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Bobvalla Lesly

Medical Student

Health Benefits Of (HBO) was created by Bobvalla Lesly, accompanied by a team of health specialists who participate in the development of content.

We take the greatest care to communicate verified and relevant information, without dictating any particular behavior: the reader is the sole master of his decisions.

With the collaboration of experts, we ensure rigorous quality control in order to offer the content you can trust.

Bobvalla is a 4th-year medical student from Cameroon. He is a blogger, graphics designer, and forex trader.

The HBO website is a project that was born in 2020 at a school level, first as a hobby, and then, with a lot of work, time and enthusiasm, it managed to grow to build a reference portal.

Many people around the world rely on us daily to consult the properties of medicinal plants, fruits, minerals, recipes and care to grow plants successfully.

Who are the HBO team?
The website has specialized in very broad topics, always related to the world of education, plants and natural medicine .
It is written by various authors, among which Bobvalla Lesly, creator of this project, is the main one.

The writing team collaborates or has collaborated: doctors, biologists, experts in botany and ethnobotany, nutritional dietitians, farmers, pharmacists.

In addition, various Internet users , over the years, have also wanted to contribute their photos, recipes, experiences and various collaborations in the project.

The HBO website accumulates more than 270 thousand followers on social networks, where new topics are published daily.
Thanks to our readers

What I Do
  • Graphic Designer

•Google Certified Digital marketer

  • Forex Trader
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