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Wearing a Mask: 10 Effective Tips To Avoid Pimples On The Skin

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Discover The 10 Effective Tips To Avoid Pimples On The Skin When Wearing A Mask.

Because of the mask, I have lots of little pimples that appeared on my face …

But apparently I’m not the only one!

A new word has even been created to designate this problem: maskne, in English or mascnée in French.

It is simply the contraction of the words mask and acne!

Wearing a Mask: 10 Effective Tips To Avoid Pimples On The Skin.


Whether you wear a fabric mask or a surgical mask, the problem is the same. Not very encouraging …

Fortunately, a dermatologist friend shared with me 10 anti-pimple tips to avoid pimples with the mask:

1. Cleanse your skin in the morning and evening

We start the day with a simple but essential gesture: cleaning your face.

The Aleppo soap is usually recommended for acne-prone skin.

If you skip this step, bacteria and dirt will get stuck on the skin.

And afterwards, they will have plenty of time to macerate well under the mask! A real broth of culture …


In the evening, the same principle: there is no question of going to bed without removing make-up and / or cleansing your skin!

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2. Make a hydrating barrier

Moisturize particularly well the areas of contact with the mask.

Use aloe vera gel if you have oily skin or a vegetable oil if you have dry skin to form a protective layer between the mask and your skin.

The shea butter , the cocoa butter , neem oil , hazelnut oil , oil cumin and jojoba oil are great for that.

Then apply a light moisturizer to your face and neck.


The goal is to create a protective film on your skin so that it does not become dehydrated too quickly.

In the evening, after cleansing your face, apply a moisturizing serum to have smooth and rested skin.

Also remember to protect and moisturize your lips with a homemade balm .

3. Don’t use too much makeup

It’s time to change your makeup routine!

Instead of going for a heavy foundation or a compact powder, go for a fluid, light, non-comedogenic foundation.

To limit the problem of pimples, opt for light makeup. The nude trend suits you so well!


Or better yet, why not try not to put on makeup at all?

Yes, more and more women no longer wear makeup and they are right!

4. Gentlemen, shave your beard!

Alas, gentlemen, you are not spared by this phenomenon!

You too are a victim of pimples caused by wearing a mask on a daily basis.

And the problem is, having beard makes it a little worse.

So the beard may be in fashion …


… but it is better to give it up if you want to avoid the appearance of these nasty pimples.

5. Pamper your skin

With the wearing of the mask, your skin feels attacked and it reacts …

It is therefore the moment to offer him gentle and adapted care. For example, you can opt for a peel once a week.

Be careful not to strip the skin of your face!

Opt for a gentle homemade treatment for dry or oily skin .

For normal or combination skin, this honey scrub works wonders.


Then, to comfort your skin and deeply hydrate it, make a homemade mask.

Adapt this treatment to the nature of your skin: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, blackheads …

Astringent, anti-wrinkle, purifying, remineralizing, rebalancing, anti-acne …

6. Stay hydrated

Drink water regularly to stay hydrated.

Do not hesitate to drink a lot of water: wearing a mask tends to dehydrate.

You can alternate with tea or herbal teas to vary the pleasures.


Your skin will only be brighter. You can also use a spray on the face several times a day.

It will refresh you and bring comfort to your skin.


But no need to buy a face sprayer ! It’s still not cheap …

You can do it yourself very easily by following this tutorial . It’s always some extra savings. And with the prices of surgical masks, we are not going to complain!

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7. Adapt your diet

Sweet foods stimulate the production of sebum.


Better to avoid them right now!

This is also the case for dairy products made from raw cow’s milk and cold meats which promote acne.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to focus on foods rich in vitamin C.

This vitamin helps strengthen the capillary wall of small vessels.

To discover: Vitamin C, my Ally For Radiant Skin all year round!

8. Change your mask more often

Whether you are wearing a sheet mask or a surgical mask, change it as soon as you can.


No need to wait 4 hours before putting on a new one.

This eliminates the bacteria stuck in the mask that will promote the development of pimples.

If you wear a homemade mask , wash it at 60 ° each time you change it.

This eliminates bacteria and traces of viruses.

And this, even if you are not concerned by the appearance of pimples!

9. Choose the fabric of your mask carefully

Handcrafted masks are often made of cotton.


Cotton is a soft material, but it can irritate the skin and absorb natural oils from the epidermis.

And the skin needs these protective oils in order not to get damaged.

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, line cotton fabrics with silk or satin.

Linen which is a rougher material should be avoided.

Use the most breathable materials possible or choose a surgical mask.

10. Choose a laundry without chemicals

Some detergents can be irritating. And this is especially true for sensitive areas like the face.


And no matter how well you rinse your mask, there is always a little detergent residue on it.

To them, the skin of your face can react badly: plaques, redness …

To avoid this, choose laundry products made from natural, hypoallergenic products like this one.

How to get rid of pimples?

Despite all your precautions, pimples have appeared on your face. Above all, do not pierce them with your fingernails.

Do not panic ! There are a thousand and one natural and economical ways to get rid of acne breakouts.

You can start by drying out the pimples to make them go away faster.


The cider vinegar , toothpaste , baking , the essential oil of lavender , honey , lemon are effective natural products against pimples.

You can even make an aspirin mask , a super effective home remedy for acne.

Then do a treatment as at the beautician by following this beauty routine .

Also try these natural homemade oatmeal treatments .

The benefits of oats for the skin are very numerous: it is a cereal very rich in vitamins B2, B1 and B6, in magnesium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and selenium.

For blackheads, no mercy! Use rhassoul as a mask.


Why does the mask promote pimples?

Acne , eczema , psoriasis , pigment spots, redness, peeling skin, pH imbalance … the mask is not your skin’s friend!

Sensitive or so-called problem skin is particularly affected by pimples caused by the mask.

But even if you don’t have fragile or acne-prone skin, you may experience irritation or rashes from wearing the mask.

Indeed, acne is favored by the heat and humidity that develops in the mask.

This creates a warm and humid environment and the skin can no longer breathe normally.

To protect itself, it produces more sebum and collagen. Combined with humidity, this is the perfect cocktail for pimples.


Sweat is also an aggravating factor. As it gets blocked by the mask, it worsens the problem.

And the thicker the mask, the greater the risk of pimples appearing.

In addition, the permanent friction of the mask on the chin, nose and cheeks irritates the skin.

Result is the big comeback of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads!


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