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Benefits of watermelon sexually

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Discover the benefits of watermelon sexually.

Research carried out by Texas A&M University, United States, indicated that the phytonutrients (lycopene, beta-carotene, and citrulline) contained in watermelon act on blood vessels and could combat impotence.

According to the specialist in the sexuality of that educational institution, Bhimu Patil, a slice of the fruit would have effects on the male erection and even increase libido.

“Consumption in the stipulated amount ensures, relaxes, and dilates the blood vessels while improving blood flow and giving more strength to erections, acting just like Viagra, but in a natural way and without side effects for the body. ”.

Watermelon or melon?

Citrullus lanatus, commonly called watermelon, acendria, syndrome, watermelon, aguamelon, or watermelon is a species of the Cucurbitaceae family, native to Africa. However, it has a great presence and diffusion in Asia.

The plant is widely cultivated throughout the world due to its fruit, a huge peponid. By the way, the record was a specimen of 88.5 kg. Surprising, right?


benefits of watermelon sexually


Among its botanical characteristics, it stands out as a climbing or creeping species, with an annual cycle. It is rough in texture, with hairy stems provided with tendrils and leaves with five deep lobes. The flowers are yellow, large, and unisexual. The female ones have the gynoecium with three carpels, and the male ones, with five stamens.

In the Mediterranean basin, they flower between June and July (boreal summer) and mature 40 days after flowering. In Spain, it was introduced by the Arabs. Currently, they cultivate it throughout the peninsula, mainly in Andalusia and in the east.

The etymology of its name reflects this origin since watermelon comes from the Hispanic Arabic sandiyya. In classical Arabic, it is sindiyyah, from Sind, a region of Pakistan, from which the name comes.

Refresh and feed

There is no more refreshing way to counteract the heatwave of summer in tropical countries than a good glass of melon juice with ice. Those who have tasted this soft drink, in addition to appreciating the pleasant taste on the palate, feel greater relief from the suffocation of high temperatures.

Now, feelings aside.


The nutritional value and other benefits make us pay special attention to its consumption. It is easy to handle as it does not need to be peeled. This peculiarity makes it an ideal dessert for the little ones, and, given the soft texture of its pulp, it is indicated for those who have difficulty chewing food.

The high amount of water makes it a powerful moisturizer. Therefore, it is a snack especially recommended for older people, who usually express dislike of drinking enough liquids. Two good slices of watermelon replace a glass of water, and with the pleasure of tasting a refreshing, sweet, and tasty delicacy.

In general, it is easy to digest, although it can be indigestible for some people if they eat it after meals. Its high intake of water dilutes gastric juices, thus delaying the digestion of food, which causes the consequent feeling of fullness and swelling.

On the other hand, it represents a magnificent diuretic, that is, it increases urine production. Its consumption is indicated for those who suffer from kidney stones, high uric acid, hypertension, and other diseases that cause fluid retention.

As expected, the melon is ideal in weight-loss diets, since it can supply a double portion of the food to the body, without the same consequences as many other fruits.


Healing properties

Citrullus lanatus varieties, whose flesh is pink and red, are considered a moderate source of lycopene. Numerous scientific studies have highlighted that this component has antioxidant properties.

If included in the diet, it reduces the risk of certain types of cancer in general of the pancreas, lung, colon, and prostate in particular.

It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, with beneficial effects on the immune system, growth control, and cell differentiation.

Many people are concerned about the amount of sugar in watermelon. But “that’s a misunderstanding, because the sugar content, gram for gram, is much lower than in other fruits,” said Jennifer McDaniel, a registered dietitian nutritionist and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

While a cup of chopped watermelon has about nine grams of sugar, she argues, a medium banana contains 14 to 15 grams of the sweet, as does a cup of blueberries. Dietary recommendations state that adults should eat two cups of fruit a day.


Although cantaloupe has a high glycemic index, its high water content gives it a lower load, meaning it doesn’t rapidly spike blood sugar when consumed normally.


In Puebla, Mexico, they recommend it to treat malaria, rheumatism, constipation, kidney problems, gout, and urinary tract disorders. In Michoacán, the councils of grandparents consider their qualities in healing burns. For this purpose, they use the fruit in slices, applied externally to the affected epidermis.

Benefits of watermelon sexually

Back to the finding, according to recent research on the effectiveness of watermelon consumption in resolving erectile dysfunction. It would be good to reflect on some bibliographical notes that address the subject. Let’s read.

Today, the increase in life expectancy and quality of life for men and women has led, among other factors, to an increasing number of older people who do not want to give up sex because of age. However, men often have to deal with impotence.

Fortunately, many of them can have a normal sexual life with the help of Viagra and other similar drugs. This is a double-edged sword since they can temporarily “remedy” the disorder.

Sometimes it does so at the cost of very undesirable side effects. In addition, it is not recommended for people with previous cardiovascular problems, so many middle-aged men cannot use it.

For this reason, researchers continue to search for a new treatment that is non-invasive and unlikely to cause health problems. Much remains to be investigated. A possible option could be more at hand than it seems.


It should be noted that the “modus operandi” of Viagra is to increase blood flow, facilitating an erection. This sudden increase in effusion could cause vascular problems for people with heart disorders, as opposed to the method used by watermelon.

In this case, the erection is facilitated by a substance present in this fruit, known as citrulline. It is a non-protein amino acid, which once in the body is transformed into another called arginine, which promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide. This chemical element helps to open the vessels in a way that improves blood flow and, with it, erections.

On the other hand, it has been found that men with erectile dysfunction tend to have lower levels of one of these two amino acids or even both. Its relationship with erections seems clear.

Magic recipes

Of course not. Everything has a scientific basis, at least this has been confirmed by some experiences. Keep in mind that the vast majority of watermelon is water.

Only concentrated juices contain a sufficient amount of citrulline. The red variant is the one that carries less of this substance. The part of the fruit in which there are higher levels of it would be the rind, so it could be added to fruit smoothies.


Preparing an invigorating juice is very simple, follow these steps:

As ingredients take a quarter of a watermelon, pomegranate, and lemon juice – honey can be added. Blend the melon and the pomegranate with lemon juice. Include the white part of the peel, as it has a concentrated amount of citrulline.

This juice works best when the stomach is empty. Then, it is best to take it on an empty stomach, but it is also recommended to drink it before dinner.

Some research points to the white part of the fruit as the most advisable for this and other nutritional purposes. They consider that portion of the fruit to contain a large number of vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, the bark is full of chlorophyll crystals, a pigment that helps detoxify the body and purify the blood.

Some recommend the use of seeds with similar results. In this case, you must crush 50 to 100 seeds and boil them with 2 liters of water. It can be taken, after washing, as normal water. The ideal is to drink a rate on an empty stomach and the benefits are better that way.

The results of this remedy are not immediately effective as a dysfunction pill. This is taken and in about half an hour we are ready to have improved performance. Instead, the natural potion improves our sexual response gradually. It should be taken for at least a week.

For those who are kept awake by this trick of the body, nothing, try; in the end, it is a harmless treatment and perhaps you will find the desired surprise for your sexual appetite.


In addition to using the pulp in juices, fruit cocktails or simply to taste in slices, the white part is also used to make a delicious sweet in syrup.

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