Health benefits of djeka leaves

Discover the health benefits of djeka leaves also called Ogyama leaves.

Health benefits of djeka leavesDjeka leaves or “stick tight” are a very effective and proven antibiotic. These leaves help cleanse the stomach and eliminate wounds caused by pregnancy. Sex being an effective weapon in the couple, it is essential to maintain it in order to keep it healthy and clean.

If you have never tried it, here are some benefits that should convince you. Djeka leaves are very effective in the case of vaginal infections. They make the woman’s sex firm and very young. It is a natural product with no side effects available to everyone.

Health Benefits of Djeka leaves

Djeka leaves help:

-Remove foul-smelling white discharge

Tighten VaginalĀ 

  • Alleviate and relieve painful periods

-Eradicate Vaginal itching

-Djeka leaves helps to reduce vaginal odorĀ 

-Heals lower abdomen wounds after childbirth

How to use Djeka leaves?

To overcome loss of appetite

Boil the dried leaves with water for 10 min. Let cool and drink. For nurses, these leaves have a reputation for healing “wounds” on the stomach and helping to reduce its volume.

For those who want a pleasant intimate hygiene and tighten the slot, the leaves of Djeka are just as useful!

Boil the leaves in plenty of water, then spill the resulting liquid into a bucket you can sit on (sit) at 5 min intervals (it heats up lol). This technique, called a steam bath, not only helps rid the woman’s privacy of certain impurities, but also keeps her warm and tightens it. You can also use it for your personal hygiene two or three times a week it is just as effective.

There are various ways to use it warm, cool.

Cleanse intimately with this wonderful plant, twice a week.

Possibility of drinking this cold infusion to replace your natural drink, water.

The leaf for more efficiency can be associated with gongolili.

Contraindication of djeka leaves

Djeka leaves are strictly not recommended for pregnant women because it causes the tightening of the vaginal.

We hope the article on the health benefits of djeka leaves has been of help.