foods in West Africa, but many people are unaware of its nutritional values and health benefits.Discover the Health benefits of cassava gari.

Cassava is a root native to West Africa. Gari was once eaten only at home, but nowadays it can be found in most shopping malls and local farmer’s markets. Its cooking is quite simple because it can also be eaten raw.

Regarding its taste qualities, it has a sour flavor and fleeting odor. There are different types of gari namely white, yellow, etc.

The nutritional values of Gari

This food is rich in starch and fiber. Besides these two elements, it contains a marginal dose of protein and other vitamins

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the calories and other nutrients in a cup of Gari:

Kilocalories – 330

Carbohydrates – 80 g

Fiber – 48 g

Protein – 1.1 g

Calcium – 40 mg

Iron – 1.5 mg

Health benefits of cassava gari

While Gari isn’t a food with dozens of health benefits, it’s still a valuable addition to our menu. One of the most important advantages of gari is that it provides us with a huge amount of energy thanks to its high starch content.

It is a great alternative for food products made from white flour or rice. It is advisable to consume it for lunch. This will give you the necessary energy that will keep you in shape throughout the day.

The yellow variant has more fat and oil which provides additional nutritional components. Consume it with sauce or other types of products such as vegetables, meats, etc. is also advised.

Below are the Health benefits of cassava gari:

1. It is gluten-free

It is difficult to know if the gluten-free diet is better for your health . Studies in this area say it all and its opposite. Still, it can’t hurt to vary the grain sources. For people with celiac disease (gluten intolerant), cassava flour, made from the tubers of the plant, is on the other hand a valuable alternative. Unlike some gluten-free flours , which can result in crumbly or dry culinary preparations, cassava flour remains flexible and offers a texture and flavor close to that of wheat.

2 It is easy to digest

The high starch content of cassava flour makes it particularly easy to digest. A strong argument for sensitive stomachs. In some cultures, cassava is even used medicinally to treat digestive system disorders . A tablespoon of cassava flour in a glass of water, for example, can calm diarrhea or heartburn.

3 It promotes the feeling of satiety

Cassava flour is particularly rich in starch. In the stomach, it swells quickly and promotes the feeling of fullness. Its use accelerates the appetite suppressant effect. Very rich in carbohydrates , cassava is an energy food. Its flour contains very little protein and fiber. Also, we alternate its consumption with that of other flours (complete if possible), to fill up with micronutrients.

We hope the article on the health benefits of cassava gari has been of help.