Impressive health benefits of banana flowers

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Discover the impressive health benefits of banana flowers.

Lately, we have seen how the ripe banana could prove to be a great ally for our body thanks to its anticancer cells, see the article.

But in reality, every part of the banana tree, be it the fruits, leaves, stems, flowers, all represent huge health benefits.

Impressive health benefits of banana flowers

We are all aware of the high nutritional value of the banana and its flower is no exception! Rich in vitamin A, C, E but also in potassium and fibre, it has immense medicinal properties.

Here are some of the health benefits of banana flowers:

1. Regulates the menstrual cycle

Banana flower is an excellent natural remedy for excessive menstrual bleeding. Eating the banana flower cooked with yoghurt or sour milk stimulates the hormone progesterone in the body and reduces bleeding.

2. Cure anaemia

The fibres of banana flowers contain high iron content and help in the production of red blood cells. These red blood cells increase the body’s levels of haemoglobin.

3. Excellent food for diabetics

Regular consumption of banana flowers lowers blood sugar levels and maintains insulin levels.

4. Fight against viral infections

Banana flowers are extremely beneficial in treating viral infection. Ethanol extracts from flowers limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

5. A natural anti-depressant

The presence of high magnesium content in banana flowers makes you in a good mood. This essential nutrient is ideal for fighting depression, relaxing you, and allowing you to regain certain well-being.

6. An ally for breastfeeding mothers

A little-known galactagogue, the banana flower is a very good food to stimulate milk production.

  1. It also helps heal ulcers, constipation, reduces high blood pressure, ensures the efficiency of renal function …