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Benefits of cashew nuts for eyes

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Discover the benefits of cashew nuts for the eyes.

Cashews are nuts rich in unsaturated fatty acids and with great nutritional value. This makes them a very beneficial food for the body and, especially, for the eyes.

Below we tell you the main properties of cashews and the important benefits that their consumption has for our visual health.

Cashew Nuts Properties

Although one of the main properties of cashews is that they have a high caloric content, this does not mean that they are bad for the body. Quite the contrary, since the fats they contain are beneficial fats for our cardiovascular health.

Among the various nutrients that regular consumption of cashews provides us, the following should be highlighted:

Vitamins B and E.

Essential oils.

healthy fats


Vegetable proteins.




Folic acid.


Benefits of cashew nuts for eyes


Main benefits of cashews nuts

The wide range of nutrients present in cashews makes them very beneficial for our entire body. Its consumption helps the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, to preserve a good memory and also our sight.


Some of the most outstanding benefits of habitual consumption of cashews are the following:

Eating cashews protects the cardiovascular system and prevents the risk of coronary heart disease.


It favors the proper functioning of our nervous system.

Helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

At the same time, it increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Strengthens the muscles.

Strengthens the immune system.

Improves intellectual performance and memory.


Control blood pressure.

They help to better control problems such as stress and some mental illnesses such as depression.

Cashew nuts and the sense of sight: two great allies

Like other nuts, cashews contain significant amounts of minerals that act as antioxidants in our bodies. They also contain vitamin E, an essential nutrient for the health of our eyes.

In this way, the regular consumption of cashew nuts can help us maintain good visual health in different ways:

•Prevent or delay age-related diseases, such as cataracts or AMD.

•It contributes to the good functioning and conservation of the lens. This is possible due to the action of vitamin E as well as vitamin C and vitamin B2.

•Helps the good conservation of the conjunctiva. This benefit is obtained, again, thanks to the significant amounts of vitamin E present in cashews.

Food and eye health: inseparable elements

Experts agree that eye health is closely linked to a good diet. An unbalanced diet affects our entire body in a very negative way. And especially in our eyes.


In addition, a poor diet also negatively affects both the muscles and the blood vessels that surround the eyes, whose role is key in maintaining good eyesight for many years. Therefore, a balanced diet, rich in natural and nutritious foods, is essential to take care of our eyes.

The importance of taking care of our eyes always

On the other hand, in addition to taking care of our diet, it is also very important to adopt certain habits that help us protect our eyes from external aggressions. Avoiding ultraviolet radiation, pollution and tobacco are also concrete actions that help us take care of our eyes.

Likewise, another important factor that supposes daily aggression to our eye health is the screens. Prolonged use of computers, tablets, mobile phones, game consoles, or televisions can also cause eye damage that accumulates over the years and is closely related to retinal problems such as AMD.

Limiting their use, taking breaks from time to time, and placing the screens at least 30 cm from our eyes are habits that can help us prevent these problems.


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