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Benefits of beet greens

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Discover the benefits of beet greens.

Today food is becoming more expensive and more scarce. It is incredible to see how they are wasted due to not knowing the benefits they can provide us.

The roots, the peel, the leaves, and even the seeds have more nutrients than those parts of the vegetable or fruit that we normally consume.

This is the case of the beet (betabel or betarraga), popularly known for the variety of uses that its body or fleshy part has. But today we will talk about that part that we commonly throw away, the beet leaves.Benefits of beet greens


The beet leaves that generally become garbage, have innumerable health benefits, therefore, we can say that the beet or beet leaves are a food. Of course, before preparing them for consumption, they must be washed, preferably with boiled water. We recommend you continue reading so that you know all the secrets that these leaves keep.

Benefits of Beet Greens

Half a cup of cooked beet greens has 30 percent of the daily intake of Vitamin C than an average person needs. This vitamin is necessary to produce collagen, a protein that supports the health of skin, teeth, bones, and blood vessels. It also intervenes in the production of white blood cells that prevent our body from different infections.

Beet greens are a significant source of Vitamin K. This nutrient helps control blood clotting factors. An adult man needs 120 micrograms of vitamin K per day and an adult woman needs an average of 90 micrograms. A cup of raw beet greens will provide your body with 152 micrograms of this nutrient.

Beet greens are also rich in vitamin A, according to Nellie Hedstrom, a nutrition specialist at the University of Maine. Vitamin A is vital for good vision and plays an important role in absorbing light from the rods and cones of your retina.


Beet or beet leaves contain yellow pigments that help the body’s detoxification process. They also purify the blood and liver. As they are rich in their calcium content, they can also help prevent osteoporosis, since this disease is caused by the lack of this mineral. It is also credited with the property of fighting Alzheimer’s.

beet or beet greens

As you can see, the benefits are many, and the beet leaves don’t need to be consumed alone. They can be combined with the vegetables you frequently consume. Always remember that beets are good for weight loss and are good as a food for diabetics.

6 Recipes with Beetroot leaves

How to prepare beet greens? Many people know how to prepare beets but few know how to prepare beet greens, so what to do with beet greens? They are a bit saltier and stronger in flavor than most leafy greens. But you can easily transform them into a smooth and delicious side dish. That is why I propose 6 ways to consume beet greens:

Beetroot salad

A salad is a very nutritious and low-calorie dish, being ideal to accompany pasta, meat, and fish. They can also be mixed with other leaves such as spinach.

Beet Greens Tortillas

Classic is also adding ingredients to the tortillas or omelet, in this case, we are going to do it with the beet leaves, and in this video is the step by step:

Beet leaf croquettes

Delicious beet leaf croquettes can also be prepared. For this, you also need eggs, onion, salt, pepper, nutmeg, wheat flour, and optionally grated cheese. After washing and cutting the leaves are mixed with the rest of the ingredients.


Then the pan is prepared with hot oil and with the help of the spoon we place portions of the preparation of the size that is preferred. The croquettes are fried until golden brown on both sides, ready to be eaten.


Beetroot leaf tart

Another very tasty dish made from this vegetable is beet leaf tart.

Tart with Beet Greens

The ingredients for it are as follows:

•1 integral dough cover

•500 grams of beet greens

•2 large onions

•100 grams of cheese

•5 eggs

Recipe Steps:


Cook the beet leaves in a little water until they are tender, then chop them. The onions are cut and sautéed. When they are golden add the leaves and let them cook a little more. Then a mold is covered with the integral dough and filled with the minced leaves and onions.

Hollow out the mixture and place the raw eggs far apart from each other. It is covered with cheese and baked for half an hour until the eggs are set. So our cake will be ready to be served hot.

You can also combine this cake with beetroot leaves with ingredients such as cheese orchard. It is also known as pascualina, depending on the country. An excellent option for lovers of vegetarian food.

Beet Leaf Fritters

Another variant for beet greens recipes is the famous fritters. Just add this ingredient. In this video, you have a detailed tutorial.

Beetroot or Betabel leaf juice or smoothie

The best way to take advantage of the nutrients of a vegetable is through smoothies or juices, and in this case, I bring you a recipe that is a true vegetable cocktail full of properties and benefits for your health.


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