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Benefits of sauna you could never imagine

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Discover the 5 Benefits of a sauna you could never imagine.

The sauna is a high-temperature steam bath that can bring multiple benefits to your body, such as a feeling of relaxation, as well as helping you cleanse your skin or improve blood circulation. If what you are looking for is to feel more vital, this type of bathroom is a very good option!

The sauna has its origin in Finland and its beginnings, it was considered a sacred place. Generally, it was located in the patios of the houses, where the family gathered to purify the body and mind.

From the 20th century, everything began to change and saunas became an activity linked to leisure, which you can currently find in spas, hotels, gyms, and some private homes.

It is a small wooden space that has a built-in electric or wood stove that heats stones until they reach a high temperature, and water is poured over them to generate steam.

In case you did not know, there are two types of saunas: the dry one, which is characterized by a temperature between 80 and 90 degrees and humidity not exceeding 20%, and, on the other hand, the wet one, also known as a hammam or Arab bath. , which does not exceed 70 degrees, but bets on a much higher humidity index.


How to use the sauna

To enter a sauna you must take into account several recommendations, first of all, health.

Its use is contraindicated if you have certain types of diseases (heart conditions, epilepsy, or cancer among others, so do not forget to consult a doctor), and you should also take into account your stomach.

Although the protocol includes leaving some space after meals, you should not feel hungry, thirsty, or tired. Also do not eat or drink during your stay, but hydrate yourself during the refreshment periods.

Just as important is that you calculate the time you are going to dedicate to it and how you are going to divide it. You should always have a clock handy because the sessions should last between 5 and 15 minutes.

When you need to cool off, go outside, stay outside for a few minutes to cool your airways, and take a warm or, if able, cold shower, starting with your extremities and slowly working your way to your heart and head areas.

This is the time to drink fluids with electrolytes, such as mineral water, juices, or an isotonic drink, to recover the minerals that you have lost through sweat.


In these breaks of about 10 minutes, you should assess how you feel. If it is the first time you try the sauna, do a single hot-cold combination, and remember that you should never go over three, even when you have already got used to the process.

If you’re just starting, it doesn’t hurt to have someone with you who already has some experience.

Benefits of sauna you could never imagine


Before entering the sauna, it is recommended that you take a shower with soap to eliminate bacteria or germs and acclimatize your body.

Always bring a towel and slippers, and even if you wear a swimsuit, place the towel on the bench where you are going to sit.

Once inside, go to the central area (not too high, not too low) and focus on breathing through your mouth and being relaxed.


You can place yourself in a horizontal position so that your whole body is at the same temperature, but before leaving, try to sit for two minutes and sit up more to avoid sudden changes in tension or dizziness.

If you follow these steps and are always attentive to your sensations, you will have nothing to worry about.

Once the basic instructions have been mentioned, the time has come to focus on the list of benefits that the sauna can bring you.

Benefits of sauna

1. Benefits of sauna for skin

In case you didn’t know, sweat is a natural way to cleanse your body. The sauna acts as a vasodilator that opens the pores of your skin, which will allow you to eliminate impurities and have cleaner skin.

2 . For stress

The sauna is a very good method to relax and feel good. The heat helps to relax your muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins, which will make you feel more vital.

3. For blood circulation

The heat from the sauna causes your blood vessels to dilate. This allows blood to circulate more fluidly and helps detoxify and oxygenate body tissues.


4. Benefits of sauna for immunity

Your body in a sauna can reach high temperatures and, as a consequence, activate its defenses. Like when you have a fever, it produces antibodies and white blood cells that stimulate your immune system.

5. Benefits of sauna for sleep

The sauna, as we have mentioned before, helps you relax, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

If you want to know more about the importance of healthy sleep and its influence on your vitality, remember that you can consult this article.

As you have seen, the sauna will help you feel better and will bring you many benefits. Dare to try it!

Of course, if you have never entered a sauna, we recommend that you first consult a doctor or expert, since you must make sure that it is advisable for your health condition.


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