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How to lose weight fast in a month (lose 5 pounds)

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Today, we are going to show you how to lose weight fast in a month (lose 5 pounds).

1 month? Olala, but it’s super long a month when I saw that a new diet had just come out and that it allows you to lose 5 pounds in 6 days.

Ok, a month is a bit longer than most diets found in the world of weight loss today.

But precisely: adopting good eating habits, rediscovering the pleasure of eating healthily, and varying your food, it takes a little more than 6 days …

Reduce the number of calories

It’s obvious: losing weight by eating kebabs every day is impossible! To lose weight, in this case, 5 kilos in 1 month, we must reduce our calorie intake.


A woman who does relatively little activity (less than 30min / day) needs 1800 kcal per day.

By reducing the daily intake to 1200kcal, we can lose weight in a month without feeling hungry!

A short guide to foods

Good news: you can completely lose 5 pounds in a month without depriving yourself drastically!

We can very well achieve 1200 kcal/day without banning any family of foods, or any food for that matter.

And yes: when you love food, going a month without eating it is not a diet, it is torture … So no forbidden food!


On the other hand, since it is a question of lowering our calorie intake, we will take it easy on fat.


So more sugar, and we limit fats and starches, rich in lipids and carbohydrates.

Conversely, we can indulge in vegetables (raw and cooked) and salad, which we can eat at will for their high fiber and low in calories! And we give pride of place to proteins (lean meat and fish, eggs, etc.).

Minimum sports activity!

To lose weight effectively by burning calories and forcing the body to draw on our fat reserves, it is no longer advisable to combine a low-calorie diet with sporting activity.

If ours is already very, very moderate, we are not going to run a marathon or try a sport that is too intense:

We can start by walking a little every day or forcing ourselves to take ALL the stairs that we usually sulk for. elevator …

Check out this article on how to lose weight fast for women 


Long-lasting weight loss

Why choose a diet over 1 month when there are dozens of them that promise similar weight loss over two or even a week?

Well, quite simply because in one month, we have time to change our eating habits! Eating very light for a week can work to make us lose weight, but in the end, when the diet week is over, we go back to our good old habits.

By improving our eating habits for a month, by eating vegetables with each meal, by having a light dinner in the evening, by learning to eat in a more balanced and varied way, and above all by concretely seeing the progressive changes in our silhouette, we think that ultimately, losing weight and staying in shape is not that complicated!


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