Health benefits of tomatoes for men

Discover the Health benefits of tomatoes for men.

Why should men eat tomato?

Nutrition plays a key role in the prevention of diseases and, among them, cancer. Some foods could provide essential substances to prevent the development of the disease, as long as the set of life habits is healthy. Tomato consumption in the prevention of prostate cancer becomes important specifically for its great contribution of lycopene.Health benefits of tomatoes for men

In the prevention of some types of cancer, diet can act as a protective or risk factor, as long as a pattern is repeated. Eating healthy foods for one day does not protect, just as consuming harmful foods in one day puts your health at risk. The appearance of tumors is specified with the permanent stimulation generated by the risk factors.

Numerous investigations demonstrate the relationship between the consumption of lycopene and the prevention of prostate cancer. As lycopene is a phytochemical present in natural foods of a red color, emphasis is placed on tomatoes, due to its widespread consumption in different population groups.

Nor can it be assured that the lycopene present in tomatoes is the only preventive measure, other factors of diet and lifestyle, in particular exercise and smoking cessation, can reduce the risk of cancer progression from prostate and death. It is important to mention that these promising findings deserve further investigation, as their overall impact could be large and highly beneficial to the population.

How much should be consumed?

About 100 g of tomato can provide between 0.5 and 5 mg of lycopene. The reddest tomatoes are the richest in lycopene. Several studies indicate that more than 6 mg of lycopene must be consumed per day to achieve the preventive effect of cancer. To get an idea, a 240 cc glass of tomato juice provides approximately 23 mg of lycopene.

It is important to mention that the processing of raw tomatoes through the use of heat converts lycopene to a more bioavailable form for the body. That is, a natural tomato sauce allows better assimilation of lycopene.

Genetics and prostate cancer

Prostate cancer can affect some families more than others, which could suggest that in some cases there may be a genetic factor. For example, if a man’s father or brother has prostate cancer, this man’s risk of the disease doubles. Also, the risk is higher for men who have multiple affected relatives, particularly if those relatives were young when they were diagnosed with cancer.

Genetic analyzes are an excellent tool when looking for a predisposition to certain diseases in a healthy patient, and their results allow a specific preventive treatment to avoid the expression of the marker that indicates the possibility of developing the disease.

Alarming numbers

In the world today, more people die of cancer than deaths caused by infections such as tuberculosis or malaria. Figures presented by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare in 2015 express that deaths from cancer are six times more frequent than deaths caused by traffic accidents worldwide. In Paraguay, about 10,000 people suffer from cancer per year, with approximately 40% mortality.

Around the world, approximately 12.7 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year. They are numbers that scare and that commit to a greater effort to combat the disease, fundamentally with prevention.

The work of the health professional – and especially of nutritionists – is essential to make the population aware of the importance of consuming natural foods to take advantage of the benefits considered functional. Nutrition education is what promotes changes in lifestyle to prevent disease

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