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Health benefits of tangerine and it contradictions

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Discover the Health benefits of tangerine and it contradictions.

The mandarin is a citrus fruit that comes from the mandarin tree and has a characteristic orange peel and a characteristic sweet flavor. This fruit also has excellent health benefits, and we will tell you more about them below.

Health Benefits of tangerine

1. Good nutritional contribution

tangerines are a citrus fruit with an excellent nutritional contribution that contains the macronutrients and micronutrients that the body needs. In principle, 88% of the weight of the tangerine is water that helps to keep the cells and tissues of the body hydrated.

This fruit is very low in calories and this is a great advantage to control weight. Regarding its macronutrients, the mandarin offers a small amount of fat and protein; while offering a good proportion of carbohydrates in the form of fiber.

In fact, only a medium tangerine can provide the body with 8% of the daily fiber requirement . So this fruit greatly benefits the digestive system.


The mandarin also contains essential minerals like magnesium, iron, potassium and copper. Its copper content , despite not being the most abundant, stands out a lot because it is higher than that of most fruits.

Just one medium tangerine can provide the body with 26% of the recommended daily value for vitamin C consumption . This contribution is really important because vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and is necessary for different organic functions.

In addition, it has been shown that mandarins contain abundant vitamin A and precursor carotenoids of said vitamin. According to research, the vitamin A content of mandarins can exceed what is stipulated and provide up to 72% of the daily requirement of this nutrient with only 100 grams of mandarin.

2. Natural antioxidant

Among the most beneficial components of mandarin are the various natural antioxidants that protect the body. One of the benefits of mandarin is that it helps combat oxidative stress produced by free radicals thanks to its flavonoid (antioxidant) content.

The importance of antioxidants is that an accumulation of free radicals can be the trigger for chronic diseases ; since these metabolic wastes generate important cellular alterations like modifications in the cellular DNA.

However, the consumption of fruits such as mandarin can provide enough antioxidants to protect the body. Additionally, mandarins contain abundant vitamin C which also plays an antioxidant role in the human body.


Thus, the antioxidants in this citrus fruit can be useful to reduce the risk of suffering from serious heart conditions , cancer, diabetes, etc. The vitamin A in this fruit is also an antioxidant and can reduce the risk of suffering from eye diseases such as cataracts, blindness, macular degeneration, etc.

According to research, the flavonoids in mandarin orange may have anti-cancer qualities that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Also, it is believed that it can inactivate certain compounds that accelerate cancer proliferation, however, more studies are needed.

3. Boost your immune system

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C , another of the benefits of mandarin is that it can be ideal to stimulate your immune system and strengthen its function . This occurs because vitamin C has an antioxidant quality that supports and enhances the function of immune cells.

In fact, scientists have observed that consuming vitamin C can increase the production of antibodies in the body. In this way, there is a greater line of immune defense and with it, a more capable immune system to defend organic well-being.

Like vitamin C, mandarin has other antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system by fighting free radicals. It has also been observed that these antioxidants can fight other microorganisms that enter the body and can damage it.

4. It is beneficial for your skin and tissues

Mandarins have great benefits for the skin and for the different tissues that make up the body. Its abundance of vitamin C promotes the synthesis of collagen that gives structure to different organic tissues and, of course, to the skin.


This increase in collagen ensures stronger and more functional tissues . In addition, it guarantees firmer, more flexible, voluminous skin and even less signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Also, thanks to its good vitamin C content, another of the benefits of mandarin is that it is also vital to accelerate the healing process of wounds that arise in organic tissues. Thus, the shorter recovery time and secondary consequences such as the appearance of infections or accumulation of dead tissue in the wound are avoided.

5. Supports your gastrointestinal system

Due to its high fiber content, another of the benefits of mandarin is that it favors your gastrointestinal system to a great extent. This citrus contains a higher content of soluble fiber , but it also has a small amount of insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber is ingested and turns into a gel in the intestine when it comes into contact with the water in the organ. This gel will be necessary to soften the stool and give it an optimal size, so that it facilitates the excretion process.

Thus, soluble fiber improves intestinal transit and fights gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation. In addition, it improves the volume of the stool and helps to establish a regularity in the stool.

On the other hand, insoluble fiber is not digested and reaches the large intestine directly , where it is fermented by the intestinal microbiota. The fermentation process will allow the good bacteria in your gut to use this fiber as a food source . Consequently, the intestinal flora is strengthened by insoluble fiber.


The fiber in tangerines can also reduce the risk of digestive diseases , colorectal cancer and even being overweight.

6. Can prevent kidney stones

The acidity of mandarins, and other citrus fruits, is due to the citric acid that these fruits make. This acid can form citrate salts when it binds with other minerals and generates great benefits for the renal system.

It has been observed that one of the benefits of mandarin is that its consumption increases the levels of citrate in the urine and this can reduce the risk of suffering from kidney stones; since kidney stones are minerals that crystallize and form sediments or solids that cause pain in the renal system.


This benefit of mandarin occurs because a greater amount of citric acid allows more minerals excreted in the urine to form citrate salts . Thus, minerals are less likely to bind to elements that can form kidney stones such as oxalates.

More research is still needed on this, but this effect is really promising.

7. Fight inflammation

Thanks to vitamin C and the different flavonoid antioxidants that this fruit contains, another of health benefits of tangerine is that they are essential to combat inflammation in the body. This effect occurs because antioxidants fight free radicals and with it, their effects on the cells and tissues of the body.


Oxidative stress and an accumulation of free radicals have been linked to chronic inflammations that alter and damage the body . In fact, these inflammations often trigger chronic conditions such as degenerative problems, heart problems, etc.

However, when the antioxidants in mandarin orange eliminate free radicals from the body, inflammatory processes are also attenuated . Thus, the amount of cytokines and other pro-inflammatory biomarkers found in the blood is reduced.

In addition, this anti-inflammatory effect can be very useful to combat pro-inflammatory diseases such as arthritis ; as it reduces pro-inflammatory biomarkers and thereby helps reduce swelling and promote relief.

This effect can also be beneficial to alleviate pro-inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

8. It can fight anemia

Although mandarins are not recognized as the main food option to combat anemia, it is an excellent natural alternative. Anemia is characterized as a condition where there is poor systemic oxygenation that occurs due to a lack of iron in the body.

This condition can lead to fainting, fatigue, and weakness that completely affect people’s lifestyle. However, frequent consumption of mandarins can help combat this health problem.


Just one medium tangerine provides the body with about 1% of the body’s daily iron requirement . This amount is quite low compared to other fruits or foods, but it represents an extra supply of iron.

However, the greatest quality of mandarins is their richness in vitamin C because it increases the absorption of iron in the body. Non-heme iron is iron obtained from plant sources and is absorbed by the body less easily than animal iron.

Therefore, the contribution of vitamin C not only improves the assimilation of iron from mandarins , but also stimulates a better absorption of non-heme iron obtained from the daily diet.

In addition, another of the benefits of mandarin because they contain copper is that it can also improve the absorption of iron and increase the production of red blood cells . This effect will considerably improve oxygen transport throughout the body.

9. Improves bone health

Tangerines can also be great for improving bone health because they are rich in essential nutrients for bone tissue. Among its minerals, it contains the mineral calcium that is absorbed by the bones and helps to improve bone density.

In fact, this mineral creates a coating on the bone that can give it strength and prevent fractures or breaks . In addition, it contains magnesium that is responsible for increasing the levels of calcium absorbed by the body.


Together, this effect can promote better bone health and prevent the development of osteodegenerative diseases such as osteoporosis.

Contraindications of tangerine

1. It can affect your tooth enamel

The citric acid in tangerines can be great for benefiting the body in many ways. However, direct exposure of the teeth to this acid can cause damage or deterioration to the enamel that lines the teeth.

This occurs because the acid can be very strong and weakens the outermost layer that protects dental tissue from factors that can damage it. Therefore, one of the contraindications of mandarin is that it can damage our tooth enamel, so it is necessary to consume mandarin in moderation.

Also, it is necessary to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after you have eaten tangerines ; since the acid remains on your teeth and friction with the toothbrush will only accelerate the damage and deterioration of the tooth enamel.

2. It can cause heartburn

Another of the contraindications of mandarins is that excessive consumption of mandarins can cause heartburn because the main component of this fruit is citric acid. This acid is ingested and upon reaching the body, it can promote the production of stomach acids .

In this way, an excess of stomach acid increases the risk that said acid will return to the esophagus and cause the burning and terrible sensation of heartburn.


To avoid this, it is necessary not to abuse mandarins . Also, if you are susceptible to heartburn, it’s best to keep your mandarin consumption to a minimum.

3. It can damage your kidneys

One of the contraindications of mandarin if consumed in excess is that it can damage our kidneys because our stomach may not tolerate a lot of citric acid and ends up expelling it through the kidneys that can suffer excessively.

4. Ulcers in the mouth or stomach

Due to its high acid content, another of the contraindications of mandarin is that a high consumption of this fruit could cause ulcers in the mouth or stomach.

We hope the article on the Health benefits of tangerine and it contradictions has been of help.


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