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9 Benefits of cinnamon tea

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Discover the 9 benefits of cinnamon tea.

Its notes are very aromatic and delicious, but it also has an important list of health benefits.

Cinnamon infusion encompasses in a small cup a large number of nutrients, antioxidants, and numerous properties that are enhanced with an alkaline pH.

It has been used for a long time to stimulate weight loss, prevent chronic inflammation, allergies, colds and ailments, and also stimulate the immune system.9 Benefits of cinnamon tea


What is cinnamon tea?

Cinnamon tea is prepared by steeping a small piece of cinnamon in hot water. These small pieces come in the form of cinnamon sticks, although they can also be prepared with the bags already ready to prepare tea.

Alkaline water gives it an ideal pH so that its components are not denatured and are 100% bioavailable to the body.

You can try the great variations of the cinnamon infusion, although it is usually prepared with the cinnamon stick alone, in various countries various variations have been adopted, such as in Chile where the cinnamon infusion is prepared with black tea leaves, and in Asian countries Like Korea and China, the cinnamon infusion is prepared with ginger and sweetened with honey. The various variations add even more flavor, aromas, and properties.

Cinnamon has different variations, the most consumed variation in the world is the Cinnamomum Verum species, which comes from Sri Lanka and is commonly used to prepare food and drink it in the form of tea.


cinnamon flavor

This spice has the particularity of stimulating the taste buds as a sweet and salty taste at the same time. Cinnamon is a perfect companion for sweet dishes such as the well-known rice pudding, moist biscuits, fruit salads, and hot chocolate, and can also be used in savory dishes such as chicken and vegetable curries.

Accompany the delicious flavor of cinnamon infusion with alkaline water, and stay healthy day by day with a cup of tea.

Benefits of cinnamon tea

1. Antioxidant power

As a first benefit, we must always highlight its antioxidant power, like many precious herbs, cinnamon contains a powerful antioxidant power that offers many health benefits.

Cinnamon provides antioxidants that protect against free radical damage, helping to prevent chronic inflammatory diseases, heart disease, and degenerative brain diseases. A small serving of cinnamon contains copious amounts of polyphenols and flavonoids, nature’s antioxidants.

2. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Try a cup of cinnamon infusion prepared with alkaline water a day, cinnamon infusion helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in several countries and there is no doubt that, if eating habits are modified and the consumption of healthy teas such as cinnamon infusion is encouraged, this can decrease.

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory components that help reduce heart disease, in addition, its renowned antioxidants help reduce high cholesterol levels.


3. Beneficial for diabetics

Studies published by the prestigious journal Diabetes Care determined that cinnamon infusion helps increase insulin sensitivity and normalizes blood sugar levels.

People who have problems with insulin resistance can enjoy the benefits of a cup of cinnamon tea a day to improve sensitivity and prevent diabetes. Enjoy an afternoon of cinnamon infusion prepared with alkaline water.

4. Decreases the risk of degenerative diseases

When talking about powerful antioxidants like cinnamon and its flavonoid and polyphenol content, it should be mentioned that they also help prevent degenerative diseases.

These diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are characterized by the degeneration of brain cells, with irreparable results.


Recent research found positive results from the consumption of cinnamon and the inhibition of the appearance of characteristic signs of Alzheimer’s disease, such as Tau. Tau is proteins that break down and conduct inappropriate chemical signals to the brain, causing the symptoms of dementia.

Findings have also been found that cinnamon helps protect the production of dopamine and preserve the integrity of its receptors, being beneficial to preventing Parkinson’s disease.

5. Decreases inflammation

Cinnamon infusion is special to reduce inflammation, especially chronic inflammation caused by diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

One of the properties of cinnamon infusion and accompanied by alkaline water, is to reduce the signals sent by the affected tissues to produce more inflammation, which in these cases is harmful to the body. This prevents the formation of pro-inflammatory cells and decreases the inflammatory effect on the tissues.


6. Boosts the immune system

If you suffer from recurrent urinary diseases or respiratory infections and still cannot find a solution, you should consider drinking a cup of cinnamon tea prepared with alkaline water daily.

A weakened immune system can be the cause of many of these conditions, and even if you take various antibiotics and may remedy the situation for a few days, these infections will spread again.

The solution is to boost the immune system, through nutrition and preferably with a cup of cinnamon tea a day. Cinnamon is known to stimulate the immune system due to its flavonoids and polyphenols, which stimulate the immune cells to be much more effective.

Fight urinary tract infections, flu, and persistent allergies with a cup of cinnamon tea a day.

7. Relieves heavy digestion

After a heavy lunch or a heavy dinner, digestion problems become noticeable. Flatulence, gas, constipation, sounds in your stomach or you feel movements in your abdomen, are signs that digestion is being heavy for you.

A cup of hot cinnamon tea specially prepared with alkaline water will help relieve digestion because it stimulates peristaltic movements, that is, it stimulates the passage of food through the digestive tract.

After eating heavy meats or starchy vegetables, prepare a cinnamon tea with alkaline water to improve digestion. The alkaline pH also helps prevent gastric reflux and heartburn.

8. Helps you lose weight

Is it possible to lose weight with cinnamon infusion? The answer is yes. Accompanied by a diet plan and physical exercise, the cinnamon infusion will be your perfect ally in losing weight.


The infusion of cinnamon prepared with alkaline water will help you feel more satisfied and comfortable with your diet.

As usual in diets, the number of carbohydrates consumed should be limited, this can generate anxiety affecting eating. The cinnamon infusion will help reduce that anxiety and calm your appetite to eat, keeping you firm with your weight loss goals.

9. Relieves menstrual cramps

Women often suffer from severe menstrual cramps and conventional painkillers such as ibuprofen are often not enough.

This analgesic has a certain limit for not being hepatotoxic and when you have already exceeded the daily dose and continue to have pain, it is time to look for another solution.

Fortunately, cinnamon infusion offers anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties, which reduce menstrual pain and also help control the flow, all this naturally and without hormonal changes.

Alkaline water helps preserve the healthy properties of cinnamon. Enjoy a sunny day without menstrual cramps with a cup of cinnamon tea brewed with alkaline water in the morning or after lunch.

Cinnamon tea variations

Prepare delicious cinnamon infusions and get inspired by the variations that exist, you can prepare a delicious mixture with black tea or you can add ginger, as the Korean tradition does.

Adding honey will add a large amount of very beneficial vitamins and minerals. Cinnamon can be mixed with fruits and other herbs, you can also taste hot tea and iced tea.


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