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Benefits of pineapple About Health



benefits of pineapple sexually

Discover the benefits of pineapple sexually.

Whether you are a complete lover of fruit or if you are one of those who prefers another type of dessert, after reading what we are going to tell you today, you will never be able to stop putting it in your mouth.

Pineapple is one of the tropical fruits with the greatest contribution of nutrients to the body. In addition to improving intestinal transit, this Latin American delicacy, originally from Brazil, is capable of converting proteins into amino acids necessary for our body.

benefits of pineapple sexually

The benefits of pineapple and any other fruit are multiple for our body, but did you know that these aphrodisiac fruits are good for improving our sexual experiences?

In our male sexuality clinics we are usually very salty, but today we are going to give you a cup of the sweetest thing we know.

Benefits of pineapple sexually

As you already know, fruit is one of the foods that should not be missing from your daily healthy diet. Among the multitude of possibilities, pineapple has become one of the essentials on our menus and, on many occasions, not because of what you think.

The benefits of pineapple sexually will make you enjoy, above all, a much more complete oral sex and, in addition, you will be able to experience new sensations with your partner or with whomever you want, so that sexual desire never loses its flame.

1. Sweeten fluids

Several of our specialists recommend eating a cup of pineapple for a while before having sex. This will cause the semen to taste sweeter and the vaginal fluids to at least become neutral. Pineapple and oral sex are deeply connected. The large amount of enzymes and minerals that they provide us is what causes the flavor of the fluids to change.

On the contrary, to avoid unpleasant sexual encounters, it is highly recommended to avoid alcoholic beverages, too many soft drinks, or even coffee, as well as tobacco. These people are more likely to have a more bitter taste in their fluids.

2. More pleasurable sensations during oral sex

Pineapple and oral sex are not only linked because it changes the taste of fluids but also because it improves the sexual experience to the fullest.

This aphrodisiac fruit causes our tongue to become rougher and, therefore, change its touch, which will cause us to enjoy a greater sensation when we practice oral sex.

3. Prolongs erections

Its consumption, according to what several andrologists tell us, helps to maintain the erection of the penis for a longer time.

On numerous occasions, one of the biggest concerns is the persistence or duration of sex, so don’t worry, eat healthily, and include pineapple in your daily diet so that this doesn’t happen again.

In the same way, the recommended thing, to achieve full sexual enjoyment for a longer period, is to have a snack, breakfast, or dinner, a little pineapple before having sex, but if you do it at any time, we are so happy.

4. Arouses sexual desire

Stress, anxiety, or problems with the couple? There are innumerable factors that condition our sexual desire, but luckily, at The Test Clinics, we know how to awaken it.

The lack of sexual desire generally tends to worsen with age and to prevent this from happening, the fact of experimenting and trying new sexual experiences with your partner is very important.

In this case, pineapple contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that improves male potency and also causes the generation of sex hormones. In this way, we can prevent a greater testosterone deficit from occurring with age.

5. Does the taste of semen influence?

The preliminaries are essential if you want to play a little before getting into action. Although if you are one of those who prefer to go directly to the nougat, we are not going to be the ones to tell you otherwise.

Oral sex itself is one of the best ways to stimulate our erogenous zones and to reach climax. Many times it even replaces sexual relations.

Semen is made up of citric acid, fructose, enzyme, potassium, zinc, free amino acids, phosphorylcholine, and prostaglandin. True, it may seem like it has more ingredients than any Michelin star dish, but over 96% of it is water.

In itself, its flavor depends on each person, but generally, it is usually a little salty and bitter. Its amount will depend on the number of sexual relations that are practiced and the size of the prostate.

Other aphrodisiac fruits that help in penile erection

Aphrodisiac foods are those that increase our libido, that is, they increase our sexual desire. This term has its origin in the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.

These fruits, in addition to providing us with a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients to improve our diet, are related to sensory experiences that provoke erotic images. Our specialists list some of these foods that are highly beneficial for sex.

Avocado: Contains potassium that acts as a vasodilator, therefore, it makes our muscles relax and blood can flow better through the cavernous vessels of the penis and therefore erections are facilitated.

– Blueberries: It is a fruit very rich in flavonoids which reduce the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction. In addition to this, it relaxes the arteries and improves circulation, which will help us to have full sexual relations.

– Watermelon: It is a very powerful aphrodisiac fruit. Contains citrulline which is a phytonutrient that causes relaxation of blood vessels. In turn, it prevents us from erectile dysfunction and greatly helps the erection of the penis to be stronger.

– Dates: This fruit, apart from its sweetness, improves sperm, increases testosterone levels, and increases libido. To all this is added the moment in which there is an explosion of sweetness inside the mouth that completely invades our taste buds and, in general, causes great excitement.

– Grapes: On December 31 of each year we eat twelve grapes, but during the year too? It would be very beneficial to include them in our daily diet since thanks to this fruit we can combat erectile dysfunction, as well as improve our sexual desire.

Sweeten your life with The Test Clinics and if you have any questions, ask us, whenever and wherever you want. We are a pineapple!

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