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Benefits of garlic oil and side effects

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Today, we are going to see the amazing health benefits of garlic oil, how to make it and side effects.

It is not necessary to list properties of garlic that we all already know, both at a nutritional, medicinal and gastronomic level.

Today we are going to talk simply about the medicinal and nutritional garlic oil, the bulb oil scientifically called Allium sativum, which provides great health benefits.

Health Benefits of garlic oil & how to make it


Properties of Garlic oil

Garlic oil concentrates many of the properties of garlic, which is why it is so important. Raw garlic cloves can be strong to consume, but the oil, where many of its properties are concentrated, make it more enjoyable and digestible.

Among the nutritional properties include that it is a huge source of vitamins, especially vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


As for vitamin B6 or pyridoxine, raw garlic contains enormous amounts, with 95% of the recommended daily amount for an adult person per 100 grams. But honestly, no one will eat 100 grams of raw garlic without suffering any adverse effects. This is why garlic oil is so important.

Vitamin B6, present in garlic in a much greater way than in any other food, is like the other nutrients classified within the so-called B vitamins, very important to stabilize the central nervous system and for the absorption of the nutrients that we get from other foods.

Also, among the particularities of this vitamin are that it participates in the formation of hydrochloric acid and haemoglobin, and is very beneficial to strengthen the immune system.

Since we are talking about the immune system, another of the vitamins that are found in abundance in garlic is vitamin C (52% of the recommended daily amount per 100 grams), which serves to strengthen the immune system, as well as for the hormonal synthesis, the formation of tissues and the fight against so-called free radicals.

To a lesser extent, but also in good quantities, are vitamin B3 or niacin and vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid.

As for the minerals that we can find in the properties of garlic oil and garlic in general, it should be noted that this bulb is a great source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc, and to a lesser extent of magnesium and sodium.


Health Benefits of Garlic oil

In addition to the nutritional benefits of garlic oil, thanks to its vitamins and minerals, it should be noted that it contains antibacterial, regenerative, antiviral, antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties.

Thanks to its medicinal properties, garlic oil is very good at fighting skin conditions such as acne, pimples, boils, and infected pores.

It is also very useful to eliminate intestinal parasites. Thanks to its antiparasitic principles, garlic helps to expel worms from the intestine and cleanse the body of these types of agents.

And if that were not enough, it is a very powerful supplement to eliminate “bad” cholesterol or LDL from the body, in addition to benefiting the circulatory system.


Garlic oil for hair

Garlic oil can greatly benefit hair health. It helps improve the health of the scalp, fights dandruff, fungi and possible microbes, as well as heals and disinfects wounds.

As it contains good amounts of vitamin C, it helps to regenerate hair tissue and support hair health.


How to find garlic oil

Garlic oil is commercially available in pearls. Its use is strictly medicinal, given its concentration. But we can also do it ourselves.

Garlic oil in pearls or capsules

Garlic oil pearls are usually found in natural medicine stores, herbalists or herbalists, and are vegetable glycerin capsules filled with the oil macerated in a 1: 1 ratio.

This oil is purely medicinal and its recommended dose is 2 pearls, 3 times a day, or what is the same 6 daily pearls spaced in three doses throughout the day.

How to make garlic oil

But we can also make our medicinal garlic oil. For this we will need:

•2 medium heads of garlic
•One litre of extra virgin olive oil
•A large (at least one litre) glass jar with a tight-fitting lid


Let’s see how to make garlic oil, explained step by step:

•We peel the heads and each one of the garlic cloves, which we cut in half, and place them in a large glass jar (over a litre) capacity, we add the litre of olive oil.

•We leave it in a dry and cool place, but not in the fridge, but a pantry or cupboard.

•We let it marinate for a month or 30 days.

•Every two days we should move the jar, and open slightly.

•After 30 days, we have our medicinal garlic oil ready to use for skin conditions, for hair or for any other use that we deem necessary. If you also want them to be 100% organic, we recommend that you start planting garlic in your garden or patio!


Side effects of garlic oil

Manufacturers of garlic oil in pearls or glycerin capsules do not recommend that you exceed 6 capsules daily. Its consumption is not recommended for young children, at least in pearl format.


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