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Benefits of onions sexually

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Discover the benefits of onions sexually.

Multiple benefits of the onion for the male organ, the onion has many benefits from the sexual point of view, it is very useful for married couples, the onion improves sexual relations through the peel and onion juice.

About onions

Through the site Come in two minutes Important details about onions and the benefits of onions for the penis will be known, but first onions will be identified in the following lines:

Onions are among the plants that have many health benefits for the body, thanks to the fact that they contain many important minerals and vitamins for the body.

Onions are known for their strong aroma.

It is also made up of fats, carbohydrates, and fibers that are important for the body since it has a very high nutritional value.


Onions are included in most foods and recipes for food preparation as they are the food source for most countries in the world.

Despite the many benefits of onions, there are benefits of onions for the penis, which some people are unaware of.

Benefits of onions sexually

Benefits of onions sexually


Onion has multiple benefits, but between onion benefits for male organs and sex benefits, it is considered highly beneficial for married couples, especially men.

Onions contain important elements that contribute to resistance to many sexual diseases.

One of the most important benefits of onion for the male organ is that it increases sexual activity since the onion plant is one of the effective plants to increase the sexual capacity of men.


The onion plant has been baptized as the “miraculous plant” thanks to its capacity and multiple benefits since it significantly improves sexual relations.

Among the benefits of onion for sex, it has been used in alternative medicine in cases of sexual insufficiency treatment and cases of erectile dysfunction in men, thanks to its ability to increase sexual desire in men.

Onion also improves the mood of men and women, in addition to stimulating blood circulation in the body, in the arteries of the penis, and the veins.

The natural compounds contained in onions increase sexual ability, as well as help increase sperm count in men.

Benefits of onion for sex

The benefits of the onion do not fall only on the male organ, it benefits sex in general, it is used to increase sexual capacity between married couples, and the ancient Egyptians depended on it in this matter.

Onions activate and strengthen the body, prompting it to work actively and diligently.


Onion is also used to protect the body from many diseases as it helps expel viruses.

The famous doctor “Ibn Sina” used onions in all their forms to treat sexual problems.

Benefits of onion peel for the penis

Onion skin not only helps support the heart but also strengthens the immune system and is a preventive treatment for many health problems. Onion skin also helps treat sexual problems.

Onion peel works to strengthen the reproductive organs and increase testosterone, which helps improve sexual desire and the male organ in men.

Onion peel also helps revitalize sexual energy, as it is a tonic for developing sexual energy and the male organ.

It turns out that onion peel helps increase the desire to enjoy healthy sex life.


How to eat onion peel

Method 1



Two tablespoons of onion peel.

A tablespoon of ginger juice.

Prepare the recipe

Mix onion peel with ginger juice.

It is taken daily.


The recipe improves sexual desire and increases libido.

The second method

This method does not contain onion skin ingredients, it is the only ingredient with added water.

Onion peel is boiled to take advantage of its benefits, it increases sexual desire and enhances penile erection.

Garlic can also be added to boiled onion peel to increase sexual power.

Boiled onion peel contains selenium and chromium, which are substances that stimulate sex.

Benefits of onion juice sexually for men


The benefits of onion for the penis can be obtained by consuming onion juice, which has many benefits, the most important of which are the following:

It works to help all types in treating cases of impotence.

Onions stimulate blood circulation, which helps to solve erectile dysfunction problems.

Onions are considered a nerve tonic because they contain sulfur.

The juice extracted from onion helps treat weak blood problems in men suffering from high blood pressure.

Benefits of onion juice sexually for women

The benefits of onion for the male organ do not stop only, there are benefits of onion juice for women, the most important are the following:


Onions reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women.

Onions also help strengthen the immune system.

It also protects the hair from falling, as it thickens it and protects it from breakage.

Benefits of onion juice in general

Onion juice in general reduces the prevention of all different types of cancer, as well as protects against many other diseases.

Red onion juice also reduces allergies, due to the presence of quercetin in it.

It helps maintain a healthy heart and promotes digestion, as well as good absorption of nutrients.


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