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20 Benefits of saffron for health, beauty and sexual treatments

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Discover the 20 Benefits of saffron for health, beauty, and sexual treatments.

Saffron or Kesar is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world and is most commonly known for its unique color.

Saffron is the dried thread of a flower from a plant called Crocus sativus. You can find this plant in many European nations, such as Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, and Spain. This plant is also famous in India.

20 Benefits of saffron for health, beauty and sexual treatments


As a spice, of course, saffron would be beneficial in adding some flavor to various ingredients. Apart from its main use to add some flavor to food, saffron would be very beneficial also to cure various ailments.

This is because it contains a large number of nutrients and healing properties. I bet you already know that saffron will bring you many benefits associated with your health each time you consume it.

So what are the health benefits of saffron? In the following article you will find many of the benefits of saffron for your health:

20 Benefits of saffron for health, beauty, and sexual treatments

1.-Improves mood


• Saffron is well known for its active compounds that have many effects on our endocrine system.

• Surprisingly, this spice will be very beneficial to stimulate the release of certain hormones that keep us happy and therefore improve our mood in general.

• Specifically, if you are a woman and consume saffron regularly, then this spice will cause a positive effect as an antidepressant.

• It will relieve your anxiety and stress because it will act as an aphrodisiac.

• Therefore, it is not surprising that saffron is hailed as one of the greatest natural sources for improving your overall mood.

2.- Prevents cancer

• This is one of the biggest benefits you can get if you consume saffron regularly.

• If you want to stay away from cancer in your life, then it is good that you start consuming saffron.

• Many research studies have shown that saffron contains many antioxidants that will be very good at neutralizing and getting rid of free radicals.


• As you already know, free radicals are just a few of the many factors that can cause cancer.

• The antioxidants in saffron will also boost your immune system and thus prevent cancer from developing and spreading throughout your body.

3.- Healthy nervous function

• Healthy nerve functions are highly required by your body.

• If you have healthy nerve function, then many diseases that arise from poor nervous system function, such as bladder control problems, loss of muscle function, etc. will be prevented.

• Therefore, the consumption of saffron will improve the health of your nerve functions.

• This is because this spice contains a lot of vitamin B, especially vitamin B6.

• Vitamin B6 will help our nervous system to function smoothly.

• Therefore, the probability of contracting diseases caused by poor nerve function will decrease.


4.- Anti-inflammatory properties

• Do you know that you can use saffron for external use instead of consuming it?

• Yes, it turns out that this spice will be very beneficial for you too if you apply it externally.

• This is because saffron has anti-inflammatory properties so it will speed up the healing process of your external wounds.

• As mentioned above, the antioxidant compounds that saffron contains will be a perfect remedy to relieve pain and discomfort felt throughout the body due to external injuries.

5.- Perfect analgesic qualities

• This benefit summarized the benefits already mentioned above.

• Therefore, saffron has perfect analgesic qualities that allow this space to heal and relieve pain and discomfort that are felt throughout the body.

• This is because saffron has a special compound called safranal that acts as a sedative.

• Thus, it will turn off the pain, make you feel more relaxed, and improve your overall mood.


• Therefore, it is not surprising that saffron is considered one of the greatest natural remedies for external pain.

•, until now, it is being used as herbal medicine by many doctors for their patients.

6.- Prevents diabetes

• There is no doubt that diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases in the world.

• This is because diabetes will lead to much more severe results over time.

• If you want to stay away from this disease, regular consumption of saffron will be a good option.

• This is because saffron contains a lot of manganese, a compound that will be very beneficial in optimizing the sugar level in your body and will also help regulate glucose and insulin levels.

• If the blood sugar level in your body is well controlled, then the chance that you will have type II diabetes will also decrease.

• In case you already have type II diabetes, then consuming saffron would also be beneficial as it will help you control your symptoms in the future.


7.- Improves the production of red blood cells

• There is no question that the proper amount of red blood cell production in your body is very important in supporting your overall health.

• Red blood cells are essential for transporting the blood and the nutrition you receive from food throughout your body.

• Saffron is one of the many natural sources that contain a large amount of iron.

• As you already know, the iron components of food are very essential to improve the production of red blood cells in the body.

• Since saffron is classified as non-heme iron, then you need to consume foods that contain a high amount of vitamin C so that its nutrients will be easily absorbed by your body.

8.- Increase bone strength

• It turns out that saffron will also be very beneficial in improving bone strength in your body.

• Many research studies have shown that saffron contains some mineral and organic compounds that will be essential to optimize the nutritional intake that we get from food, especially calcium.

• As you already know, calcium is a very important nutrient for improving the strength and density of bones in our body.


• As a result, if you consume saffron regularly, then the likelihood that you will have diseases associated with poor bone strength such as osteoporosis and other age-related degenerative diseases will be reduced.

9.- Improves respiratory health

• If you have any problem related to your respiratory system, then you may want to try to overcome it with saffron.

• So, it turns out that saffron has a lot of compounds that allow this herbal source to act as an expectorant.

• Therefore, saffron, whether consumed or applied externally, can be used to treat and alleviate various diseases associated with the respiratory system, such as asthma, coughs, or simply to loosen phlegm.

10.- Heal Gastrointestinal Problems

• Another health benefit that you can get from regular consumption of saffron is that you will have a healthy GI.

• This is because saffron also has well-known effects in preventing many gastrointestinal-associated problems.

• In case you already have problems related to your gastrointestinal, then these natural herbs could also be a powerful weapon to overcome it.

• As already mentioned above, saffron has sedative and anti-inflammatory effects that help calm inflammation, as well as heal an upset stomach and more severe conditions like gastric ulcers.


11.- Improves heart health

• It’s no surprise that heart disease is one of the deadliest in the world right now.

• Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain the health of our hearts.

• It turns out that the consumption of saffron will cause a positive effect on the health of our heart.

• This is because saffron is rich in potassium, the nutrient that will be very essential to improve the health of our heart.

• Potassium acts as a consolidant, which lowers the pressure in the arteries and blood vessels.

• Because of that, of course, the stress around the cardiovascular system will be reduced.

• As a result, you will be prevented from severe conditions such as atherosclerosis, strokes, or heart attacks.

12.- Good for pregnant women

• If you are pregnant and wondering if saffron is good to consume during pregnancy or not, the answer seems to be that it will encourage you to consume this herbal source more than before.


• Saffron will be very good to consume during pregnancy.

• This herbal source will be very good for improving blood flow around the pelvis and reduces the likelihood of having a common pregnancy problem such as cramps.

• Also, do not forget that saffron can improve the general mood.

• Because of that, it will be very beneficial to overcome the mood swings that often occur during the pregnancy period.

13.- Increases Blood Circulation

• If you want to maintain or improve the health of your metabolism, then consuming saffron will also be a good idea.


• As already mentioned above, saffron is very essential to increase blood circulation around your body.

• Thus, your body’s metabolism will increase.

• In addition, saffron can increase and stimulate the production of red blood cells, which, of course, will improve blood circulation throughout the body.


• If your body has a high metabolism and blood circulations, then the probability that you have a disease associated with poor blood circulation such as anemia will be prevented.

14.- Increase cell function

• Saffron contains many nutrients that will have a positive effect on your body, including its cellular function.

• Nutrients like potassium and magnesium are very beneficial in stimulating cell growth and repairing damage around tissues.

• Therefore, it is no wonder that saffron is beneficial in repairing your body’s cellular function.

Therefore, there are many health benefits of saffron, one of which works for beauty treatments.

15.- Complete your diet

• Do you know that regular consumption of saffron will also support your diet program?

• So what is the relationship between saffron and diet programs?

• Many research studies have shown that regular consumption of saffron will stimulate the production of the hormone serotonin.


• Serotonin is a hormone that will be very beneficial in suppressing your appetite.

• According to the researchers, high levels of serotonin mean that your appetite for food will decrease, while low levels of serotonin in the body will cause the opposite.

• Therefore, if you want to prevent obesity or if you want to reduce your body weight, then saffron consumption will be a good start.

16.- Improves the Digestive System

• As a source of herbs, it is not surprising that saffron is very beneficial in improving and maintaining the health of the digestive system.

• Specifically, saffron will be very good for the digestive system due to the presence of the different compounds that will act as anticonvulsants, which will stimulate digestion.

• In addition, saffron has a high amount of vitamin C that could promote the absorption of nutrients from food for the whole body.

• In addition, the mixture of water and saffron can strengthen the functioning of the stomach.

17.- Good for sexual health

• If you want to maintain the health of your sexual organ, then it will be very good if you start consuming saffron regularly.


• Saffron is a source of herbs that have been used to treat various sexual problems for a long time.

• For men, saffron is believed to be a very good source for enhancing and increasing fertility.

• Furthermore, it is believed to be a powerful remedy for treating premature ejaculation.

• Meanwhile, in women, saffron will be a very good addition if you recently have PMS and menstrual cramps.

• Therefore, it will be very beneficial to consume saffron if you want to maintain the health of your sexual thing.

18.- Improves the general health of your skin

• In addition to its benefit whenever we consume it directly, saffron also offers a magnificent benefit whenever we apply it externally, especially when we use it as a facial mask.

• The saffron facial mask will be very good to improve the health of our skin.

• This is because saffron has natural skin-lightening qualities due to the vitamin A, B, and C it contains.


• Therefore, if we use it as a face mask, then our skin will be smoother than before and we will also have glowing skin.

• Besides that, if you have a problem with acne, then the saffron facial mask will be very beneficial as well as it has an antifungal property.

19.- Prevents hair loss

• Do you know that saffron also becomes a good natural source when it comes to the health of your hair?

• Yes, saffron is a very good source of herbs to improve overall hair health, especially to fight hair loss.

• As already mentioned above, saffron contains many antioxidants.

• These antioxidants will be beneficial in promoting hair growth and will also repair hair follicles from damage.

• If you want to obtain this benefit from saffron, the way to apply it is very simple, you just have to apply the saffron to the scalp, leave it for a few minutes and then wash it gently.

20.- Excellent toning agent for the skin


• In addition to its benefits for improving the overall health of your skin, saffron is also an excellent toning agent for your skin.

• Saffron’s antioxidant components make it a very good option if you want to stay away from blackheads and clogged pores.

• In case you already have blackheads or have clogged pores, then using saffron as a facial mask will be a great addition to address that.

• Saffron also gets rid of free radicals and also improves blood circulation around the face, which of course will make your face look firmer than before.

How to buy and store saffron

So, after reading all the health benefits already mentioned above, we bet you want to consume saffron as soon as possible. If you are thinking of buying saffron, we have some tips on how to buy high-quality saffron and how to store it.

It is important to store saffron well so that you can get the most out of this spice. These are the tips for buying and storing saffron:

• Saffron can be bought in spice markets everywhere.

• Try to buy the dried stigma instead of the powdered saffron.


• This is because the saffron powder is often smoothed out.

• Make sure the dry stigma you buy is well sealed on its package.

• If you are confused when choosing which saffron is freshest when you want to buy it, you just have to look at its color.

• Fresh saffron has a bright crimson red color. Another option is to rub it with your finger.

• A fresh saffron will release a pleasant aroma as soon as you rub it in.

• Avoid buying the stigma that has light spots and gray color in its streaks.

• Be sure to store the dried stigma in a cool, dark, enclosed area.

• Keep it out of direct sunlight because it will significantly reduce the flavor of the saffron.


Cautions and warnings

Although saffron will give you many benefits for your health, of course, this spice has a special precaution. This spice may not be good to consume for some people with special conditions.

So, here are the saffron-related cautions and warnings that you need to know:

• Pregnant and lactating women need to avoid saffron.

• Saffron consumption is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as this spice would make a contraction in the uterus.

• Because of that, the chance of having a miscarriage would be much higher.

• Although more studies are needed on this theory, but it is better to stay on the safe side and not consume saffron when you are pregnant.

• It could induce bipolar disorder.

• If you have a problem related to your mood, it is best to avoid saffron too.


• This is because consumption of saffron will stimulate stability and impulsive behavior among people with bipolar disorder.

• Avoid saffron if you have low blood pressure.

• As mentioned above, one of the benefits you will get from consuming saffron is that this vegetable would lower blood pressure.

• Therefore, if you already have low blood pressure, then try to avoid saffron.

• This is because this vegetable will lower your blood pressure.

• Therefore, it will be very dangerous for your health and cause many severe health conditions in the future.

• So, now you know all about saffron. You already know its health benefits, how to buy and store it, even its precautions and warnings.

If you are looking at the health benefits that this spice will offer to your body, then there is no doubt that saffron is considered one of the healthiest spices in the world.


As a spice, you can simply mix saffron with your favorite dishes and enjoy its greatness


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