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15 Health Benefits Of Galunggong Fish

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Discover the Top 15 Health Benefits Of Galunggong Fish.

There are many health benefits of galunggong fish that are important in supporting our body function and overall system.

Fish is an important human food because it provides beneficial minerals and vitamins for our body, especially omega 3 fatty acids containing DHA and EPA that are useful for our heart and brain.

The protein content in fish is also required by our body and is one of the most important nutrients that support the health of our body.

Of course, other foods provide that nutrition, but galunggong is one of those good dishes to have as part of your diet.

15 Health Benefits Of Galunggong Fish


Galunggong fish nutrition facts

The Galunggong is a famous fish in the Philippines and this fish is also called round scad or scad mackerel.

There are many ways to cook galunggong, but the most popular is to serve it as a smoked fish or pan with steamed rice.

Like other types of fish, galunggong contain a wide variety of nutrients, from minerals to protein, and therefore there are many amazing health benefits of galunggong fish that you can get from just eating.

This is the reason why organizations as important as the WHO recommends that we eat a single serving of galunggong each day, especially for young children or pregnant women.

The health benefits of eating galunggong fish are promoted and well documented in recent years thanks to the nutritional content provided by the fish.

Fish is low-saturated fat, carbohydrate-free food, and is even considered a healthier food even better than poultry or meat.


Fish like galunggong are rich in important nutrients that are useful to our body, especially to nourish and improve the function of our body.

Many studies have shown that both omega 3 and omega 6 in fish can improve the performance of our heart and brain, as we mentioned earlier.

Other of the two minerals provided by fish, here are the list of nutritional benefits of galunggong fish in 100 grams of serving:

• 266 calories

• 0 mg carbohydrates

• 2616 mg of omega 3 fatty acids


• 188 mg of omega 6 fatty acids

• 1g protein

• 823 IU of vitamin A

• 7 mg of vitamin C

• 479 IU of vitamin D

• 0 mg vitamin D


• 2 mcg of vitamin K

• 2 mcg of vitamin B12

• 4 mg of vitamin B6

• 458 mg calcium

• 9 mg iron

• 3 mg magnesium


• 572 mg of phosphorus

• 369 mg potassium

• 720 mg sodium

• 3 mg copper

• 1 mg selenium

• 9 mg zinc


• 1 mg manganese

• 162 mg choline

• 6 mcg of fluorine

• 5 mcg of folic acid

• 12 g of total fat

From the nutritional facts of galunggong fish, there are several health benefits of Philippine galunggong fish that you can get below.


Health benefits of Galunggong fish

1.- Support and boost brain performance

Eating fish like galunggong not only maintains a healthy body but also makes it smarter thanks to the DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) provided by omega 3 fatty acids, which is one of the most important nutrients for developing brain cells and improving brain function.

These two nutrients can prevent damage to the brain caused by factors such as aging and free radicals.


As for your information, our body cannot produce omega 3 and it must be obtained by eating some foods.

2.- Preventing heart disease

Galunggong fish that contain not only polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats but also low in saturated fats can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease.

Not to mention, omega-3 fatty acids and potassium also help reduce risk, and according to some research, people who eat galunggong can reduce their chances of heart disease by up to 15 percent.

That is why never hesitate or worst, avoid eating fish to reap the heart benefits of galunggong fish.


3.- Galunggong fish helps prevent cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that becomes everyone’s nightmare if they suffer from it, as the medicine to cure cancer is still uncertain.

The best we can do is prevent its use from occurring and eating galunggong fish rich in omega 3, antioxidant properties, and coenzyme can help reduce the risk of cancers.

Antioxidants help fight free radicals that are always considered one of the causes of cancer. Meanwhile, omega 3 and coenzyme help prevent cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc., as well as eliminate carcinogens in human cells.

4.- Support for weight loss

The next health benefits of galunggong fish are to help you lose some weight. Your body needs protein to help burn calories for energy.

Consuming galunggong will help you get protein intake and is a good alternative to red meat or poultry, which are rich in calories and fat.

In addition, the omega 3 provided by fish has been shown to reduce some weight. According to studies, eating galunggong fish and exercising regularly can help reduce belly fat.


5.- Galunggong fish helps relieve depression and stress

Depression and stress can affect everyone and consuming galunggong is a good way to help treat them thanks to the health benefits of galunggong fish.

Studies found that eating omega 3s in fish can reduce the risk of depression and can help decrease mood swings during the depression.

That is why including galunggong in your daily food can enhance the antidepressant treatment activities in your body.

6.- Helps improve the immune system

The next health benefits of galunggong fish are to improve the immune system by fighting bacterial and virus infection with the help of vitamin C and copper contained in the fish.

In addition, omega 3 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties to control arthritis, while zinc and selenium that are also provided fight the effect of free radicals along with strengthening the immune cell.

7.-Galunggong fish reduce cholesterol level

Galunggong contains some fish oil that can be used to lower or lower the level of bad or LDL cholesterol, while good or HDL cholesterol is boosted with oil intake.


To get healthy consumption without adding bad cholesterol to your body that can lead to certain diseases, galunggong fish help lower cholesterol by preventing absorption from the intestine.

This also causes a decrease in blood pressure and it is suggested to eat galunggong once a week. There are excellent health benefits of galunggong fish.

8.- Galunggong fish strengthen bones and teeth

Fish contains a high level of calcium that helps strengthen bones and teeth.

Calcium intake is vital for our body and in addition to that, there is vitamin D in galunggong to help the absorption of calcium by our body.

In addition, it also contains some fluoride to prevent damage to our teeth and strengthen them.

The combination of calcium and fluoride is not only available in toothpaste, but also the benefits of galunggong fish for bones.


9.- Keep your eyes healthy

Like we have already listed in the nutritional values above, Galunggong fish contains vitamin A, which is important for keeping our eyes healthy and improving vision.

It is very important to maintain eye health and based on research, eating galunggong fish can provide you with a healthy intake of vitamin A can help reduce the risk of macular age degeneration that can occur in older people and reduce the disease even up to more than 50 percentages.

10.- Galunggong fish reduce the risk of diabetes

Healthy fats monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) play a vital role in controlling blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

With this fat and the amount of potassium in galunggong fish, it can also help maintain normal blood pressure.

One research mentioned that eating galunggong fish instead of another type of fish can help reduce the risk of diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes. Omega 3 also helps prevent damage that can cause diabetes.


11.- Galunggong fish support a healthy pregnancy

Who said there are no benefits of galunggong fish for pregnant women? There are omega 3 fatty acids that contain DHA and EPA plus folate that help the development of the brain and organs of the fetus or unborn baby during pregnancy.

Sufficient intake of folic acid and omega 3 will also prevent disease in the new baby. That is why it is recommended to eat fish like galunggong in moderate amounts each week to support a healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby.

12.- Preventing Alzheimer’s

Older people have a great chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s; it is a mental illness that worries many researchers.

And there are some ways to prevent or treat the disease and one of them is to consume fish like galunggong which offers a health benefit of omega 3 fatty acids to maintain brain memory function and improve thinking ability.

It means that when you consume galunggong, you are not only preventing disease but also improving the brain.

13.- Reduce aging

People should be aware of aging as everyone will experience it one day and the sign of aging can be recognized in our body as wrinkles and fine lines that occur on external parts of our body, not to mention that the organs will also begin to have a poor performance and function.


The amino acids, collagen, and protein in galunggong fish can help strengthen and maintain skin firmness, while vitamins can help fight free radicals.

14.- Helps reduce triglycerides

Galunggong can not only be used to lower bad cholesterol but triglycerides as well. When the amount of triglycerides is excessive, it can lead to serious illnesses such as heart disease and stroke.

Usually, poorly managed high triglycerides are caused by diabetes and obesity. This also happens to those who have a poor diet, including a high intake of sugar, carbohydrates, and alcohol.

Also, people who have an inactive lifestyle are at higher risk of having too high a triglyceride level. The omega 3 present in galunggong fish benefits can help reduce that risk.

15.- Helps to repair damaged tissue

The human body can be damaged by many factors, including toxic and free radicals.

Fortunately, our body can remedy itself to repair broken tissue and cell, however, our body depends on protein to do so, so it is important to consume enough protein each day.


Galunggong fish is one of those protein-rich foods that can help heal damaged tissue.

Those are some of the wonderful benefits of galunggong fish that you can experience by consuming them in moderate amounts every week.

In conclusion, the nutrient content within the fish can help the overall function of the body and you should start including it as part of your diet.


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