Side effects and contraindications of bananas

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Side effects and contraindications of bananas.

Banana is a delicious fruit with a smooth consistency, it is rich in potassium and carbohydrates, it is also very energetic, strengthens the nervous system, beneficial in cases of hypertension and gout, it is also recommended in cases of anaemia. Among the disadvantages and the bad of eating a banana, we find the following.

Side effects and contraindications of bananas

Side effects and contraindications of bananas

• Unripe or unripe bananas are harmful, as they cause serious disorders and also dry belly.

• Overeating becomes indigestible.

• It is not recommended to eat them as dessert because they can cause heaviness and gas. Eat them at least half an hour after eating.

• It is not advisable in case of kidney or liver disease, you should consult a doctor.

• It is better to eat it alone than with other fruits or accompany them with papaya.

• Not recommended for migraine sufferers.

• Try to chew it well so that it is not indigestible.

• Eating too much can cause gas.

• Eating bananas even green can cause constipation.

• Try not to beat the bananas, because the beaten ones ferment and cause intestinal infections. Therefore, when the fruits are eaten, remove all the ugly or bruised parts.

Is Banana Bad For Diabetics? no, the banana is not contraindicated in diabetics. They can eat it in moderation