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Benefits of potatoes for weight loss

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Discover the benefits of potatoes for weight loss.

Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables. Kids especially love their fries. It adapts to all meals, you can do many things with potatoes.

Now I am going to talk about another thing that can be done with potatoes in addition to the recipe. potato diet…

You hardly see potatoes on diet lists. It is a food that is rarely eaten in the diet due to its high starch content. Health benefits of potatoes weight loss


He loves the potato diet another type of diet. we are used to lists of diets not of. A crash diet that claims to help you lose weight in a short time. It’s like losing 3 kilos in 5 days.

and potato diet can not continue for long. Although there are different forms and versions, in general, the diet is carried out in periods of three days, five days, or a week.


potato It is a healthy food that everyone can eat as long as it is an excellent food source and healthy cooking methods are used. But since it is a crash diet and water is eliminated instead of fat, the potato diet is not seen with a very healthy eye.

” How to do a potato diet If you are wondering, let’s clear your doubts and tell you everything you want to know about the diet.

Let’s give a warning before we start, and I must say that before starting this diet, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

What is the potato diet?

Potato diet It is usually done in periods of three or five days.

How much weight does the potato diet lose?

Although it varies from person to person, you can lose up to five kilos after three days.

How to make a potato diet?

Potato diet The application of ni is quite simple because very little food is used. Although there are different versions, the general rules of the diet are as follows;


Eat only boiled potatoes for three to five days.

Consume one to two and a half kg of potatoes every day.

Do not add any other ingredients to the potatoes, such as salsa, ketchup, butter, sour cream, and cheese.

Salt can be used but in moderation.

When you are thirsty, you can only drink water, tea, or black coffee.

Intense exercise is not recommended. Instead, do light exercise and walk.


Potato diet White potatoes are used. Remember that the cooking method is important. No fried or over-processed potato products such as potato chips or chips are used.

Does the potato diet lose weight?

Potato diet There are no studies in this regard, but dieting will help you lose weight because the number of calories you are going to eat during the day is very low.

If you eat between one and two and a half kg of potatoes a day, this amount corresponds to 530-1,300 calories.

Potato Diet While effective for short-term weight loss, it is not a long-term solution. Potatoes are a nutritious food, but they don’t provide all the nutrients a person needs for overall health.

Also, being on a very low-calorie diet slows down metabolism and reduces muscle mass. Those who lose weight on the potato diet are likely to gain weight when they return to their normal diet.

The benefits of the potato diet.

While it has been criticized by many health experts for its crash diet, it also has some potential benefits:


•Potatoes are a nutritious food. Vitamin C, potassium, folate, and iron An excellent source of many essential vitamins and minerals, such as

•Potatoes are cheap and easy to find.

•High fiber content. Studies have shown that high fiber diets benefit gut health, obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes states that it may play a role in preventing

Despite these benefits, potatoes do not provide all the necessary nutrients. For example, Vitamin B12 does not contain some important vitamins and minerals for health such as calcium and zinc.

Potato diet damage

Eating potatoes as the only source of food is not healthy. ” Is the potato diet harmful? The answer to the question can be given as follows;

Potato diet too restrictive. It is a difficult diet to maintain.


Binge eating disorder Can trigger some eating disorders, such as

Potato diet Since it is applied for only three to five days, the risk of developing nutrient deficiencies is low, but if you apply it too frequently, nutrient deficiencies can develop.

Muscle is lost on diet.


Potato diet Being a very low-calorie diet, it slows down the metabolism.

What to eat with the potato diet?

Potatoes are the only food allowed. You can prepare potatoes in different ways:

oven fried





Mashed potatoes

Salt is the only seasoning allowed. In some variations, spices are also used. It is recommended to drink water, pure tea, and black coffee as a beverage.

Potato diet list

We said that there are different versions of this diet. Although there are different lists, it is essential to consume potatoes in each meal of this diet. Order 3 Day Potato Diet Here is a sample list for:


1 day

breakfast: 2 boiled potatoes with a cup of black coffee

Sandwich: 1 boiled potatoes

Lunch: Mashed 2 boiled potatoes

Sandwich: 1 boiled potatoes

Dinner: Baked fat-free fries


2 day

Breakfast: Baked French fries with a cup of black coffee

Sandwich: 2 boiled potatoes

Lunch: 1 boiled potato sprinkled with 2 pinches of salt

Sandwich: 2 boiled potatoes

Dinner: 2 baked potatoes


3 day

Breakfast: Baked potato with a cup of natural tea

Sandwich : 3 boiled potatoes

Lunch : 3 baked potatoes

Sandwich : 3 boiled potatoes

Dinner : 3 steamed potatoes with a pinch of salt


Should you do the potato diet?

Potato Diet Not a healthy choice. You lose weight by losing weight, but you lose water, not fat. I do not believe it. Choose healthier weight loss methods.

Perhaps those who are overweight can apply it in the first place to lose weight quickly and be motivated when starting a diet.

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