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Serious side effects of steroids

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Discover the side effects of steroids.

The anabolic steroids are synthetic substances related to sex hormones that promote muscle growth and enhance the development of male sexual characteristics in both men and women.

Regardless if you take steroids to change your physical appearance, you must bear in mind that their intake has consequences for your health that can be more or less serious.

From HBO we want to tell you about the side effects of steroids.What are the side effects of steroids


1. Hormonal side effects

Abusing steroids can affect your normal hormone production .

These changes can be reversible, such as a reduction in the number of sperm and the size of the gonads.


But there are also irreversible changes such as hair loss to baldness and the development of breasts in men.

In women , the consumption of steroids produces some masculinization since the level of body fat and breasts decreases, the skin is dry and rough, hair loss, the voice becomes more serious, among others.

Many of these effects can be impossible to change over time.

2. Side effects at the musculoskeletal level

The intake of steroids causes growing as fast as when you are in adolescence.


And if, for example, a person in the process of growth takes these hormones, they can send signals to their skeleton to stop growing.

3. Side effects on the liver

It has been found that the use of steroids is related to the formation of liver tumors and also to a very strange disease that creates blood cysts within the liver. Both can rupture and create serious internal bleeding.


4. Side effects at the cardiovascular level

Steroid use is closely associated with heart and brain attacks . They cause the development of cardiovascular diseases because they alter the levels of lipoproteins.

There is also a risk of thrombi forming in the bloodstream, causing the flow to stop and the blood not being pumped efficiently.

5. Other side effects

Other side effects of steroids are: acne , cysts , oily skin and hair.

There are also other consequences related to using contaminated needles to apply anabolics, or even illegal steroid preparations that are anything but reliable.

There is a serious risk of very serious and deadly infections such as AIDS , Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

There is also the possibility of developing infective endocarditis (inflammation of the inner lining of the heart).


This article is merely informative, at HBO we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis.

We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.


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