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Benefits of celery sexually

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Discover the benefits of celery sexually

From aromatic plant to vegetable.
It was by burying the plant in the 16th century that Italian botanists managed to whiten and soften the taste of the ache to give birth to a real vegetable that would become the celery stalk. To obtain celeriac, the work consisted in making its root grow.

The Latin name for the ache, Apium, means “which grows in water”. This term was also used to refer to lovage and parsley, which are close cousins of celery.

The benefits of celery

Branch celery or celeriac: quite similar intakes

Celery comes in 2 versions: one for the aerial stems called branch celery, and one for its underground tuberous stem called celeriac. Technically it is the same species Apium graveolens, but a specific variety ( rapacious ) is used for celeriac.

Branch celery is very well provided with vitamin B9, with an average content corresponding to 28.4% of the NRVs. The other vitamins represent less than 7% of the NRVs.


Alas, once cooked, the vitamin dosages collapse. We find almost the same characteristics in celeriac: raw, it is also a source of vitamin B9 (with approximately 20% of the NRVs) and even of vitamin B6 with almost 15% of the NRVs.

Benefits of celery sexually


On the mineral side, celery provides a significant amount of potassium, with nearly 20% of the NRVs for stalk celery, and 25% for celeriac. Potassium is quite resistant to cooking.

Whether trendy or rave, the vitamin and mineral profiles are quite similar. Celeriac wins by a short head overall, not to mention a fairly interesting fiber intake. However, it is less rich in polyphenols than its alter-ego in branches.

Celery, a natural aphrodisiac against female sexual dysfunction?

Celery is best known for its compounds with anti-inflammatory properties (apigenin, apiin, etc.) and antioxidants (p-coumaric acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, kaempferol, etc.).

In some countries, especially in Iran, it has a long and old tradition as an aphrodisiac food. However, this traditional use had never really been scientifically tested… until January 2021!


A team of Iranian researchers thus carried out a randomized double-blind study against placebo on 80 women with female sexual dysfunction, a very common pathology (which affects approximately 40% of women) which is defined by various dysfunctions related to orgasm, to sexual interest, and/or sexual arousal, as well as the inability to experience full and painless pleasure during sex.

In this study, 40 women were given 500 mg of celery seed, three times a day, for 6 weeks, and 40 women were given a placebo.

Results showed significant improvement in FSFI, the Female Sexual Function Index score, with celery seed, compared to placebo, including improving sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, and pain during sex. act.

This is the first study of its kind, and as the researchers themselves say, it would be desirable for there to be others to confirm these conclusions. But it may well be that the traditional use of this plant is verified by Science!

Nutritional analysis

The data in the tables provide information on the average quantity for 100 g net of raw stalk celery.











Saturated fatty acids












In the kitchen!

Raw or cooked, celery can be eaten in many ways. From a raw stick to a gratin, via a smoothie, celery adapts to all your desires.

The flavor of celery is particularly sapid, reminiscent of broths. As a result, it is very often found in soups and stews, where it accentuates the sweetness of meat and seafood. And especially Italian cuisine where it originated.

The little tricks

Kept in craft paper in the refrigerator, your celery can be kept for several weeks. For celery, you can also keep it in a glass of cold water.

Not sure what to do with your celery leaves? Opt for celery powder which will enhance the taste of your dishes wonderfully. Spread your leaves on a plate without overlapping them, leave them at 60° for at least 6 hours. Pound your leaves with a pinch of coarse salt, and keep your powder in an airtight container.

Overview of recipes around celery

  1. As an appetizer: a well-known American recipe combines celery sticks filled with peanut butter and lined with raisins. The crunchy and slightly bitter touch of celery balances the fat and saltiness of peanuts and the sweetness of raisins.
  2. Creamed or pureed: the powerful and earthy taste of celery may put some people off. However, with good associations, you can bring sweetness to your vegetable. Cook celery in soups or creamy purées, combined with potatoes, walnuts, and apples. Or opt for the celery puree and goat cheese. You will reconcile, we promise!

  3. In stew: this is the essential ingredient for a successful dish in the sauce. Cooked slowly, celery takes on a softer character and adds depth to meats. It is found, for example, in the original recipe for bolognese and Italian lasagna.

  4. For dessert: as surprising as it may seem, celery can also be cooked for dessert. Michel Sarran offers a celery-apple tart on his menu. It can also be made into ice cream or granita, accompanying a strawberry salad or candied with honey. To your stoves!

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