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Benefits of carrots during pregnancy

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Discover the benefits of carrots during pregnancy.

The vitamin A present in carrots has antioxidant properties that help prevent the onset of diseases.

Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is one of the most relevant factors for our little one to grow up healthy and strong. For this reason, we cannot ignore the intake of some foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as carrots.

The carrot is one of the vegetables that cannot be missing from any diet, especially when we are in the sweet wait.Benefits of carrots during pregnancy


The properties of these vegetables for future mothers and the unborn baby are several, which is why doctors insist that they be included in the diet.

Among the main nutrients that carrots provide, iron stands out, which participates in the transport of oxygen in the blood and prevents the appearance of pathologies such as anemia. Ensuring the supply of this nutrient is essential, as well as increasing the intake of vitamin C to maximize its absorption.


Carrots provide iron, which helps prevent anemia

, doctors often prescribe vitamin supplements that include iron.

Carrots are, a source of vitamins and minerals with great benefits in pregnancy

the carrot contains other elements that are essential for our little one to evolve without any inconvenience.

Protect against infections

Vitamin A helps to prevent infections and to carry out the correct cellular development of the baby

Additionally, it intervenes so that placental abruption does not occur. On the other hand, it works as a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent the onset of diseases, according to a study published in 2017.


Reduced risk of preeclampsia

The orange color of carrots reveals the presence of carotenoids, an interesting nutrient with antioxidant activity. The most relevant studies indicate that they can protect against diseases related to oxidative stress, although some contradictions appear.

there is more evidence of its protective role against the risk of preeclampsia

Carrots promote bone development

Small amounts of calcium are found in this vegetable, one of the most abundant minerals in the human body. It is essential in various mechanisms and reactions such as bone development, muscle contraction, or the functioning of hormones and enzymes.

Poor consumption during pregnancy favors bone calcium loss and increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures in the future

Prevention of anemia

As has already been seen, the contribution of vitamin C from carrots favors the absorption and greater bioavailability of iron in the diet. It also prevents delicate infections that can affect the fetus.


An accessible and versatile food

Carrots are very easy to find in the supermarket and are quite cheap.


How to make the most of the benefits of carrots?

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of this colorful vegetable, keep these tips in mind when eating it:

Prepare a delicious fruit juice and add some carrots: it will reduce the chances that your child will suffer from neonatal jaundice, which is caused by the increase in bilirubin as a result of some liver disorders.

Do not drink coffee or tea: these drinks contain phenols, a substance that reduces the absorption of iron during pregnancy. Furthermore, it is not clear whether caffeine plays a negative role during this process.

If you are going to cook it, use a cast iron skillet: it prevents some nutrients from being removed from the carrot.

From nature to your mouth: if you can eat it raw, even better. In this way, you will absorb all the vitamins of this delicious vegetable and you will be able to avoid constipation.

It is important that before eating it you wash the skin of the carrot well, especially if you are going to consume it without any type of cooking.


In addition, carotenoids are better absorbed when they are accompanied by some source of fat. This is why it is good to mix or cook them with nuts, avocados, oily fish, or olive oil.

There are many ways to introduce them in the day to day: sautéed, roasted, boiled, grated, stewed (along with other ingredients), in the form of pate or vegetable puree…

Try to eat a serving of carrots every day; Even if you have many cravings or want to make a healthy snack, you can cut some carrot sticks and eat them without a problem.

If you have many cravings, you can eat carrot pieces as a snack

Introduce carrots and especially many vegetables

The carrot is a vegetable that has multiple vitamins. For this reason, you should include it in your diet when you are pregnant.

A healthy diet is fundamentally based on variety and caloric balance. When you are pregnant your energy needs increase, but so do your vitamin requirements.


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