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How to lose weight fast as a teenager in 2022

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Today, we are going to show you how to lose weight really fast as a teenager.

Overview on how to lose weight fast as a teenager

The problem of teenage weight is a concern for parents as well as teenagers themselves.

When you are 15, 16, or 17 years old, appearance is important to the eyes of others and many young people suffer from the mockery or contempt associated with being to lose weight fast as a teenager


Many are looking for a teen diet to lose weight and feel better about themselves.

Find out now which diet for teens is best, as well as tips for healthy weight loss in adolescence.

Young people in search of a teen diet suffer and they express it


Often, teens with weight problems suffer more from the eyes of others than from being overweight. You just have to browse the teen forums to see their distress. The testimonies are blatant:

“I am unhappy,

I am desperate,

I do not feel well,

I cannot talk to my parents about it,

I feel bad about myself,


I cannot stop eating

I am obese and people laugh at me all the time,

I am X years old I measure X m and I weigh X kilos, help me, it is not easy to go on a diet when you are a teenager and we are still with our parents… ”the list goes on.

A majority of teens feel the need to diet to lose weight, but only a portion of them have a real need to lose weight.

What is a teen diet?

It may seem surprising, but a teen diet is above all a balanced diet. It is important to know what to eat to lose weight.

This is combined with reasoned proportions, a healthy lifestyle, and regular physical activity.


Here is the average daily energy value that a teenager’s diet should contain:

Diet for 11-year-olds: 2200 kcal/day for a boy – 1900 kcal/day for a girl

Diet for 12-year-olds: 2300 kcal/day for a boy – 1950 kcal/day for a girl

Diet for 13-year-olds: 2400 kcal/day for a boy – 2000 kcal/day for a girl

Diet for 14-year-olds: 2500 kcal/day for a boy – 2050 kcal/day for a girl

Diet for 15-year-olds: 2600 kcal/day for a boy – 2100 kcal/day for a girl


Diet for 16-year-olds: 2700 kcal/day for a boy – 2150 kcal/day for a girl

Diet for 17-year-olds: 2800 kcal/day for a boy – 2200 kcal/day for a girl

In times of growth, a teenager should especially not follow a draconian diet that is too restrictive at the risk of endangering his health.

The number of kcal/day may vary slightly but it should stay within a close range unless advised by your doctor.

Consulting a doctor or a nutritionist should be the first step in helping a teenager to lose weight and solve his weight problems.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

Teenagers do not eat natural enough but it is necessary to eat 6 fruits, 6 vegetables, and at least 150 grams of whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal…) per day to meet carbohydrate needs. Carbohydrates should make up 40-60% of the calorie intake.


Proteins and good fats

The calorie intake must also be up to 10 to 30% protein and 20 to 30% good fats such as those contained in nuts, avocados, fish, or olive oil for example.

It is difficult to eliminate bad fats or saturated fats like those of animal origin. They should not exceed 10% of the daily calorie intake.

Discover here balanced menus for weight loss that may suit a teenager who is looking to diet. (Since everyone is different, however, it is important to contact a health professional before a diet for a teenager is undertaken).

The teenager who wants to go on a diet must above all be reassured

The problem of obesity or being overweight among adolescents seems primarily to be psychological rather than physical suffering.


Before starting a diet for teenagers, it is therefore important that the young person is reassured and that he realizes that there are solutions to his overweight problem or even that he realizes that he does not necessarily have a weight problem and it’s all in his head.


We must identify the problems that lead a teenager to want to follow a diet

Some psychological problems are caused by overweight teenage boys and girls.

This is particularly the case for young girls with complexes or teenagers stressed and lacking in confidence who compensate with food and who eat all the time even if they are not hungry.

This can be caused by family issues like parental divorce for example. In these cases, a diet is not necessarily recommended.

It is enough to clearly define what causes the unhealthy eating habits of the adolescent to directly remedy the root of the problem.

It should also be remembered that the body of teenage boys and girls changes during puberty, so it is normal to have some fluctuations in weight.


This is often the case for teenage girls aged 12 to 16, with the onset of menstruation, or for older girls taking the pill.

We also see more and more young people who want to lose weight and who do not need it at all. 12- or 13-year-old girls are often conditioned by TV to look like their favorite stars. A teen diet, in this case, is generally not recommended.

Tips for a teenager who wants to go on a diet

•Playing sports is essential for losing weight. When you’re a teenager, you sometimes associate sport with competition and not all teenagers like it.

Sport should be seen more as a game. If a teenager doesn’t like running or playing soccer, other sporting activities can be considered, such as climbing or juggling in a circus club. You can also practice one of these sports to lose weight.

•Having a diary where the teenager writes down what he does to lose weight allows him to follow his progress and to motivate himself.

•It is necessary to have a good breakfast and especially not to skip it. Breakfast is an essential meal, especially for a teenager.


Not eating breakfast will make you hungry later so you won’t lose weight like that.

•A teenager should bring their snack to college or high school (an apple, a fruit, raw vegetables) This will avoid snacking on candy bars that make you fat.

•You can gradually reduce the portions but not to the point of starving. You have to do it little by little and not all at once.

•It is essential to sleep well. A teenager in need of sleep will have a poor lifestyle and will tend to compensate for this imbalance with junk food.

•A teenager should drink plenty of water while on a diet: this also helps to avoid drinking sodas which can represent up to 800 calories per day.

•Taking one or two large glasses of water before meals also allow you to eat less during the meal because you feel more full.


•A teen should try to eat more at home rather than outside. He will be less tempted to consume fatty and unbalanced products.

•You should eat only when you are hungry. Teens too often tend to eat without realizing it.

Always ask yourself the following question before eating anything: do I eat because I am hungry or because I want to? It will then be much easier to learn to control your urges to eat.

•Don’t eat too much bread. Some teens want to diet because they are fat. The habit of constantly eating bread is a bad habit. Bread is healthy, but it should not be overused.

•Stop eating sweets or candies. Refraining from unhealthy or too sweet foods is the first diet for teenagers.

• fall into excess neither anorexia nor bulimia. When you’re a teenager, it’s easier to behave unreasonably. Be careful, wanting to lose weight is one thing, but destroying your health is another.


•Many teens are reluctant to talk about their weight problems with their parents.

You have to be brave and tell them about your unhappiness. It is the parents who do the shopping and decide on meals.

Not consulting them amounts to making no change in the diet and therefore not succeeding in losing weight. Remember, the best diet for teenagers is healthy food.

•You have to force yourself to be active and not get bored. Idleness is the number one reason for snacking. You have to move, get some fresh air, take a walk …

•We must not behave counterproductively. There is no point in running for 1 hour if behind you drink 1l of cola. Run 10 minutes but drink only water.

•Teens love burgers and pizza. Do not deprive yourself of it completely during a diet. Simply, go to fast food or the pizzeria once or twice a month and no more.



A teenager who respects a good diet and who does a little sport will quickly lose the extra pounds he has.

It is often bad habits that lead to being overweight. The ideal diet for a teenager is therefore not to follow a private method but rather to follow some basic rules of nutrition.

Seeing a nutritionist is the best advice for a teen who is thinking about dieting

Congratulations for you have come to the end of how to lose weight really fast as a teenager.


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