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Benefits of Spirulina and side effects

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Discover the Shocking health benefits of Spirulina and side effects

This freshwater microalgae, a funny organism between plants and animals, is full of benefits. Manganese, potassium, selenium and vitamins make it the ally of women and athletes.Shocking health benefits of Spirulina


Antioxidant, rich in minerals and minerals, spirulina is an algae with multiple green. Very appreciated by athletes for its many qualities, this “super food” also has many health benefits.

Consumable in the form of a powder to add to food, capsule or tablet, spirulina is often considered a “super food”.

This blue-green algae comes from the cyanophyceae family. Before it can be consumed, spirulina is dried. Across the world, this seaweed is used for its medicinal properties and in food.

Health benefits of spirulina

Spirulina has various health benefits thanks to the presence of many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The super algae turns out to be:


•Rich in protein (57.7 / 100g), iron and vitamin A (beta-carotene)

•Excellent for strengthening the immune system



•An ally for increasing muscle detoxification

•A source of minerals like magnesium (195mg / 100g), calcium (120mg / 100g), phosphorus (118mg / 100g), potassium (360mg / 100g) and sodium (1050mg / 100g) and in trace elements


•A 2010 study notably studied the effects of spirulina on the cholesterol of white rabbits. Published in the journal Pub Med , it has notably demonstrated that consumption of blue algae helps lower cholesterol levels in rabbits. For researchers, consuming spirulina regularly could prove to be beneficial in reducing cardiovascular disease and preventing atherosclerosis in humans.

Contraindications and side effects of spirulina

In 2017, the Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Work (ANSES) warned against certain food supplements containing spirulina.

These could have serious side effects, when the dosage was not well respected. Due to an overdose, food supplements could lead to:




•Digestive disorders



•Muscle or liver damage

Due to an overdose in the tablets or capsules, you may also notice a change in the color of the stool (dark green or even black). As this algae detoxifies the body, heavy sweating may also appear.

ANSES therefore recommended that consumers “favor the supply circuits that are best controlled by the public authorities”.

The Agency believes, however, “apart from the risk of contamination, spirulina does not seem to present a health risk at low doses (up to several grams per day in adults).”

Spirulina is particularly not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women . In case of fever or autoimmune diseases, it is not recommended to consume this “miracle algae”.


Spirulina: in which cases should it be taken?

To fill up with nutrients, spirulina is the ideal food! Thanks to its many minerals , vitamins and anti-oxidants, miracle algae allows you to get back in shape and give yourself a little boost.

Athletes can regularly consume spirulina , because it contains manganese, selenium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. These different essential elements are beneficial for “nourishing” the muscles, preventing cramps and promoting sugar metabolism.

With its contribution of iron and vitamin A, spirulina boosts the production of red blood cells and muscle oxygenation. It will also increase physical endurance. Allied for form and slimming, spirulina is not a fat burner.

How to use spirulina

In capsule, powder or tablet, spirulina can be added to your meals. For example, you can incorporate it into a thyme zucchini soup. After adding the fresh thyme, gently sprinkle your meal with sprinkles of spirulina.

On the sweet side, you can also make desserts with spirulina. Here is a very simple mango recipe idea:

First step: choose two very ripe mangoes and mix them with two plain yogurts.


Second step: add a teaspoon of maple syrup.

Third step: scatter some spirulina.

Fourth step: let stand for an hour in the fridge.

We hope the article on the Shocking health benefits of Spirulina has been of help.


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