9 Shocking health benefits of soursop leaves

Discover the 9 Shocking health benefits of soursop leaves.

Soursop is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamins and fiber, which makes it an excellent option to combat problems such as diabetes, constipation, and obesity.

It is a green, oval fruit, whose rind is covered by thorns, with a sweet flavor with a touch of acidity, and its leaves are used to prepare teas, thanks to its great benefits.

It is mainly associated with being an excellent supplement to fight cancer. If you want to know more about this fruit and know the various benefits of soursop, just keep reading.

About soursop leaves

Although its fruit is highly consumed for being a source of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, minerals, and fiber, the leaves of this plant are no less important and beneficial for health.

Soursop is a tree that can reach 10 meters in height, originally from Colombia, which is found throughout South America.

Its leaves are ovate, bright green with a measure that can reach up to 18 cm long.

Most notable health benefits of soursop leaves

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The use of soursop leaves for the preparation of teas helps to maintain the overall health of the body, positively affecting the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems, as well as being an excellent anticancer, widely used.

Among the benefits of the soursop leaf are the following:

1. Fight high blood pressure

Thanks to its abilities to serve as a vasodilator, helping blood circulation, lowering the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the arteries, and preventing their accumulation.

2. Purifies the liver

Helps cleanse and detoxify the liver, helping it function optimally to maintain metabolism.

3. Help in cases of diabetes

Soursop leaves can help lower blood sugar levels naturally. It is excellent for people with type II diabetes. It not only helps to control the disease but also to prevent it.

4. Helps relieve asthma

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that act on the bronchi helping them to lower inflammation, improving respiratory capacity.

5. Helps reduce pain

Used as a poultice externally, directly on the affected area, it can help reduce joint and muscle pain effectively. Simply create a paste with the cooked and ground leaves and apply it to the skin.

6. Antiparasitic

Soursop leaf tea helps eliminate parasites from the digestive system. Improving gastrointestinal health.

7. It helps you lose weight

The consumption of soursop leaf tea, combined with a healthy diet and an exercise regimen, helps to lose weight naturally and healthily, since it provides negative calories, helping to consume those that have been ingested in the day, avoiding thus the accumulation of fats.

8. They serve as an excellent relaxant

It helps to relax the nervous system, reducing states of anxiety and stress, also helping to fight insomnia.

9. Helps with the production of breast milk

Soursop leaf tea helps to increase the production of breast milk, it is a widely used traditional remedy, however, caution should be exercised and consult with a specialist doctor before including it as part of frequently ingested foods.

Do soursop leaves fight cancer?

Soursop leaves are a powerful anticancer that helps altered cells die naturally, preventing their appearance and spread. All guanabana has these properties, but its leaves are the ones that offer the most powerful effects.

Although some detractors claim that there is no feasible evidence about this property, there are many more who support its consumption, finding a large number of real testimonies from people who included this tea as part of their treatments with positive effects about the decrease or total disappearance cancer.

However, what the detractors affirm is not entirely true, since several studies have been done, since 1976 where it has been shown that soursop, mainly its leaves and stems, have anti-cancer properties.

The leaves are rich in anonaceous acetogenins, which helps fight various types of cancer such as prostate, pancreas, colon, and lung, effectively.

Contraindications and side effects of soursop leaves

The consumption of soursop leaf tea is not recommended in cases of:

• People with epilepsy.

• Parkinson’s patients.

• Caution should be exercised about its consumption during pregnancy and lactation.

• People with mumps or canker sores in the mouth, as the acidity of the leaves can cause significant discomfort, even pain.

• Cases of hypotension, as this tea helps lower blood pressure as part of its properties.

• In cases of hypertension under medication to control it, you should consult with the treating physician to know what effects and interactions the soursop leaf tea may have with it.

Its consumption should be moderate, since anonaceous acetogenins, the same substance that helps fight cancer cells, consumed in large quantities can lead to liver and kidney damage.

How to consume soursop leaves

It can be consumed as tea, which is the most common way of ingesting it, but currently, several capsules containing soursop leaves are also available to facilitate its consumption.

To prepare soursop leaf tea you only need:

• 1 liter of fresh and drinkable water.

• Approximately 15 soursop leaves that are previously cleaned. To do this, you just have to run them through running water for a few seconds.


Place the liter of drinking water in a pot and add the soursop leaves (they can be fresh or dried). Place them on the fire until they boil for about 30 minutes. The water must be reduced by half to obtain a fairly concentrated tea and thus take advantage of all the properties of this fruit.

Another way to prepare it is to place the leaves in the water and let them rest overnight, without boiling.

It is recommended to consume the tea 3 times a day without having consumed food 30 minutes before or after it.