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Health benefits of cassava flour

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Discover the Health benefits of cassava flour.

Cassava flour is a feasible option for people with gluten intolerance, as well as being used in a wide variety of recipes and pastries as it is an alternative for people with celiac disease.

This tuber, known as cassava, represents the third most important source of calories, being vital in countries such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. In addition, it is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, very easy to digest and widely recommended as an ingredient to add to the diet.

Potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and calcium are among the main minerals present in cassava starch that is later converted into cassava flour. It is also a source of vitamin B and C, with little fat and protein. It is important to note that this food should not be eaten raw as it has toxic substances, which decompose into cyanide and acetone.


How to make cassava flour

Cassava goes through a period of grating and pressing, when it is dried either in the sun or by fire, it is ground to obtain a very fine flour, from which the starch called tapioca is obtained by sedimentation. This is in different forms, either as flour or small pearls of different sizes.

Health benefits of cassava flour to add to our recipes

Cassava flour stands out for being a food suitable for people with celiac disease and those with gluten sensitivity, it is a 100% gluten-free food.

Other important health benefits of cassava flour include:

1. High energy intake

It is an ideal food for children, adolescents in the growth stage, as it stands out for its energy intake and high content of vitamins and minerals. For this reason, it is recommended to consume it in the morning, to have enough energy to carry out daily activities.


It is also an ingredient widely used by people who play sports.

2. Provides satiety and reduces appetite

It is a source of complex and easily digestible carbohydrates, that is, it helps to reduce appetite and generate a satiety effect.

3. Food with a high caloric content

The main virtue of this food is its richness in carbohydrates and its fat content is very low. Cassava flour has a much higher caloric value than cassava, being the starch, 100 grams of tapioca can provide up to 350 calories, compared to 159 calories.

4. It is a very digestive food

Cassava flour is much easier to digest than common flour, which is why its consumption is commonly recommended for people with sensitive stomach and intestines. These digestive, emollient and astringent properties are widely recognized, being a recommended food for people with certain disorders such as gastritis, heartburn, flatulence, ulcers and indigestion.


5. Appreciable source of minerals and vitamins

It stands out for having a high content of B vitamins, such as riboflavin (B2) and Niacin (B3). In addition, due to a high content of potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

Cassava flour must be combined with other protein sources

This food must be combined with other foods rich in protein, to prevent the diet from being deficient in this macronutrient. This taking into account that cassava  is a poor food or with a low level of protein.

Risks and contraindications of cassava flour

Without a doubt, this flour is a food with broad properties and benefits for health, which can be added to daily recipes, especially in the mornings. However, it is a food that if consumed in excess can be harmful like any other food.


Excess can be a cause of overweight, since its carbohydrate intake is much higher and it is advisable to consume in moderation. It has been possible to associate it as a supplement in weight loss, but before adding it to the diet for this purpose, prior consultation with a health professional is recommended.

Pregnant women, lactating women or people with diabetes should consult their doctor when choosing to consume this flour.

Cassava flour: our recipes

With this flour, you can make a multitude of gourmet and delicious recipes : savory or sweet dishes, indulge yourself!

Practical advice: in your pastries, replace the same quantity of wheat flour with that of cassava and respect the same cooking time.


To give you some recipe ideas, here are four.

Recipe idea: Coconut cake (gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free)

What’s the point of trying cassava flour? It allows, for example, to make this delicious coconut cake : gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free.

How to do it ?

Mix 90 g of cassava flour, 20 g of coconut powder, 240 g of almond milk, the zest of half a lime, a tablespoon of brown sugar and one of cinnamon.

Place small balls of this dough on the baking sheet, flatten them with a fork.


Cook for about twenty minutes.

Let cool and call your friends!

Cassava flour pancake

To make your pancakes, it’s very simple:


Sift 125 grams of cassava flour 2-3 times;


Add to a bowl: two eggs , a sachet of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt;

Stir in the cassava flour;

Add a tablespoon of melted butter.

Gradually add 250 ml of milk, mixing with each addition;


Mix until you get a smooth paste;

Make your pancakes in an oiled pan or crepe maker.

Decorate them as you wish to make them even more delicious.

Cassava flour: the pancake

To prepare cassava flour pancakes, you need:


500 g of cassava flour.

A tablespoon of fresh or powdered ginger .

A teaspoon of cumin .

2 onions.


2 eggs.

A bunch of coriander .

Salt, pepper and a tablespoon of oil.

Preparation . Start by washing and peeling the cassava. Grate it finely and peel the onions. Combine all the ingredients except the oil. In a frying pan, pour the oil and cook your patties covered for 5-7 minutes depending on the thickness.


Cassava flour bread

To make your bread with cassava flour, here is a recipe idea:

Mix 100 g of Gruyère and 100 g of grated Parmesan , sour cream, a teaspoon of baking powder and a teaspoon of salt.

Add 380 g of cassava flour and mix.

Make a well and pour 18 cl of fresh water little by little and mixing regularly to avoid the formation of lumps.


Knead until you get a dough that is neither too wet nor too dry.

Form balls and stretch them to form cylindrical buns.

Put them on a buttered baking sheet and bake at 200 ° C for 15-20 minutes.

We hope the health benefits of cassava flour has been of help.


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