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15 Benefits of sleeping without a pillow

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Discover the 15 Benefits of sleeping without a pillow.

Sleeping with a pillow and probably having a pillow is the common norm all over the world. Nobody seems to ask why it is necessary to put something under our heads when we sleep.

Because we’ve been doing this since the day we were born, not having pillows under our heads when we sleep can be very uncomfortable. 15 Benefits of sleeping without a pillow


No wonder the pillow business has always been on the uptrend because people keep inventing better technology for more comfortable pillows.

But have you ever thought about the benefits of sleeping without a pillow? Maybe we all should because sleeping without a pillow turns out to be beneficial to our health.

Benefits of sleeping without a pillow

1.- Prevents Facial Acne

Acne is caused by dirt and oil sticking to your face and clogging your pores. The inflammation causes swelling, redness, and sometimes infection.

If you’re the kind of person who always washes your face, avoids all kinds of foods that can increase acne production, and cleanses your makeup regularly, especially before bed, this is probably baffling you. Why do you have acne on your face?

The explanation is possibly the way you sleep. You most likely sleep with pillows every night. When you switch to the lateral position during your sleep, your face will be attached to the pillow.


Pillowcases are not something that people replace and wash every day, even though we use them every day. The pillowcase is exposed to all kinds of dirt overnight, including saliva, sweat, and dust.

This makes your pillow a good place for bacteria. Dirt and lack of hygiene make the pillow a dangerous object that can trigger and accelerate the growth of acne on the face.

2.- Prevent wrinkles

In addition to acne, removing pillows from the bed can also reduce and prevent wrinkles on the skin.

Do you usually lie on your stomach or the pillow when you sleep? Because if the answer to the question is yes, the wrinkles will come faster.

Anything other than lying on your back with your face up like looking up at the ceiling with your eyes closed will cause various cosmetic problems, including wrinkles.

The lines from the pillows and sheets that are stuck to your face during your night’s sleep will form wrinkles.

When you wake up in the morning, you probably see these wrinkles. While it will wear off as the day wears on, it will also have similar long-term effects.

Wrinkles are caused by repetitive movements of the face. People move their faces differently.


Our unique habits, like a raised eyebrow and a dimple on one side of the cheek, will eventually turn into wrinkles in the same area.

It is impossible to completely avoid wrinkles, as it means that you never have to speak or show emotion again.

However, it is possible to minimize wrinkles by removing pillows from your bed and sleeping on your back every night.

It will relieve the pressure on your face and your face will not move to fit the pillowcase so wrinkles will be minimized.

3.- Avoid morning swelling

Do you usually wake up looking bloated? This is probably caused by your sleeping habit and poor sleeping positions.

When you sleep lying down or with your face pressed into the pillow on your side, you will experience various sleep-related skin problems, including swelling.

This is because when you lie on the pillow, fluid from your body will collect in a certain area of your face.

This causes you to wake up with a bit of a toothache, in addition to the indentations in the face from the pillow folds.


4.- Prevents back pain

Back pain is mainly caused by poor posture, either during the day when you do your activities or at night when you sleep.

A bad mattress and the wrong pillow can be contributing factors to pain. Many people use pillows that are not compatible with the natural curve of the spine.

Fluffy or multiple pillows used during sleep can cause back pain because they put the body in an unnatural sleeping position.

Also, pillows that are filled with feathers, foam, or regular fibers can break down over time in random areas. The support provided by the pillows becomes even worse.

While replacing your pillows regularly can be a solution to this, it’s even better to choose not to use pillows for sleeping.

This is because your pillow will no longer interfere with your natural neck and spine alignment.

Your spine will be able to fully rest in a position that supports the natural curve of the body.

As you make it a habit to sleep without a pillow, you will notice that your back pain reduces over time.


5.- Prevents neck pain

The purpose of a pillow should be to keep your neck aligned parallel to the mattress, rather than bending it up or down.

However, most pillows people use do not provide this support and worsen their sleeping postures.

Feather pillows as one of the most affordable pillows are the worst when it comes to neck support.

It does not provide stability because the feathers move during sleep. Buckwheat pillows and pillows with mixed fillings are also bad for your neck.

Not using pillows to sleep will give you amazing benefits as it makes your headrest in its natural position.

It also prevents nerve damage and tight muscles, so you’ll experience less pain as a result of your sleeping position. Also, using pillows that are too soft can disrupt blood flow in the neck area.

6.- Promotes better sleep

One of the most important benefits of sleeping without a pillow is the ability to promote higher quality sleep.

Not wearing any head and neck support during sleep will encourage your body to find the best natural position to rest.


When you sleep using some pillows that cannot provide adequate support for your head, neck, and spine, your body will have to compensate with your back or neck muscles.

This coping mechanism causes you to have more tension in your muscle. Sleep shouldn’t be a time when your muscle strains.

Sleep is supposed to be the time when your body relaxes and rests to recover from everyday stress. When your body doesn’t get the rest it needs and instead needs to work overtime,


When your body has to handle this excessive stress over a long period, your back and neck discomfort can turn into chronic pain.

Chronic back pain won’t go away easily without professional help and a change in sleeping habits.

During the night, you will experience the symptoms of chronic back pain, such as frequent waking up, restless sleep, constant position changes, and even sharp pain in the middle of sleep.

On the other hand, when you ditch the pillows of your sleep, your body won’t need to put up with excessive tension and stress for you to sleep better.

7.- Prevents headache

If you often wake up feeling dizzy or even have a pounding headache and it’s not due to the food you eat before bed or any other cause you can think of, your pillow may be to blame.


You should try to sleep at least one night without a pillow and see if you wake up feeling better the next morning.

Because sleeping on soft pillows can reduce blood flow to your head, your head won’t get the amount of oxygen it needs.

Additionally, insufficient head support also greatly reduces airflow from the nose to the lung and from the lung to the head.

Disruption of oxygen delivery to your head may likely be the reason you get morning headaches.

8.- Preserve youth

The most important role of sleep is to give our body a chance to rest from fatigue and to recover and grow.

The quality of our sleep will also influence our body’s immune system and the effectiveness of our hormonal functions.

Deep sleep without disturbance and restlessness will stimulate good hormones, including anti-aging hormones during sleep.

Since not using pillows will lead to higher quality sleep, you will also reap the benefits of hormones.


Along with cell repair and renewal, the anti-aging hormone will also help in the fight against free radicals and other factors that contribute to aging.

On the other hand, the benefits of sleeping without a pillow are also good for avoiding facial wrinkles. As a result,

9.- Improves energy

The benefits of sleeping without a pillow will also improve your energy levels due to several things.

First, you will get rid of back and neck pain that you may experience when using the wrong pillows.

Not having to wake up multiple times during the night will certainly give your body the rest it needs to replenish its energy.

As you have a better quality of sleep, you will also have an improved energy level.

Furthermore, good sleep will also lead to a decrease in cortisol or stress hormones.

Keeping your cortisol hormones at a low level will help you maintain your energy. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel refreshed and ready to start your activities.


10.- Align the bone structure

It is also believed that the benefits of sleeping without a pillow can help normalize and align the bone structure.

Your daily activities can cause you to stay in poor posture all the time, such as when you sit in your office all day or drive your car for hours intense positions.

Sleep should be the time when you put your bone structure back into its natural alignment.

By not using pillows and bolsters during your sleep, you will improve your posture, align your bone structure, and minimize problems related to poor structure.

11.- Reduce stress

When you sleep in the wrong positions due to pillows and constantly have to wake up throughout the night, it’s no surprise that your stress level reaches an all-time high. A stressful dream will do you no good, both physically and mentally.

Stress can lead to several physical and mental illnesses. Because of this, you should sleep without pillows to lower your stress level.

Also, when you no longer experience sleep disturbances, your quality sleep will help your body reduce stress hormones. As a result, you will generally be less stressed.

12.- Relieves depression and anxiety

How do you feel in the morning after a restless night’s sleep? You probably feel very depressed or very irritable.


Lack of good sleep, especially as a result of awkward sleeping positions due to poor pillows, will affect your mood.

When you wake up, you will feel upset and grumpy. Later in the day, little things can bring your mood down.

If you’re prone to depression, this can go beyond bad moods and trigger depression instead.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll also have trouble concentrating, memorizing, and performing other cognitive tasks.

This will make you anxious as you have to do your best at work or school. You will also be easily shocked, which translates into more anxiety.

13.- Keeps your body in shape

In addition to helping your body avoid many diseases and stay healthy, the benefits of sleeping without a pillow will also keep your body fit because it will help you maintain your body weight.

Researchers have shown that better sleep triggers better fat burning which will help people stay fit.

Better quality sleep also prevents people from feeling extremely hungry in the morning, so it helps with your diet program.


14.- Prevent flat head syndrome in babies

Soft pillows have to worry can negatively influence the shape of the baby’s head. Because baby heads are still soft for the first few months after birth, pillows can cause a baby’s head to change shape.

In some cases, the baby’s head will be flattened on one side. This is what is known as a flat head syndrome. Not putting pillows under the baby’s head can prevent the condition.

15.- Prevent baby’s shortness of breath

During sleep, objects such as cushions and pillows placed in cribs can make babies feel uncomfortable.

As the baby moves his head left and right to find the most comfortable sleeping position, the pillow can close his airway.

This is bad because a baby probably won’t be strong enough to move their necks to get better access to air.

For this reason, a newborn who is no more than 1 year old should not be given any pillows when sleeping. Shortness of breath can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is a scary and serious problem.


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