What are the side effects of eating garlic every day?

Side effects of garlic

When garlic is consumed in moderation, garlic is unlikely to cause side effects

The garlic for its strong taste and smell characterizes him. It plays a leading role in the Mediterranean diet and helps reduce the amount of salt we put on our dishes.

What are the side effects of eating garlic every day

It is a commonly used ingredient, both in cooking and in traditional medicine. When consumed in moderation, either as part of the diet, as a supplement or natural remedy, garlic is unlikely to cause side effects; even so, it is important to note that its regular or excessive consumption may be contraindicated in some cases.

Garlic fights cholesterol, supports the immune system, lowers blood pressure, is anti-inflammatory, prevents colds, improves asthma, which is good even against cancer.

If you have been recommended to eat raw garlic on an empty stomach as a remedy, you should know that, with rare exceptions, it will not do you any harm; But neither is it certain that it will rid you of your ailments or prevent you from getting sick.

Bad breath and strong body odour are the most common effects experienced by people who eat or take garlic every day. Although these are annoying symptoms, the truth is that they are harmless to our body.

It has also been found that it can decrease the effectiveness of drugs such as saquinavir, used to treat HIV.

Consuming too much garlic, especially raw garlic, can cause a long list of side effects like the ones listed below:

•Gastrointestinal irritation/burning






•Bleeding (nasal, gums)

•Burns in the mouth

•Excessive sweating


Allergic symptoms (skin irritation/swelling, hives)

These side effects of garlic usually occur when too much of it is consumed raw on an empty stomach.