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Benefits of honey for men

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Discover the benefits of honey for men.

Erectile dysfunction affects more and more men. If you are facing this situation and want to turn to a natural remedy to combat this problem, you can try honey for erection, a food known as a natural aphrodisiac that would help fight against erection problems.Benefits of honey for men


But what about the real benefits of honey? And is it an effective natural solution to have a strong erection quickly? In today’s article, we suggest you disentangle the true from the false and take stock of the true virtues of this nectar to counter erectile dysfunction. But also to boost your sexual functions, your desire, and your fertility.

Erectile dysfunction: an evil shared by many men

Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction every year, whether short or long term and the problem gets worse as they get older.

Although erectile difficulties can occur at any age, they become more common with age. In the United States, for example, about 12% of men under 60, 22% of men 60 to 69, and 30% of men 70 or older suffer from erectile dysfunction, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) ( source ).

Erectile dysfunction can be of both mental and physical origin or a combination of both. Stress is an important indicator of a man’s likelihood of experiencing this problem, but there are also concrete physical causes of erectile dysfunction.


Good to know: when you are stressed, your body increases its production of epinephrine. A high level of this hormone makes it difficult for the muscles and blood vessels in the penis to relax. Erectile dysfunction often resolves when the cause of the stress or anxiety is addressed ( source ).

One of the main physical causes of erectile dysfunction has to do with heart health. Difficulty having erections can therefore be an indicator of a health problem with the arteries and a precursor to serious heart health problems.

Honey and erectile dysfunction

Honey is said to have sexual health benefits. A study has shown that this natural substance reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction in men who smoke cigarettes – a habit that puts you at risk of erectile dysfunction due to the harmful effects of nicotine on your health.

The study involved feeding honey to male rats and exposing them to cigarette smoke. The researchers found that rats exposed to smoke without honey had less ejaculating sex than those who were not exposed to smoke or exposed to smoke and were given honey.

They concluded that honey had a protective effect on smoke-exposed rats, allowing them to have a healthier sex life.

While there is still a lack of empirical data today to understand why honey works in this way, researchers assume links between honey and an increase in testosterone.


Or the beneficial effects of this substance due to its concentration of antioxidants, which would promote general health, and blood circulation in particular.

Honey has also been shown to affect the sperm of smoke-exposed rats. Rats exposed to smoke and honey produced healthier baby rats. Researchers believe this is because honey can protect and reduce damage to sperm from exposure to smoke.

Effects of cigarettes on men: Smoking damages your arteries and increases your risk of atherosclerosis. Smoking has also been linked to erectile dysfunction. A 2006 study published in Tobacco Control looked at survey data from 8,367 Australian men, aged 16 to 59. Researchers have found a significant link between smoking and erectile difficulties ( source ).

Honey has been considered a sexual stimulant since 500 BC. AD

Many believe today that a Greek philosopher, the father of modern medicine, recommended it to Hippocrates to increase his sexual vigor.

In biblical times, Palestine was the “land of milk and honey”, denoting the abundance of its products, and their fertility benefits. Honey was then thought to be the nectar of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, procreation, and beauty.


The Persian polymath Avicenna also recommended mixing it with ginger and pepper and consuming it to remedy impotence. There is also an old French legend that bee stings have aphrodisiac properties. Honey is even mentioned in the Kama Sutra.

The benefits of honey for sexual health

In general, honey is considered a food to strengthen our bodies and keep us in better health.

Those who advocate honey as an aphrodisiac tend to refer toits content of B vitamins. Honey also contains boron, a trace element believed to strengthen bones and improve muscle coordination.


The results of a study in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, conclude that boron has a beneficial effect on the body’s production of estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D.

According to Green Facts, however, there is only 7.2 mg of boron per kilogram of honey. This would mean that for 3mg of boron, the lowest active daily dose, you would need about half a kilogram of honey, which is a lot more than just a jar of honey. It would therefore be impossible to consume in the long term.

Foods like prunes and raisins contain more than three times as much boron, but no one considers them to be aphrodisiacs. It just seems like these foods are less appealing, or have other lesser benefits than nectar-like honey.


Honey is also rich in a chemical called chrysin. Similar to boron, chrysin is said to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Studies have shown that it leads to a rapid increase in testosterone, and therefore better sexual performance, greater sexual appetite, and harder and longer erections.

Honey and sexual energy

For each tablespoon of honey, you ingest 17 grams of carbohydrates, which would give you a boost and energy, which would be very useful during sex.

Raw honey is rich in vitamin B2 (known as riboflavin) and vitamin B1 (thiamin), which are said to help boost energy levels by converting nutrients into energy ( source 1  and source 2 ), as well as in vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) which is in the blood plasma where it would participate in the hormonal balance. Pantothenic acid also helps the body obtain energy from food and is involved in the production of hormones and cholesterol ( source ).

Note: honey is metabolized into sugar and affects blood sugar levels.

Honey and nitric oxide

In the Middle Ages, newlyweds enjoyed a month’s supply of mead, a fermented drink made from honey and water. Babylon’s calendar was lunar, so this reserve lasted them one full moon (and, as sources at the time claim, helped the couple conceive during that cycle).

Even though honey does not affect fertility (to our knowledge), it does affect sexual activity. In addition to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and greater physical vigor during intense effort, honey would act on nitric oxide, a vital molecule produced in your body and which has an impact on many aspects of health: it helps blood vessels blood to expand to promote healthy blood flow and may provide a variety of health benefits, including better exercise performance, lower blood pressure, and better brain function ( source 1 and source 2).


When nitric oxide is released from the blood vessels lining the penis as a result of stimulation and subsequent arousal, blood flow would increase.

Good to know: smoking and high blood pressure or cholesterol can reduce the production of nitric oxide.

Research shows that consuming 10 grams of honey can significantly increase nitric oxide levels in the blood.

Combine garlic and honey to get a hard-on

Garlic would represent another major ally for improving male sexual functions. Garlic contains allicin, which is known to improve blood flow. Adding garlic to your diet, as a supplement or cooked in your dishes would increase blood circulation, which would reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, but also those of erectile dysfunction.

Besides helping with blood circulation by clearing clogged arteries, garlic is also known to reduce blood pressure. Indeed, blood pressure would be one of the main reasons why men turn to garlic to boost their sexual vigor.

According to studies, garlic supplements have a significant impact on lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension ( source 1 and source 2 ).


According to the authors of an NCBI study, about 30% of men with hypertension also had erectile difficulties.

Garlic is also proven to increase what is known as glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme that protects against oxidative stress. This has beneficial effects on sexual performance.

Men looking for a natural solution to fight against erection problems can therefore turn to its foods with properties attested by science in the form of a grandmother’s remedy. Some advice, for example, is to mix a cup of milk with a milk spoon of honey and drink it every morning to increase their sexual potency and boost the energy levels of their sexual organ after only a few weeks.

If you don’t mind the taste or smell of garlic, you can mix two or three crushed garlic cloves in this mixture of milk and honey. Or simply take food supplements based on concentrated garlic by swallowing them with the preparation based on milk and honey.

To vary the tastes, do not hesitate to prepare natural viagra or turn to other natural solutions such as ginger juice useful for erections or yohimbine. These foods would also make it possible to obtain better erections.


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