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8 Shocking health benefits of Milk Thistle

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Discover the 8 Shocking Health Benefits of Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle is a plant widely used in the treatment of various diseases.

It is commonly used to treat liver problems, showing excellent results in the health of people with this type of disease.

In addition, it is also attributed to anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-allergic properties.


This plant is also known as milk thistle, due to the whitish color of the veins on its leaves.

And it is considered a great ally of health, that is why it has been used as an effective medicine since ancient times.

Scientific name: Silybum marianum

Family: Asteraceae


Species: Silybum marianum; (L.) Gaertn., 1791

Class: Magnoliopsida

Division: Magnoliophyta

Kingdom: Plantae


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Health benefits of milk thistle

Milk Thistle has this name due to the white veins of its long spiny leaves.

The main biochemical component of Milk Thistle is Silybum marianum or silymarin, which is a mixture of the flavonolignans silybin and silicristin.

Silymarin has been very effective in treating liver diseases. Some of the benefits of Milk Thistle are the following:


1. Serves as a digestive tonic

This plant relieves stomach heaviness, of course, to enhance its effects on digestion it is combined with other medicinal components.

2. Reduces inflammations

Milk Thistle is attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it has been used to reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract.

However, more scientific studies are still needed to fully demonstrate whether this plant has this property.

3. Helps to lose weight

The Silymarin present in Milk Thistle can be beneficial for those who wish to lose weight.


However, the side effects it may cause in the body must also be taken into account.

4. Rejuvenates the skin

Studies have revealed that Milk Thistle can improve skin conditions.

Due to the antioxidant property that this plant possesses, it is capable of regenerating skin cells, protecting them, and leaving them soft and smooth.

5. Relieves certain allergies

Milk Thistle has been used to treat seasonal allergies, such as that caused by pollen from flowers.


Before using this plant as an antiallergic, the opinion of a doctor should be consulted.

6. Improves liver function

Silymarin is a hepaprotective component, ideal for eliminating toxins from liver cells and for improving the synthesis of hepatocytes, a protein present in this important organ.

7. Helps treat diabetes

This plant has a slight hypoglycemic effect. This is why it has been used as a treatment to lower the level of glucose in the blood, especially in people with type 2 diabetes.

8. It favors the digestive system

This plant has been consumed as a digestive tonic and has been effective in combating the feeling of abdominal heaviness, especially due to excessive consumption of lipids.


Although for this the Milk Thistle must be combined with other medicinal components.

How to use Milk Thistle?

Milk Thistle is a plant that can be very beneficial for health because its leaves, seeds, and fruits can be used in the treatment of various diseases.


You can also consume it naturally through infusions, although it is more advisable to do so through pharmaceutical supplements.

It is important not to overdo the consumption of this plant, because it could have negative effects on our bodies.


But if you want to consume Milk Thistle as a treatment for a disease, you can consult a specialist, as he or she will indicate the appropriate dose according to your age and physical condition.

For greater comfort when consuming products based on this plant, I may recommend some of these presentations:

Oral route. Medications for oral consumption have a much faster and more effective action. This is mainly due to its rapid absorption.

Fortunately, you can find Milk Thistle in this type of presentation, as tablets, soft gels, drops, and syrup.


Creams and gels. Due to the antioxidant effect of milk thistle, many prefer to apply it directly to their skin as a stimulant of cell regeneration.

This type of milk thistle-based creams has also been used in cases of burns and ulcers.

It is important to follow a doctor’s recommendation when consuming these types of plants, especially if it is used as a medicine for children.

It is more beneficial to use sea thistle in the form of cream at night or while you are at home, in this way you can increase its level of effectiveness.


Advantages and disadvantages of Milk Thistle

When treating a disease, many prefer to use medicines based on natural products.

This is due to their low cost and also because they cause fewer side effects.

We will present to you some advantages and disadvantages of its use.


Promotes the regeneration of liver tissue.


It favors the work of the gallbladder.

It benefits the functioning of the circulatory system.

Prevents colds and respiratory conditions.

It improves indigestion problems, especially due to the consumption of foods with high levels of fat.


It diminishes the effects of the hangover.

Provides deep cellular nutrition.


Its consumption is not recommended in people suffering from high blood pressure.

During pregnancy and while breastfeeding it is not safe to consume Milk Thistle.


You should avoid taking milk thistle in excessive amounts or for a long time because it can cause diarrhea or other side effects.

Precautions for consuming Milk Thistle

It is important to know the interactions that consuming a certain medicinal product with other medications may have in our body, even if it is of natural origin.

Because combining several medications can be both beneficial and harmful to health.

On some occasions, specialists recommend combining Milk Thistle with other components to treat a certain disease, but you should not consume it in this way voluntarily, and less without having the opinion of a doctor, since you can exceed the dose causing severe damage to your body.


This plant has been used as a treatment for AIDS and cirrhosis, but clinical trials to demonstrate its effectiveness have not yet been completed.

If you have had allergic reactions when taking infusions or products based on a plant from the same family as Milk Thistle, you should avoid their consumption, as it could cause the same effect.

But, if you still have doubts, ask for the opinion of a specialist


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