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Kim jong un weight loss 2022

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Discover Kim jong un weight loss.

It was reported on the 3rd that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s weight loss became a topic of discussion within North Korea, raising interest in the health issue of the ‘supreme leader.

According to a North Korean source, as the appearance of Kim Jong-un losing weight several times this year was aired on Chosun Central TV, various rumors related to health such as ‘diet rumors’, ‘jibyeongseo’, and ‘surgical rumors’ were spreading among the residents. kim jong un weight loss


In particular, during this year’s sanctions and corona lockdown phase, as the frequency of Kim Jong-un’s activities has been significantly reduced compared to previous years, it is said that whenever Kim Jong-un appears after a period of disappearance, more people see his weight loss and think of it about health.

For this reason, it is reported from the inside that if Kim Jong-un has not been publicly active for more than two weeks, he may have entered into a ‘live again’.

A North Korean source familiar with North Korea said, “Every time Kim Jong-un disappeared from Pyongyang, it was discovered that he went to the first camp in Songheung-dong, Wonsan-si, Gangwon-do, Sobaeksu, Samjiyeon-gun, Ryanggang-do, and Chilbosan, located in Myeongcheon, Hanbok.


It seems that he is returning to Pyongyang after a ‘full-scale war on skin’ in the first place.” Kim Jong-un has not appeared in public for three weeks after attending the opening ceremony of the “Self-Defense-2021” exhibition on the 11th of last month.


Previously, North Korean media confirmed the rumors of Kim Jong-un’s weight loss by sending out interviews with residents concerned about the ‘shameless appearance of the supreme leader’ after Kim Jong-un suddenly appeared on the scene after a month of disappearance in June.

In July, the National Intelligence Service also revealed that “Kim Jong-un has recently lost 10 to 20 kg of his weight and is conducting normal government activities.” Kim Jong-un appeared on the 9/9 (National Day) military parade and during the state-of-the-art speech at the Supreme People’s Assembly (National Assembly) on September 29, his glasses frames became loose and his jawline became slimmer. He seems to be constantly on a diet.

According to the National Intelligence Service, Kim Jong-un, who is about 170 cm tall, weighed 90 kg in 2012 and gained 140 kg in November of last year. In addition, it was observed that he smoked a lot and drank a lot of alcohol, which increased the possibility of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.

Even inside North Korea, it is reported that Kim Jong-un is suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure due to extreme obesity and that a polyp was found during a gastroscopy.

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