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Mediterranean diet menu 2022

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Discover the Mediterranean diet menu.

A weekly menu based on the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is more than a diet, it is a whole philosophy of life based on a different way of eating, cooking food, sharing it, and enjoying our environment. A diet in which what we eat is as important as how we do it.Mediterranean Diet Menu


Declared by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, however, in Spain adherence to the Mediterranean Diet has decreased significantly, being the second country, after Greece, that has moved further away from it.

At present, the fat intake has increased and, when four decades ago it constituted only 25% of the diet, now it represents 40%.

However, when Spaniards are asked if they follow a Mediterranean Diet, 41% of those surveyed answered that they follow it often, 21% that they follow it and 26% think that they follow it sometimes or never.


The consequence? Spain ranks third in the prevalence of obesity in the world with a rate of 13.9%, only behind the United States (22.5%) and the United Kingdom (17%).

For this reason, it is important to recover your eating habits, buy fresh and seasonal products and prepare them ourselves, in a simple way, as are most of the dishes in the extensive Mediterranean cookbook.

A style of eating like this weekly menu was proposed by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation.


Breakfast: Coffee with milk. Toast with goat cheese to spread. Apple.

Mid-morning: Cereal bar. Natural orange juice.

Food: Chickpea soup. Hake meatballs stewed with potatoes. Grapes.


Snack: Cottage cheese with sugar.

Dinner: Swiss chard with tender garlic. Grilled turkey and cherry tomato skewers with couscous. Custard apple.


Breakfast: Milk with cocoa powder. Whole grains.

Mid-morning: Natural pear smoothie.

Food: Stewed green beans. Grilled chicken fillet with steamed broccoli. Pineapple carpaccio.

Snack: Toast with quince paste.


Dinner: Salad with cucumber, black olives, onion, and Feta cheese. Salmon with vegetable al papillote. Peach.


Breakfast: Milk. Rusks with strawberry jam.

Half Morning: Sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Natural grape juice.

Food: Tomato soup. Soupy rice with rabbit and artichokes. Orange.

Snack: Seed bread with olive oil.


Dinner: Sautéed cauliflower with bacon. Scrambled eggs with mushrooms with toasts. Banana with yogurt.



Breakfast: Milk. Olive bread with tomato slices and virgin olive oil.

Average Morning: Apple compote.

Food: Roasted red peppers with pine nuts. Grilled pork tenderloin with mustard sauce and rice. Khaki.

Snack: Mini-tuna sandwich.

Dinner: Vegetable cream with croutons. Fried fish. Tangerines


Breakfast: Coffee with milk. Toast with chocolate to spread.


Mid-morning: Muesli with dried fruit.

Food: Stewed beans. Vegetable and pea omelet (Campesina) with lettuce. Grapes.

Snack: Milk. Homemade cake.

Dinner: Brussels sprouts sautéed with chopped almonds. Spinach, goat cheese, and honey crepe with zucchini slices. Pear.


Breakfast: Wholemeal cookies. Pineapple yogurt smoothie.

Average Morning: Aperitif: assorted montaditos.


Food: Migas. Bonito in pickled sauce with onion. Banana flambé with chocolate.

Snack: Macedonia.

Dinner: Two-color puree (potato and beet) gratin. Chicken thighs with baked carrot. Orange.


Breakfast: Coffee with milk. Ensaimada.

Mid-morning: Aperitif: a variety of nuts, dried fruits, and olives.

Food: Vegetable cannelloni gratin. Grilled duck breast with fig sauce. Orange with custard.


Snack: Apple sliced with cinnamon.

Dinner: Fine noodle soup. Eggs stuffed with smoked salmon gratin with grated carrot. Frozen fruit yogurt.

It is also important to enjoy food as a family and do physical exercise. In short, to be Mediterranean again


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