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5 Benefits of grapes and side effects

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Discover the 5 shocking health benefits of grapes and side effects.

Delicious and easy to snack on, the grape enjoys a reputation as a “slimming fruit”. What are the nutritional virtues of grapes? Does he have a miraculous slimming power?

5 shocking health benefits of grapes


The grape is the fruit of the vine. The latter is a deciduous liana that can reach twenty meters. It has been growing in Europe since the dawn of time: our ancestors even very quickly learned to transform its juice into a delicious drink: wine.

The vine varieties are called grape varieties. There are thousands of them, each of them is distinguished by the shape of the bunch and its size, taste, and colour of the beans. In cultivation, there are two types of grapes: wine grapes which are used to make wine and table grapes which are consumed fresh and whose cultivated varieties are different from those used for this noble drink.

Nutritional composition of grapes

There are two main categories of grapes: white grapes and black grapes.

White grapes have a higher energy value than black grapes: 70 calories per 100 grams versus 62.1 calories per 100 grams. It is also richer in sugars since it contains 16.1 grams of sugars per 10100-gram serving, unlike black grapes which only show 12.2 grams.

Its thirst-quenching juice provides interesting amounts of minerals (in particular potassium ) and vitamin B9.


Nutritional intakes of white grapes and black grapes

The grape is not a “slimming” fruit as it is often proclaimed since, as we can see, it is a fruit very rich in carbohydrates. However, it has many nutritional benefits.


The 5 health benefits of grapes

1. Fuel up in just a few bites.

The grape is the fruit of energy par excellence because it contains many easily assimilated sugars (glucose and fructose). It is indicated for all those whose energy needs are important, such as growing children or athletes.

Their high energy value has even gone down in history. Thus in antiquity, they were credited with the victory of the Carthaginian general Hannibal over the Romans. He would have made his soldiers cross the Alps by feeding them raisins! While Christopher Columbus and the sailors of La Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria would have taken care to take raisins before starting the crossing of the Atlantic!

2. accelerates renal elimination

Thanks to its potassium content and its high sodium content, it has diuretic effects, that is to say, which accelerates renal elimination. This thus helps the body to get rid of its excess salt, which is very beneficial, for example, for people with oedema or hypertension.

3. Acts against constipation

Thanks to its combination of fructose and fibre, grapes have laxative properties. For this reason, it helps to treat constipation problems.

4. A detox ally!

Thanks to these diuretic and laxative powers, we can see that it actively participates in the evacuation of waste from our body.
Please note: contrary to what is said, this process does not lead to weight loss.

5. Good for the cardiovascular system

The grape contains anthocyanin pigments and polyphenols which enhance the activity of vitamin C (of which it is poor). It also strengthens the resistance of the walls of blood vessels, which is why it has a protective action on the cardiovascular system.


Our tips

If you have a choice, go for black grapes which are less rich in sugars but richer in vitamin C, vitamin B9 and beta-carotene than white varieties. The latter are nevertheless richer in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

In both cases, remember that the grape is a particularly fragile fruit. To keep it, place it in a bag in the central part of the fridge.

Warning: Grapes should be avoided if:
– You have sensitive intestines because the seeds are irritating.
– You have diabetes because it contains a lot of sugar.
– You are allergic to aspirin because it contains a large amount of salicylate, one of its components.

We hope the article on the 5 shocking health benefits of grapes has been of help to you.


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