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Health benefits of gongolili

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Discover the health benefits of gongolili, gongolili leaves, gongolili herb and gongolili tea.

Gongoli or vetiver or Chrysopogon nigritanus is a herbaceous plant of the Poaceae (grasses) family. Known under the name gongoli (dioula) in Ivory Coast, this species has fragrant roots.

You are women and you have blocked fallopian tubes, so you need Gongolili or vetiver to unclog your tubes.

Do you have a problem with cervical mucus or a problem of conception then the magic plant Gongolili of the woman is the miracle cure for you.


In many countries this magical plant is known under the name of GONGOLILI, name Dioula which has taken over.

It is your secret weapon and cannot be missed. I beg you to discover the health benefits of gongolili and make use of it.

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Health benefits of gongoli plant

Magic Plant for Women and it is really the plant friend of the woman.

God created this plant for the happiness of the Woman.


It is the all-rounder to make a woman happy in every way.

Every woman should use Gongoli on a daily basis because of its many virtues:

•Gongolili has the virtues of disinfectant.

•It cleanses the impurities of the belly, purifies the body of the woman.


•Gongolili naturally lubricates and perfumes the vagina and prevents urinary tract infections.

•Gongolili root fights pain after childbirth. In addition, it boosts their libido, gives a good intimate smell and prevents vaginal dryness.

•Good for improving the quality of cervical mucus and making conception easier.

•Gongolili is a natural unblocker of blocked tubes.


Origin of Gongolili

Native to India, this herb is very present in tropical areas of the world.

Most often introduced by industries using aromatic oil supplied by its roots, it grows equally well in India, Reunion, the Caribbean, Africa, South America and the Eastern Mediterranean.

This Gongoli or vetiver or Chrysopogon nigritanus plant is better known as Gongoli, yet each people has its own name.

The name Gongolili in the Dioula language took precedence over vetiver in French, over Chrysopogon nigritanus the Latin name or scientific name, without forgetting the other appellations khamaré


The plant occurs in the form of large green tufts, the root of which, growing vertically, can reach depths of up to 2 to 3 meters.

The vetiver roots are harvested then dried and braided for better conservation.

How to use Gongolili

It can be used warm or cool.

Lukewarm  : Boil 10 twigs for 2 liters of water and drink the decoction.


So let cool and pour into a bottle and consume this decoction at the rate of 2 to 3 cups per day for a month depending on your pain.

Remember to consume at bedtime. You can also use it for your personal hygiene.

Drink the resulting drink at the rate of 2 cups a day for a month for urinary tract infection, for 3 months to unclog blocked fallopian tubes.

Make it an intimate toilet to tighten the vagina, lubricate the vagina and overcome the drop in Libido.


Fresh  : Wash the roots and place them in a bottle of water, at the rate of 10 twigs for 2 liters of water. Leave to macerate for 2 days.

Drink the resulting drink at the rate of 2 cups a day for a month for urinary tract infection, for 3 months to unclog blocked fallopian tubes.

Make it an intimate toilet to tighten the vagina and overcome the drop in Libido.

Gongolili tea


Indications  : Urinary tract infections, Hydrosalpinx, sagging vagina, blocked tubes, vaginal dryness, low libido in women, frigidity in women, defect in cervical mucus in women, stinking periods, etc.


– Instructions for use:

  • Lunch and Dinner: Infuse a teaspoon of the powder in a cup of liquid hot for a month Morning uninterrupted. Drink lukewarm.
  • Or, make a tablespoon of the powder in 2 liters of water. Drink half a cup, 3 times a day for a month.

How is gongolili used on a wound?

For that, it is just necessary to recover some dry roots and to make a powder, then to apply it on the wound and it will be disinfected while promoting its healing.

It is also used on women during childbirth.

It is used for this purpose to treat internal wounds of the stomach after childbirth.


The same goes for calming and relieving painful periods, removing bad blood and period waste, according to the seller of women’s secrets.

So, a real antiseptic in the daily life of women. “You just have to boil some vetiver and drink its lukewarm water.

It is very effective ”. Even more our investigations have allowed us to know that this plant prevents urinary and vaginal infections.

It makes smelly white discharge and itching disappear, moistens the vagina especially women approaching menopause.


Vetiver is eaten cold or hot. But the best is to drink it hot.

The essential properties make that it gives a good intimate odor during the stool and allows the easy humidification of the vagina.

However, the mode of use depends on the person, as some put a few root stems in the water bottles or vases then drink it and voila.

There are also those which boil a few strands for ten minutes in water and consume lukewarm.


NB. You can make an enema with a pear at bedtime.

To tighten the vagina, just use the infusion or decoction for personal hygiene or in a sitz bath.

Gongolili benefits in pregnancy

In case of female infertility, take the potion from the first day of menstruation until the fourteenth and stop to resume in case of non-pregnancy.

Do this for each menstrual cycle until conception is proven.


Can pregnant women take gongolili?

It is important to respect this interruption because Gongolili is strongly discouraged in the event of pregnancy.

Gongolili recipe

To implement this remedy in your home, you will need:


• Gongoli plants


lemon and mint

Directions : Boil these 4 ingredients for 15 min. The recipe can be used lukewarm or cool.


Lukewarm  : Let cool after infusion and transfer to a bottle. Consume this infusion like your water.

Remember to consume it most often before going to bed.

You can also use the solution for your personal hygiene or in steam.

Fresh  : Wash the roots and put them in a bottle of water and drink the resulting drink.


NB : Men can also take an infusion of Gongoli. It will clean your bladder and also give you great body odor.

Gongolili side effects

Gongoli is LIKELY SAFE in food amounts. There isn’t enough reliable information to know if gongolili is safe when used in amounts found in medicine or what the side effects might be.


We hope the article on the health benefits of gongolili has been of help to you.


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