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Benefits of liquid chlorophyll

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Discover the benefits of liquid chlorophyll.

When talking about chlorophyll, the association with the plant world is almost automatic because all of us, at some point in school, have learned how the process of photosynthesis works in plants. The benefits of liquid chlorophyll


However, you may have questions about liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll-based nutritional supplements.

Next, we explain what liquid chlorophyll is, a nutritional supplement that provides benefits for our well-being that has become very fashionable.

What is liquid chlorophyll and what is it used for?

Liquid Chlorophine, which is also known as Liquid Chlorophyll in English, is a product obtained through a plant extraction process.

One way to obtain liquid chlorophyll, which you may have read about in fashion and trend magazines, is to extract the juice from wheatgrass.

Young wheatgrass leaves pressed in juicing centrifuges allow freshly squeezed chlorophyll to be taken. However, for this, you must have the fresh plant and the tools for extraction.


Another way to take chlorophyll in liquid form is thanks to nutritional supplements designed to offer this format.

In technical terms, the content of these supplements is known as chlorophyllin and, for some years now, it has become a very common extract among athletes and celebrities for its properties.

Benefits of liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in the leaves of most plants. It is essential for the absorption of sunlight and its transformation during photosynthesis.

This substance, like polyphenols and other nutrients of plant origin, is also beneficial for our health.

For this reason, for years researchers have begun to conduct studies to better understand its properties and benefits.

On the other hand, laboratories have already begun to add this ingredient to cosmetics and make powder and tablet supplements, as well as offering the practical option of liquid chlorophyll to drink.

But, beyond marketing, what do we know about the benefits of liquid chlorophyll? And, above all, is it safe to take it?

  • Properties and benefits of liquid chlorophyll

Many of the studies that have been carried out to understand the effects of chlorophyll in humans have contemplated the topical use of this substance.


For this reason, chlorophyll is known to have regenerative properties on the skin that promote wound healing and help reduce acne.

About the properties of chlorophyll taken internally, studies are still needed to demonstrate all the properties attributed to it, so the information is more limited.

Even so, there is evidence and trials that support the potential benefits of this natural extract. Among the most outstanding properties of chlorophyll taken orally, its effect is indicated:

▪ Antioxidant and potentially anticarcinogenic.

▪ Energizing.


▪ Detox.

▪ Stimulating defenses.

▪ Deodorant.


▪ Antifungal.

As a result of all its properties, naturally extracted liquid chlorophyll or liquid or powdered chlorophyllin supplements would be ideal for:

▪ Improve athletic performance.

▪ Strengthen the defenses and reduce the feeling of tiredness.

▪ Mitigate bad breath.

▪ Promote weight loss thanks to the purifying effect.

▪ Improve the appearance and health of the skin.

– Contraindications of liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a substance present in most of the green leafy vegetables that we consume in the diet. Spinach, arugula, and parsley, for example, contain chlorophyll and are generally considered safe.


However, there are not enough studies on the possible side effects of liquid chlorophyll supplements.

For this reason, it is advisable to take generic precautions before taking chlorophyll nutritional supplements.

In this sense, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting to take chlorophyll for the first time, especially in case of pregnancy, lactation, illness, or if medication is taken.

A nutritionist will be able to tell you the most appropriate way to take this nutrient to minimize adverse effects and enhance benefits.

Liquid Chlorophyll FAQ

How to take liquid chlorophyll? Can I drink it?

Liquid chlorophyll is a preparation designed to make it easier to take this supplement and, of course, you can drink it! Of course, each manufacturer offers different concentrations of chlorophyllin and different packaging.

You can find liquid chlorophyll in single-dose ampoules, in drops, or savings containers with a larger quantity of product.

For this reason, from Herbolario Salud Natural we invite you to choose the format that is most practical for you, thinking about your day-to-day life and how you prefer to take the product. Solaray laboratories, for example, offer  Liquid Chlorophyll in a 480 ml bottle.

The manufacturer’s recommended daily dose is 15 ml per day (one tablespoon) which contains 100 mg of chlorophyll (chlorophyllin).


Chlorophyll can be taken pure or mixed in juices to enhance the benefit of green smoothies, for example.


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