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Burning Sage: 11 Benefits and how to burn it

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Discover the 11 Incredible Health Benefits Of Burning Sage.

Burn sage to drive out bad energies?

At first glance, the idea may seem a little strange …

Yet it is an ancient Native American ritual that has existed for millennia!

Burning Sage: 11 Incredible Health Benefits


Burning white sage is a rite of protection and purification.


The practice is similar to myrrh and frankincense, which are burned in churches.

For centuries, many cultures have used sage leaves in their purification and healing rituals.

So what’s the point of burning sage at home?

Many people use this practice to cleanse their homes and make them feel better at home.

But this is far from being the only virtue!

Benefits of burning sage

Here are 11 health benefits of burning sage that everyone should know about. Look :


1. Purifies the air in the house

Sages used in purification rites have powerful antimicrobial properties.

This means that they can repel pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

For example, prairie sage ( Artemisia ludoviciana ) has both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties ( study 1, 2 ).

As for white sage ( Salvia apiana ), it is antimicrobial.

It is also given insect repellent properties ( 3 ).

2. Relieves respiratory diseases

It turns out that sage doesn’t just repel insects and bacteria.


Indeed, many people believe that burning white sage produces negative ions.

And subsequently, these negative ions help neutralize the positive ions that build up in the air.

Be aware that positive ions are present in several substances that cause allergic reactions:

  • pet dander,
  • pollution,

  • dust, and

  • mold.

Thus, burning sage to purify the air may have a beneficial effect on people who suffer from asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders ( 4 ).

On the other hand, inhaling the smoke directly when you burn sage can make your respiratory condition worse.

This is why it is recommended to wait until the smoke is completely dissipated before returning to a room where you have just burned sage.

3. A powerful spiritual tool

White sage has been used for centuries to connect to the spiritual world, increase focus, and amplify one’s senses.

Thus, in traditional cultures, healers and the uninitiated alike burned sage to achieve a deep state of healing – but also to meditate or resolve spiritual dilemmas.


The spiritual use of sage has a scientific explanation.

Indeed, some sage of the genus Salvia ( 5 ) like the sage of the prairies ( 6 ) contain thujone.

However, many studies have shown that this molecule is slightly psychoactive (7 ).

Thujone is present in many plants used in sacred rituals to amplify the senses.

4. Cast out negative thoughts

Many people burn white sage as a ritual to drive negative energies out of their bodies and living space.

This ritual allows you to unload negative emotions and charges from the past, from a bad experience, or an unpleasant encounter.


It can also help you restore balance and positivity to your living space or any other negativity-laden place.

So by choosing to drive out your negative thoughts, you are creating a positive environment that improves the way you see things.

5. Purifies objects

Burning sage produces a thick, fragrant smoke known for its purifying benefits.

You can use the white sage sticks to purify your mind or your living space. But not only…

Indeed, many people also use this ritual to purify objects.


For example, you can purify and expel negative energies from any object: newly purchased items, second-hand items, and also gifts.


So, if you suspect that a new or old object is charged with negativity, the whorls of white sage can help you cleanse it.

6. Improves mood

According to its traditional use, burning sage can uplift the spirit, to the point of flushing out all negative energy.

However, scientific research supports this theory.

Researchers have proven that prairie sage (also called white mugwort) is an effective remedy for relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and mood disorders ( 8 ).

7. Relieves stress

Burning sage can not only improve your mood, but the ancient ritual can help you deal with stress as well.

American researchers have found that white sage ( Salvia apiana ) has a high content of compounds that act on certain receptors in the brain ( 9 ).


These receptors play a vital role in reducing stress and even relieving pain.

8. Improves the quality of sleep

The smoke ceremony is traditionally used to eliminate negative thoughts that prevent sleep.

Several research indicates that sage contains natural compounds that help relieve insomnia ( 10 ).

Moreover, as with white sage, the leaves of common sage ( Salvia officinalis ) are also burned to improve the quality of sleep and soothe anxiety.

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9. Improves memory and concentration

In addition to flushing out negative energy, improving mood, and amplifying the senses, burning white sage can also improve memory and increase focus.

According to a review of several studies, the sage of the genus Salvia has powerful cognitive benefits ( 11 ).

The results are promising, especially in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, more research is needed to confirm this hypothesis.

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10. Fight against fatigue

Chasing bad energies from your body, objects and your personal space allows room for positive energies.


For many people, it can also have an energizing effect and help fight fatigue.

Moreover, several plants similar to the sage of the prairies are also used in the ceremony of the smoke.

And most of these herbs have scientifically proven anti-fatigue benefits.

11. Perfumes and deodorizes the house

For many people, this is surely the best health benefit of white sage.

Indeed, used in incense, sage sticks give off a sweet and natural scent.

Thus, burning sage in your home is a simple and effective way to deodorize and eliminate bad odors.


It is much more natural than using chemicals that are harmful to health.


What you need

Burning sage in a purification ritual (also known as smudging) is simple and requires few materials:

  • a stick of white sage (or smudge stick )
  • a large shell-like an oyster or a small bowl to deposit the ashes

  • matches or a candle to light the stick

  • optional: a feather or a fan to dispel the smoke

There are many varieties of sage that you can burn to purify your indoor space. Traditionally, we use:

  • white sage or sacred sage ( Salvia apiana )
  • other varieties of the genus Salvia

  • white grassland sage ( Artemisia ludoviciana )

  • other varieties of the genus Artemisia

To support and respect the cultures that have developed the practice of smudging, purchase sage sticks of Native American origin, like here.

Before you burn sage

  • Before burning sage, it is recommended to set your goal. Are you using it for spiritual purposes? To chase away bad energies? Define the reason why you are going to burn sage.
  • Be sure to remove pets from the room you are purifying.

  • Open a window before, during, and after smudging. This will allow the smoke to dissipate.

  • Be sure to follow the above steps. Remember, for many people, white sage smoke helps clean up spaces and drive away negative energy.

How to do

Follow these steps to burn sage, whether it’s purifying your living space or an item. You can purify them as often as you like.

  1. Light the end of your sage stick with a match.
  2. Let it burn for 2 to 3 seconds, then blow on it to extinguish the flame.

  3. The burning of the leaves should give off thick, fragrant smoke.

  4. Hold the sage stick in one hand, and use the other hand to direct the smoke around your body and into your living space.

  5. Allow the smoke to permeate the areas of the body or your living space that you want to cleanse. To better direct the smoke, you can also use a fan or a feather (optional).

  6. Place the ashes in a bowl or other container.

How to cleanse your house with sage?

  • Direct the smoke from the sage stick onto all surfaces and spaces in your home or living space.

  • Be thorough. Direct the smoke into every corner of the room: the door, the windows, and even inside furniture and cupboards.

  • Whether it’s a single room or the whole house, go around the space until you come back to the starting point. The main thing is to carefully direct the smoke to all surfaces.

How to purify an object with sage?

  • Use sage smoke to purify a newly acquired object (jewelry, furniture, clothing), to protect them, or to rid them of their negative energy.

  • Similarly, you can also purify any object related to a bad memory or which is charged with negative energy.

  • Many people burn sage to purify items that are important to them and to give them sacred meaning.

  • To do this, just spread the smoke on and around the object you want to purify.

  • Use your hand or a fan to better direct the smoke.

What to do after burning sage?

After purifying an item or living space, make sure the sage stick is completely off.

To do this, simply tap the lighted end of the stick in a small bowl of wood ash or sand.

Be sure to check the end to make sure the embers are completely out.


Once turned off, store the stick in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

What are the dangers of burning sage?

  • If the ritual is done correctly and respectfully, it is safe to burn sage. Plus, its benefits continue even after the smoke has cleared.
  • Be careful when holding the lit sage stick in your hand. Otherwise, you risk getting burned or even starting a fire. So make sure you always have water nearby.

  • Never leave a lit sage stick unattended. Make sure you turn off your sticks completely after each use.

  • Burning sage can set off smoke detectors. Do not forget if you are purifying your office or other public space.

  • People who have asthma or other breathing problems are more sensitive to smoke, which can produce unwanted reactions.

  • When burning sage, always keep a window open. Inhaling smoke can be harmful to your health.



Burning sage is a practice renowned for its spiritual virtues.

Several studies have proven some of the health benefits of sage.

Known for its antimicrobial properties, sage as a cleansing ritual also promotes focus, but more research is needed.

Indeed, apart from research on the cultural and spiritual aspect of this ancestral practice, there are few scientific studies on the benefits of burning sage.

Remember that burning sage is a sacred ritual among Native Americans. So, treat this practice with all due respect.

Where to buy sage?

You can buy sage at the supermarket or buy it here on the internet.


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