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Benefits of nutmeg sexually

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Discover the benefits of nutmeg sexually.

If we talk about improving sexual appetite, nutmeg is believed to be an excellent natural aphrodisiac. In fact, in Eastern culture, this component is known as a  magical species , or also, as the female viagra.

However, its effectiveness is not only valid for women. Similarly, men who use lubricants or creams that contain this natural component could solve dysfunction or other sexual problems.benefits of nutmeg sexually


In addition, even if you have optimal performance and performance in bed, the use of products with nutmeg could intensify your moments of sensuality and passion to the maximum.

Nutmeg: How Does It Play Its Aphrodisiac Role?

Nutmeg, as well as its oil, could increase sexual desire and erection. Especially because it facilitates the process of vasodilation. In simpler words, vasodilation is the increase in the diameter of the arteries and veins. Thanks to this mechanism, blood flow increases.

On the other hand, at Aligarh Muslim University, an experimental study was conducted on male rats. At the end of the study, nutmeg was found to significantly increase sex in the rats.


Specifically, the penis was more stimulated and had more reflexes and erections. Likewise, the repetition in penetration and assembly was greater.

In short, this study concluded that nutmeg has a notorious aphrodisiac role. Its function is not only to increase sexual desire but also to increase potency. This last characteristic could be related to its stimulation at the nervous level.

Impotence or sexual frigidity

As we have told you, nutmeg essential oil could increase sexual appetite, by reducing stress and nerves. An essential effect for sexual desire to grow.


Similarly, using a lubricant rich in nutmeg could help those who suffer from impotence or sexual frigidity. This last condition is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in women. It is characterized by a lack of sexual pleasure.

On the other hand, when saying that oil is an aphrodisiac, this usually means that it could reduce stress and nervousness.

Consequently, when the frantic energy decreases, a greater amount of energy is available that can be used for activities that produce much more pleasure, such as sex, for example.


It should be noted that to enjoy the aphrodisiac activity of nutmeg oil, this oil should not be used directly on the skin.

Otherwise, as it is a potent spice, it could cause skin irritation. The most recommended is that the aphrodisiac nutmeg oil is combined with some other carrier oil.

For this reason,   nutmeg oil is mixed with two important carrier oils in our lubricant. These include organic coconut oil and organic hemp extract.

For its part, coconut oil allows you to experience a pleasant sensation of softness. While CBD oil is distinguished by its calming effect. An ideal property for those who feel pain during sex or have pain due to the menstrual period.

Thanks to this wonderful combination of ingredients, this lubricant does not represent any risk for the most sensitive areas of the skin. This means that you can apply it abundantly to the erogenous zones or any part of your body.

With a light massage, the active components of the lubricant could penetrate your skin. In this way, they could reach the blood and from there travel to the necessary areas to fulfill the functions that we have mentioned.


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