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How to use ginger for nausea during pregnancy

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Discover how to use ginger for nausea during pregnancy.

How to use ginger against nausea(pregnancy)


From the Zingiber officinale species native to India, powdered ginger is extracted from the rhizome of the plant, is used in cooking, but also in traditional medicine as a natural remedy, in particular, to relieve nausea and nausea in general.

Let’s find out together why and how to use ginger to treat nausea and vomiting.

What is nausea?

Nausea is a feeling of wanting to vomit and in general a feeling of discomfort and discomfort announcing vomiting. Usually, nausea is accompanied by contractions of the stomach.

Nausea is a symptom that arises from various causes and is usually associated with other symptoms, mainly dizziness, cold sweats, chills, excessive sweating, feeling weak, heightened sensitivity to odors, etc.


Common causes

The main causes of nausea are:

• disease: often infectious diseases such as gastroenteritis, influenza, etc.

• food poisoning

• an allergy

• a reaction to a drug (e.g. chemotherapy drugs)

• a reaction to a toxic element: alcohol, opiates, cannabis, toxic gases, etc.


• strong exposure to the sun or heat

• pregnancy

• a state of stress and anxiety

• motion sickness or seasickness

• an unpleasant smell

• a strong migraine


• anesthesia

• etc.

Note that some nausea and vomiting that they cause are beneficial and should not be hindered, this is the case with food poisoning or alcohol abuse for example.

Ginger for  nausea

Ginger has always been used to relieve nausea, its effectiveness has even been recognized by the French National Authority for Health (HAS), and by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1999.

According to tests, ginger and all its derivatives are effective against nausea conditions: fresh ginger, candied ginger, powder, essential oil, etc.

This antiemetic effect would come both from the action of ginger on the stomach, the antispasmodic properties of the spice, and the action of a substance contained in the rhizome which will bind to the receptors of the central nervous system. and that will block the process that causes nausea and vomiting.


Its action is very fast and allows you to relieve yourself without waiting.

The case of nausea of pregnancy

Nausea of pregnancy, or early pregnancy sickness, affects 70% to 85% of pregnant women during the first trimester, and even leads to vomiting in 50% of them.


It is common to be prescribed antiemetics, drugs that work against vomiting and nausea, except that these can have teratogenic effects, that is, can cause birth defects. In addition, the action of antiemetics is on the brain or the inner ear while the action of ginger is exerted only on the stomach.

Studies on ginger, as well as observational studies, all show that the ginger rhizome relieves nausea and vomiting of pregnancy without causing the side effects of conventional antiemetics.

In four clinical trials involving 246 pregnant women, ginger was found to be more effective than placebo at preventing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

In two comparative trials conducted on 429 pregnant women, the results indicate that ginger is as effective as pyridoxine (vitamin B6), a classic antiemetic prescribed by prescription to pregnant women, and without any unwanted side effects.


In 1999, the World Health Organization recognized the effectiveness of ginger in preventing nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy.

It is necessary all the same respect the doses (see the dosage of ginger ), and to consume the ginger in food dosage, outlawing all that is food supplements and standardized extracts, in very high dosages.

In the context of pregnancy, it is generally advisable not to exceed 2 g of dried ginger per day.

How to use ginger for nausea

We can use ginger in a curative or preventive way, for that, we can consume it:

• in infusion

• in the kitchen


• added to a drink

• eaten directly (in the case of candied ginger)

Make a ginger tea

This is the quickest and most effective method for nausea. Prepare ginger tea (fresh or dried) as described in our article on ginger infusion and its benefits, and drink it before or during nausea, as a preventive or curative way, depending on the case. For example, for motion sickness, drink it before setting off on the road.

Consume ginger directly

For lovers of spice and thrills, you can cut a thin slice of fresh ginger root and chew it, but we will instead use candied ginger for this purpose, it will be much more pleasant to eat!

Using ginger in cooking

For chronic nausea, it is interesting to add ginger to your cooking, it will be a simple, good, and permanent way to consume ginger and benefit from its anti-nausea action.

To find out where, when, and how to use ginger, see our article on how to consume ginger, you will find everything you need to know to incorporate the root into your dishes.


To find inspiration, discover our ginger-based recipes, a whole list of recipes with ginger where you just have to follow the process and the dosages.

Drink lukewarm water with ginger and lemon

Heat 1 liter of water, then mix 2 teaspoons of powdered ginger, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and, optionally, sweeten with a little honey or stevia.

In addition to ginger, lemon is also a fairly effective natural remedy for nausea. The ginger and lemon infusion is a beneficial combination as much in flavor as for the health benefits, it is to be tried.

Some additional tips

In case of nausea, in addition to ginger, it is advisable to:

• relax by breathing deeply (seriously it works), or lying down

• drink cool water in small sips


• if you must eat, eat cold and light

For information, there is in acupuncture, a specific point against nausea, called the P6 point, or Neiguan point.

It is located on the inner side of the forearm, two and a half-inch widths above the wrist, between the tendons. In case of nausea, it is advisable to firmly massage this point.


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