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8 Home Remedies That Work To Get Rid of Heat Sores

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Discover The 8 Home Remedies That Work To Get Rid of Heat Sores.

With the return of heat and sun … we also find heat rash. And that is not nice! It does not matter.

It is a simple little irritation of the skin. These heat rashes (prickly heat) are also called cutaneous miliaria.

And no one is immune to this inconvenience: an adult, pregnant woman, baby … The problem is, it doesn’t look good.

Most importantly, they can cause serious itching. So what to do about those nasty little red spots?

Luckily, here are 8 grandma’s remedies to make them go away for good. Look :

Causes of heat rash

On the other hand, the same cause is always the same.

On the dock: heat and humidity. When it’s hot, we sweat. So far, nothing abnormal!


But the sweat does not drain well. Under the combined effect of heat and humidity, the pores supposed to evacuate sweat become blocked.

This phenomenon is amplified if one wears tight clothes. Small buttons filled with liquid then form.

How to recognize them? The answer is the photo 8 Home Remedies That Work To Get Rid of Heat Sores

They can appear all over the body For example on the back, face, neck, under the eyes, chest, stomach, foot, fingers, hands, arms, neck, or head …

They also appear on areas exposed to the sun, such as the legs, neckline, upper back, shoulders, or forehead.

But they are also found in the folds of the skin, where we sweat the most: The armpits, the groin, the back of the knees, the folds of the arms, the pubis, the toes …

You will certainly recognize them. These are little red buttons. Fortunately, it is quite easy to avoid them and get rid of them.


Prevention is better than cure said, my grandmother. And she was quite right! Because the best is still to avoid heat rash.

Especially since there are simple tips to avoid having them. You just need to take a few precautions to avoid heat rash. The idea is not to get too hot and to avoid sweating.


1. Do not do intensive physical activity

The first reflex, you must avoid sweating. In other words, this is not the time to do a sit-up session in the sun. Better to do a gentle activity like yoga.

2. Take a lukewarm shower

To avoid sweating, you need to cool off. To keep warm, you can also take showers regularly.

No need to stay underwater for hours. 1 to 2 minutes is enough.

Warning! The water in the shower should not be cold. Otherwise, the body temperature will rise in response. Take a lukewarm shower, it’s more effective.

3. Wipe your skin well

Once you have taken your shower, be sure to dry yourself off! Keeping the skin moist promotes the appearance of pimples.

This is especially true in babies. So we think of gently wiping all the baby’s little folds and bulges!

4. Wear loose clothing

Forget the slim jeans! It is best to wear loose clothing made from natural materials.

Choose cotton for example or even better linen. This limits sweating and allows the skin to breathe better.


5. Protect yourself from the sun

It is best to avoid exposure to the hottest hours of the day. That is to say between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

And when we expose ourselves to the sun, we do not forget to protect ourselves. This is all the more important for children. Hat, T-shirt and sun cream are required.

6. Stay clean Rest assured!

No one is suggesting that you are dirty. But it sometimes happens that by doing crafts or gardening, we find ourselves covered in dust.

If the weather is hot, there is an increased risk of seeing a heat rash. Because the skin cannot breathe normally.

And the sweat ducts can become blocked more easily. Hence the buttons …

7. Eat foods rich in fatty acids

To limit the appearance of red pimples, you can eat foods rich in essential fatty acids. For example, you can use olive or rapeseed oil in your salads.

Also consider eating avocado, sardines, mackerel, almonds, or eggs.


Nuts, hazelnuts, flax seeds are also part of these foods. They indeed limit the inflammatory risks.


8. Apply aloe vera gel as a preventative

Consider applying a cool gel, such as aloe vera gel, to your skin. It soothes the skin and hydrates it.

It also brings an immediate pleasant feeling of freshness. Finally, remember to hydrate yourself well to refresh yourself by drinking water regularly.

Also, consider using a mist to relieve the feeling of heat and limit sweating.


Despite your precautions, do you still have a heat rash? And they itch you …

Avoid scratching! Thanks to these natural treatments, you will quickly relieve this itching and get rid of pimples.

Stay in the shade and use these grandmother’s remedies to quickly get rid of heat rash.

1. Do not cover the affected areas

As much as possible, leave your skin in the open.

Do not cover the affected areas if possible. Rather, let your skin breathe. And let it dry naturally.


2. Refresh your skin

Apply cold compresses to the pimples for about ten minutes.

Then dry your skin well. You can renew this gesture every two hours.

3. Moisturize your skin with jojoba oil

The benefits of jojoba oil are numerous. It is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory.

In addition, this oil is low in fat. It is therefore pleasant to apply and penetrates quickly. Always apply it to clean, dry skin.

4. Moisturize it with aloe vera gel

The aloe vera gel will soothe the itching. It is also refreshing and brings a pleasant feeling.

Apply it to the areas where the pimples have developed The feeling of well-being will be immediate.

To make it even more enjoyable, you can keep it in the fridge. You can add a drop of peppermint essential oil to it.

But always take precautions before using essential oils. Consult a specialist before any use.


5. Make a green tea spray

Do not neglect this solution! Green tea is rich in antioxidants. It promotes good hydration of the skin.

Infuse green tea and let it cool. Pour it into a spray and spray your skin with it. Check out the recipe here.

To Discover: 10 Benefits of Green Tea You Didn’t Know About.

6. Soothe itching with baking soda

Once again, baking soda comes to our rescue.

To soothe the itching, sprinkle a little baking soda on the irritated areas.

Note that you can also add coconut oil to make it soft. Are you taking a bath?

So, consider dissolving it in your bathwater. Baking soda has soothing properties. It will relieve itching due to pimples.

7. Treat the skin with apple cider vinegar

The properties of apple cider vinegar are numerous. Not only will it soothe the itching … But it also cleanses the skin.


It, therefore, acts on both the origin and the consequences of your small problems.

As a result, the skin is less irritated and inflamed. She is at peace. You can replace apple cider vinegar with lemon juice.

But beware! The problem is, lemon is a photosensitizer. You should therefore not expose yourself to the sun after applying it to the skin.

8. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub

The ideal is to be able to gently unclog irritated skin pores. And for that, nothing beats a very gentle scrub Oats are great.

It is ideal for the skin because it gently regenerates it. Do this scrub twice a week to regain healthy skin.

Bonus tip

You can also use calamine gel. Ask your pharmacist for more information. Calamine gel has the same effect as aloe vera gel.


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