Health benefits of orange leaves

Discover the health benefits of orange leaves.

Little is known about the properties of orange leaves, given the commercial importance of oranges and orange blossom products.

But they are no less interesting. In infusion, decoction or essential oil, its properties are mainly sedative. Zoom on a leaf with many virtues.Health benefits of orange leaves

The orange tree is part of the Rutaceae family, and of the Citrus genus . He is originally from China.

There are several species of orange tree, the best known of which are Citrus aurantium , bitter orange, also called sour orange, and Citrus sinensis , sweet orange:

It is a tree 8 to 10 meters high, it is the most cultivated in the world for its fruits.

Its leaves are tough and persistent.

It is present in hot regions and can be grown in France, in the Mediterranean region.

Its culture requires temperatures between 10 and 35 ° C and neutral soil. It is grown both in the ground and in pots, allowing it to be brought into a greenhouse or veranda during the winter.

Orange leaves: its multiple medicinal properties

We are well aware of the benefits of orange blossoms as well as oranges. Those of orange leaves remain less famous, but are nevertheless multiple.

Orange leaves have properties:

sedatives (causes relaxation);

antispasmodics (fight against muscle spasms);

sudorific (increases sweating);

febrifuges (makes you run away from fever);



anti-inflammatory drugs.

Its medicinal properties generate many uses of orange leaves, both for health, for well-being or cosmetics.

Here are some examples of use:

Cardio-vascular disorders  : to fight against tachycardia, palpitations, hypertension.

Respiratory disorders  : to limit asthma, spasmodic coughs and heavy coughs.

Digestive system  : to relieve stomach cramps, aerophagia and bloating, and to fight against intestinal parasites and lack of appetite.

Cosmetics  : ideal for acne-prone skin, reduces the secretion of sebum from the skin and hair with an oily tendency.

Well-being  : to calm the nerves, insomnia and migraines.

Different preparations based on orange leaf

Orange leaves are used in different forms:

In infusion  : 10 to 20 g of orange leaves per liter of hot water. Let steep for 10 minutes, and drink 3 cups a day, including one at bedtime to make it easier to fall asleep. You can add a few drops of orange blossom water.

In essential oil  : the essential oil of orange leaf, obtained by distillation, is called essence of petit grain:

It is used as much in medicine, as in perfumery, or as a phytosanitary product to fight against pests and diseases of crops.

In aromatherapy, its properties are similar to those of Neroli, but it is much less expensive. It is used in massage mixed with vegetable oil, in the bath, or inhalation, on a handkerchief or after diffusion in a room.

Aphids and mealybugs can attack orange leaves. We only use healthy leaves!

We hope the article on the health benefits of orange leaves.