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9 health benefits of mandarin

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Discover the 9 health benefits of mandarin.

The properties of the mandarin make it ideal to be included in a healthy and healthy diet. The mandarin is the fruit that is most similar to the orange.

It stands out for having a high water content and a significant amount of minerals and vitamins. Of Asian origin, it is the result of the various species of citrus that we know as mandarin .9 health benefits of mandarin


The mandarin is one of the fruits preferred by the Spanish. Only in the year 2.018 the consumption of mandarins in Spain was 5.60 kilos per inhabitant, reaching the sixth place in the ranking of the most consumed fruits .

Although it has always been in the shadow of the orange, in reality the mandarin has a series of properties that make it match it. Next, we would like to highlight some reasons why its consumption is more than recommended.

Health Benefits of Mandarin

Below are the health benefits of Mandarin:


1. Vitamin C to strengthen our immune system

The vitamin C content of tangerines is well known to all. Although the vitamin C of the mandarin is somewhat less than that of the orange , eating two or three pieces a day can help prevent colds, flu and infections.

Its consumption is highly recommended during the winter months and in seasonal changes, since its anti-infective capacity is capable of stimulating the formation of antibodies.

Vitamin C is also beneficial for certain chronic inflammations such as rheumatism, infectious diseases and even cancer.

These diseases generate a decrease in Vitamin C in the plasma, so that the consumption of this fruit partially supplements this deficiency.

2. Perfect for recovering after physical effort

The large amount of minerals and vitamins make the mandarin one of the most advisable fruits for athletes, and it is that they can be very beneficial if they are ingested after a great physical effort.

In addition to its vitamin C content, carotenoids and potassium must be added. This combination allows a rapid replacement of minerals and fluids that have been lost as a result of physical exercise.


3. They have a diuretic effect

Consuming tangerines also helps reduce uric acid in our body. Its high content of water, potassium and citric acid have a diuretic effect, facilitating the elimination of uric acid and salts. They also allow to alkalize the urine and contribute to the good state of the urinary tract.

4. Protect the heart

Precisely because of their potassium content, they are ideal for those who suffer from heart and blood vessel disorders and for those with hypertension.

5. They allow to control cholesterol

The pectin in mandarins significantly reduces harmful cholesterol (LDL), at the same time reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems and promoting good cholesterol.


Mandarins help control cholesterol by fighting free radicals. These free radicals are capable of oxidizing cholesterol and at the same time allow it to adhere to the arteries.

6. They help absorb iron

Although mandarins do not contain much iron, it is the combination with Vitamin C that makes it easier to absorb iron.

In case of iron deficiency anemia, our body produces a low level of iron. Tangerines can be, in combination with other foods (rich in iron), ideal for recovering adequate iron levels.


But vitamin C not only helps to absorb iron more easily, but also allows the production of a greater number of red blood cells, which is why it is especially recommended for people suffering from anemia, a fairly frequent problem in women of old age. fertile.

7. They provide fiber to prevent intestinal problems

The fiber of mandarins is mainly found in the white part that is in the lower part of the skin and that we sometimes discard.

Tangerines are an important source of fiber that helps combat some problems such as constipation. Its fiber content stimulates intestinal motility.

At the same time, fiber also favors intestinal transit, reducing the contact time between the wall of the digestive system and possible harmful substances, helping the absorption of fat and helping to control blood sugar levels.

The satiating effect of this fruit also makes it advisable for people suffering from diabetes and excess weight.

8. They contain Vitamin A, Calcium and phosphorus

The vitamins A that a tangerine has is higher than that contained in an orange.


Vitamin A is a relevant factor when it comes to maintaining an optimal state of the skin, hair, bones, sight and mucous membranes.

For their part, calcium and phosphorus, together with vitamin C, allow a much healthier development of teeth and gums.

Tips for properly preserving mandarins

Finally, we would like to make some recommendations in order to properly preserve mandarins. Poor preservation negatively affects the fruit that may even lose some of its properties.

Ideally, store them in a cool environment with sufficient ventilation. When storing them, we must try not to pile them too much so that they do not get damp or wet. It is also necessary not to store them for an excessive time.

In our online store we have at your disposal boxes of mandarins of different sizes and prices. We offer mandarins in an optimal state of ripeness. Freshly picked tangerines, seasonal and locally produced.

We hope the article on the 9 health benefits of mandarin has been of help.


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