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What are the benefits of cucumber for health

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Discover the benefits of cucumber for Health.

Cucumber is widely known for its cosmetic uses since its anti-inflammatory action that is ideal for the eyes is known to many, but beyond this, it is one of the foods with the highest water content, which makes it a perfect fruit to refresh and ideal to be part of diets for weight loss.

It is rich in vitamins of group B that help to preserve the health of the nervous and immune system.

It also provides a large amount of vitamin C, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus.

Cucumber nutritional value

As mentioned above, cucumber is one of the foods richest in vitamins and minerals, which provide great benefits for the body, it contains:

• Calories (11.73 g).


• Carbohydrates (1.90 g).

• Proteins (0.70 g).

• Fiber (0.50 g).

• Fat (0.20 g).

Properties and benefits of cucumber

Among the properties and benefits provided by the consumption and use of cucumbers, are those that we will mention in the section.


Helps the brain

It favors neuronal connectivity and helps preserve brain health, thanks to its high content of flavonol, which is an antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory action.

Natural diuretic

Being rich in water, it helps the body eliminate accumulated fluid retention, helping in turn to fight urinary tract infections with high effectiveness.

It is a natural anti-inflammatory

Nourishes the cells, helping to reduce inflammation, keeping the body well hydrated.

Improves digestion

Due to its high fiber content, it helps digestion, promoting weight loss, as it also serves as a natural cleanser with mild action.

Helps reduce fatigue and stress

Relaxes the nervous system due to the effects of the B vitamins, present in cucumber, reducing stress and anxiety levels. They can even be quite effective in relieving tension headaches.

Regulates blood pressure

Its contribution of potassium helps control blood pressure, consuming it regularly.


Helps weight loss

It is one of the most recommended foods for weight loss because thanks to its high water content, it provides a feeling of satiety for longer, helping, in turn, to eliminate fluid retention, without adding calories.

Protects the gastric and intestinal mucosa

Epson, present in cucumber, is a substance that acts as a protector of the mucous membranes of the intestine and stomach, promoting their health.


Protect the heart

The potassium present in cucumbers helps regulate blood pressure, which, combined with a low sodium diet, implies great benefits for heart health, preventing the appearance of pathologies and helps nerve impulses to be transmitted correctly.

Helps to detoxify

The water it contains is particularly favorable for eliminating all toxins from the body, working like a vacuum cleaner that carries away all the substances that can be harmful to the body.

It can even help eliminate kidney stones by promoting their excretion through the urine.

The highly moisturizing

It moisturizes the skin effectively, which is why it is frequently used as an art of face masks, as it also helps to eliminate blackheads and pimples.


It helps to rehydrate and soften the entire skin thanks to its content of vitamin E, which is essential to maintain its healthy appearance.

Replenish vitamins and minerals

It provides a large number of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body, such as vitamins A, C, and those of group B, which are essential to keep the immune system working properly, in addition to providing energy.

It also provides minerals such as silicon, magnesium, and potassium, which serve to smooth and tone the skin, giving it a healthier appearance.

It is excellent for hair

The high content of silicon and sulfur that cucumbers have, promotes healthy hair growth, working in the same way in the case of nails, helping their growth and strengthening.

Helps fight muscle aches

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce muscle pain when applied directly to the affected area.

Improves the appearance of the eyes

Helps relax tired eyes, reducing redness and swelling in the area, by placing a few slices of cucumber directly on the skin.


In addition, it helps eliminate dark circles thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, reducing bags under the eyes. Its continuous use provides highly favorable and visible results

Helps fight sun damage

Thanks to its acidity, it is particularly useful for treating burns caused by exposure to sunlight, reducing inflammation and redness in the area where it is applied.

Prevents cancer

Cucumber contains pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol, which are lignans that have been associated with elements that help prevent different types of cancer such as ovarian, uterine, breast, and prostate cancer.

Maintains the joints

Being high in silicon as part of its content, it helps to preserve the health of the joints, making them stronger by strengthening their connective tissues.

If it is combined with carrots, it helps to eliminate the symptoms associated with arthritis and gout, as it reduces the level of uric acid present in the blood.

Maintains oral health

Consuming cucumber provides fresh breath while helping to maintain healthy gums. Chewing cucumber helps to spill its juice on the gums helping them to cool down.


The phytochemicals it contains help control bad breath, having a piece of cucumber in your mouth for about 30 minutes, is more than enough for the bacteria that cause bad breath to die.

Helps cure hangover

Thanks to vitamin B, electrolytes, and sugar, it helps prevent hangovers and eliminate the headache that can be experienced when waking up after an alcohol intake.


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