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How to treat vaginal mycosis naturally

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Discover how to treat vaginal mycosis naturally.

Did you know that it is possible to cure vaginal yeast infection naturally?

Indeed, genital yeast infection is caused by a fungus: Candida Albicans.

It is also called “genital candidiasis“.

This infection is quite common and annoying: itching and burning can indeed be significant.

But fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, it is not serious.Vaginal Mycosis: How To Treat It Quickly (And WITHOUT Prescription)


And there is a natural grandmother’s remedy to get rid of it quickly and without a prescription.

It is enough to follow a local and external treatment based on baking soda. Look :

How to do

  1. Pour a liter of water into a container.
  2. Add a tablespoon of baking soda.

  3. Stir to dilute the baking soda.

  4. Take a clean glove.

  5. Dip into the mixture to moisten it.

  6. Wash with the skin and mucous membranes affected by the fungus.


And there you have it, you quickly and naturally relieved this vaginal yeast infection 🙂

Easy, fast, and efficient, isn’t it?

No more itchy fungus!

You can continue the treatment until the symptoms disappear (burning, itching, pain, abundant and fragrant white discharge, etc.).


The bicarbonate will limit the proliferation of the fungus and kill it, which will promote healing.

It will also soothe the itching and burning that comes with this infection.

After a few days, you will be rid of it. What a relief, isn’t it?

It’s super convenient while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Additional advice

In any case, do not forget to go to the doctor.


Vulvar yeast infection is not serious.


But we must ensure that there are no consequences at the local level.

And your doctor will probably recommend treatment to strengthen your flora that has been disturbed by the yeast infection.

Note that women are more prone to genital yeast infection.

But men are not completely spared.

If a man has a genital yeast infection, this over-the-counter treatment can also provide quick relief.

Bonus tip

You can also make a baking soda bath to relieve the symptoms of yeast infection.


To do this, simply pour 30g of baking soda into your bath.

Why does it work?

The Candida Albicans are responsible for fungal infections.

The problem is that it is quite resistant to conventional antifungals.

But not with baking soda according to some studies. ( 2012 and 2014 )!

Baking soda is a natural product with antifungal properties.

Mycoses which are fungi like to proliferate in acidic environments.


Bicarbonate, on the other hand, is an alkaline product. It has an anti-acid action.

In local application, it helps to balance the pH.

What does not please fungal infections at all!

It will also facilitate the healing of the lesion.

What not to do with baking soda in case of vaginal yeast infection

Note that this treatment only applies as an outpatient treatment.

Healthcare professionals strongly advise against using it internally, as explained here.


Thus, vaginal lavage with bicarbonate should not be performed.

If it is incorrectly dosed, bicarbonate used internally can cause inflammation and burns.

Which is not the goal!

Remember to stick to the doses and seek advice from your doctor.


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