How to cite HBO articles

What is Health Benefits Of (HBO)?

HBO is a website dedicated to the dissemination of content on plants, nature, food, and medicinal preparations. The page is prepared by a team of editors who are qualified experts in the field.

This project has been online for almost a year now. The intention is to continue spreading knowledge about health, plants and natural foods, throughout the world, for many years to come.

Can HBO be used as a reliable source of information?

Yes, HBO is a website with reliable information that can be used at home, at work; at the school, university level, etc., both at the professional and personal consultation level .

The articles on the page are written by professionals: teachers, biologists, doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, professional illustrators, experts in herbal medicine and wild plants, etc.

How can HBO be used to do a job?

All the information, texts, images, activities, exercises and videos found on the HBO website are protected by copyright.

For a correct and respectful use of the web, we inform that:

The page can be used as a reliable source of information and consultation of all the contents that you can browse: diets, foods, nutrition, properties of foods, benefits, etc.

You cannot literally copy texts from the web to be published in other blogs, books, works, advertisements, brochures, social networks, videos, podcasts or any type of unauthorized audiovisual material. With all the information that this web provides, you can learn as much as to elaborate your own explanations.

In the case of blogs, social networks and online content , it is mandatory to cite the source of information with the proper link to the corresponding page.

If an image is used , the author (which is lbobvalla) must be mentioned in the caption, with the corresponding link to the web.

Bobvalla Lesly photo.

You cannot use images or drawings by removing the logo from the web . All the plates and images that we use are of our own making and we put a lot of effort into them so that readers have visual information clearly.

Botanical online must be cited in the bibliography of your work, blog, book, or in your publication (social networks).

The content published on social networks (texts, images, videos) is also their own . It is protected by Copyright, and its download is prohibited. You can “share” in your chronology, but the images and texts that we publish on your behalf may not be used for your private or business use, or for profit or non-profit purposes.

How to cite the HBO website in the bibliography of the works?

It is important to cite the information that is used on the web . To cite the HBO website in the bibliography of the works, it can be done with one of the following examples:

Information page about plants, food, nature and feeding. 2021.Available at:

Article name [Internet]. 2021. Available at: [Consulted on: (insert date)]

Who is the author of the website and the date of publication?

The website is written by various authors who make up the HBO team , among which Bobvalla Lesly , founder of the website, is the main one.

From the beginning, all articles have been signed by the writing team. Currently, it is almost impossible to add the authorship of each article since the volume of published works and the many collaborators who have participated in the project make this task difficult.

Where can the information be expanded?

All the articles have links to expand the information and be able to delve deeper into each subject. HBO articles are informative in nature, but, logically, it is not a strictly scientific page that uses technicalities in its explanations.

If the reader requires technical information , if he has doubts or wishes to obtain more explanations on a subject, he can write to us so that we can provide more information or related links to:

Thank you very much for your trust and for using HBO.

Let’s build something together.